Russian Lip Fillers

Russian Lip Fillers

Have you come across the renowned Russian dolls? The newest beauty craze is their red lips, which have a classic heart shape! 

The lip filler has become one of the most popular procedures in the world of cosmetic medicine. Russian lip fillers is an apt name for these fillers. The procedure employs hyaluronic acid microinjections and is a minimally invasive one. The traditional cosmetic plastic surgery methods, which produced an unnatural and fake appearance, have been totally replaced by the lip filler procedure. The Russian Lip Fillers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is a filler that corrects flaws or aging symptoms rather than masks them, promising quick results and an entirely natural look. 

A special procedure known as Russian Lip Filler provides the middle of the lips a subtly heart-shaped appearance. Since it tends to raise the lip rather than add volume and make it seem flatter rather than plumb, this approach varies from conventional lip fillers and produces a more realistic outcome. 

One of the first things someone sees about us is our lips. Everyone can feel good about their facial characteristics by pouting