Lip Fillers

The need for lip fillers

Dubai has recently emerged as one of the leading trade and tourism centres. The royal hospitality of the place, the development of infrastructure, and technological advancements have made it an ideal tourist destination and technical hub. This has improved the overall living conditions and made the people of Dubai more aware and conscious of the changes around them. The demand to stay in tune with cosmetic advancements has led to tremendous growth in the medico-cosmetic industry. That with the skills and medical experience of its practitioners have led people from all around Dubai and outside UAE to choose the place for cosmetic add-ons in an invasive or non-invasive manner. Lips, the epitome of beauty in people, have been the top priority on the list. Lip fillers for fuller, plumper, and younger-looking lips are increasingly the number one choice of image consciousness people these days.  Further adding to the cause is the dry climate of Dubai results in quicker thinning of the lips.

Lip Fillers Procedure Benefits

  • Lip filler procedures remove the wrinkles around your lips while providing the required symmetry to them.
  • For thin-lipped people struggling with facial image issues throughout life, this improves their self-esteem by enabling them to reshape their lips with a more pleasing image.
  • These procedures are customized based on the needs of the patient. You can discuss with the surgeon the required fullness you prefer that is in balance with the rest of your face.
  • These procedures are relatively safe ones. Lip fillers in Dubai are performed by skilled and experienced surgeons who know the right filler for you that can suit your requirement with your budget.
  • Additionally, they can be performed with other less invasive cosmetic procedures like Botox without any side effects or adverse reactions.
  • Most importantly, lip filler procedures boost your confidence and improve your quality of life. But all of these come true when you choose the best lip filler clinic in Dubai.

Ideal Candidates

Lip Fillers

  • You need to be above 18 years old and in overall good health. This is important as any systemic diseases will affect the healing time required to post the injections.
  • Having thin lips or wrinkled ones will benefit from getting a Lip filler. Even asymmetry between either lip makes you an eligible candidate for the procedures.
  • You should not smoke or have any other healthy lifestyle.
  • The best lip filler doctors in Dubai prefer candidates without any nicotine or marijuana history, as these habits will lead to blood clots creating hindrances in getting fuller lips.
  • You should not have uncontrolled diabetes or the tendency for cold sores.
  • Most importantly, you should have realistic expectations from the surgery and be willing to abide by the surgeon’s treatment plan and instructions.

How does lip fillers work

Most lip fillers contain hyaluronic acid, a natural content found in the lips that locks the water content in them while moisturizing them. Various conditions lead to loss of hyaluronic acid content, affecting collagen production on the lips.

Lip fillers replace the lost hyaluronic acid that replaces the lost lips volume. It positively impacts fibroblast morphology and improves collagen production, giving the lips a younger-looking and elastic look.




During Lip Filler Procedure

Before the procedure, the surgeon will apply numbing cream or topical anaesthetic to your lips. In cases of allergies to these topical anaesthetics, a nerve block injection will be administered, so you do not feel any pain or discomfort for the next hour. After this, he will use a thin needle to inject the filler into all parts of the lips.

The edges of the lips, the Cupid brows, and the corners of the mouth will be evenly injected to obtain lip symmetry.  Usually, no more than 1ml of the fillers is required for the lips. The needle also won’t go any deeper than 2.5 mm down. You may feel a slight pinching, but it will mostly be a painless procedure. Throughout the lip filling, the surgeon will apply ice packs to minimize swelling and bruising in the best possible manner. The entire procedure will take no more than 30-45 minutes, and you can be discharged the same day. While most patients first enquire about a clinic’s lip fillers Dubai offers, they should ask for the modalities that will make the procedure hassle-free. In this regard, Bizrahmed tops the list with the best doctors, advanced clinical modalities, and fair Dubai lip fillers price.

lip filler post procedure

Immediately after a lip filling procedure, your surgeon will ice your lips to remove the bruising and soreness. They will massage your lips thoroughly and even spread the filler throughout the lip areas. You will be monitored for the next hour or two whether you are experiencing any side effects, feeling dizzy or lightheaded, bleeding, or other complications. If all goes well, you can go home. Usually, topical anaesthetics do not make you groggy, and you can drive yourself home. But some clinics offering lip fillers in Dubai advise an attendant by your side just so you stay safe.

Lip Fillers Recovery

There is virtually no downtime associated with getting lip fillers in Dubai. You can drive home the same day and resume your work the next day. Avoid alcohol or exercise for the next 7 days till the swelling and bruising have completely subsided. Do not get fillers immediately before an event, as it will take around 2-3 weeks for the swelling to go away completely

Lip Fillers Results

The results are evident. In some cases, it may take as long as 4-5 weeks for the complete results of the filling. Once evident, the results last for more than 6 months and, with due precautions, sometimes more than a year.

The first thing after you get a lip filler in Dubai is swelling. Confused by some as the results of the filling, the swelling will gradually subside in the next 24 hours. Even then, a bit of residual lingering swelling will completely subside in the next 2 weeks. Other than swelling, you should also expect a bit of bruising. Even with the best surgeons attending to you, be prepared to expect mild bruising post-taking lip filler treatments in Dubai.

Apart from this, there will be minimal redness, pain, and itching. But if you are consulting the best lip filler doctor in Dubai, they will ensure minimal discomfort is reversed quickly. They will also care for other complications like overfilling or lumpiness and guarantee plump, smooth, and natural-looking lips.

lip fillers cost in Dubai

The cost of lip fillers in Dubai is not the same everywhere and varies from place to place. Factors like the amount of thickness you require for your lips and the overall condition of your lips affect Dubai lip fillers’ price.


People with thin lips require an increased amount of fillers and subsequently more treatments. Likewise, people who want more dramatic lips must get an increased volume of injections that affects the cost. Additionally, the skills of the surgeon and type of filler used to add up to the total cost to have the best lip fillers in Dubai.

Lip Fillers Pre procedure

Irrespective of the clinic you choose for lip fillers in Dubai, there are some pre-procedure guidelines to follow for every potential patient. Before proceeding with the procedure, the surgeon or medical practitioner will take a detailed history of your systemic and allergic conditions. He will thoroughly examine the face, lips, and, if required, overall body to determine whether or not you are eligible for the procedure.

Once your eligibility has been established and a date set for the lip filling, you will be advised of a set of pre-procedure guidelines. You will be required to have mandatory blood tests. Two weeks before the procedure, you will be advised to stop using blood-thinning medications, anti-inflammatories, or any medication that can affect your filling after effects. You will also need to stop smoking 10-14 days prior. If you tend to cold sores, you must take a prophylactic antiviral 4-5 days before the procedure.

Do not wax, bleach, or use any creams or cosmetic chemicals around the lips 3-4 days before receiving your lip fillers in Dubai. Avoid any health supplements that you have been taking previously for the period.  A day before the procedure, you will be advised to stop taking alcoholic beverages. On the day of the procedure, you can have a full meal in the morning, so you do not feel weak or light-headed during the procedure. All these pre-procedures will be clearly explained to you when you go for the best lip filler clinic in Dubai, like Bizrahmed.



Because of the effect of the needle and the injected fillers, a certain amount of swelling is associated immediately after lip filler procedures. It is the severity of swelling that varies from person to person. Sometimes, the node is very mild and is reduced by 24 hours. In others, it takes a longer time to go down.
When you go for an experienced doctor to receive lip fillers in Dubai, he takes special care during the procedure to avoid excessive swelling and bruising. Additionally, they massage the lips thoroughly afterwards to prevent swelling caused by the uneven spreading of the fluid inside the lips.

Lip fillers efficiently boost thin lips and make them soft and plump with a fuller look. Thin lips result from age-related or genetic loss of collagen, giving them a light and wrinkled appearance. Additionally, sun damage and habits like smoking lead to the loss of collagen and elasticity of the lips.
Lip fillers, after injection, start improving the collagen network and the skin fibres' elasticity. Regular filler treatment can boost thin lips and give them an attractive yet natural look.

The longevity of lip fillers depends on your age, amount, and type of filler injected into the lips. Young people have an active metabolism, because of which the fillers get absorbed quickly into the system. The amount of filler injected is also essential in this case. People getting fewer fillers for a more natural look tend to have their fillets last for a shorter time. Increased volume of fillers, though giving a dramatic appearance, eventually settles down and lasts for a longer time.
The viscosity of fillers and the number of treatments done are other essential factors affecting filler longevity. More viscous fillers last for a more extended period. Regular treatments also go a long way in making fillers last longer.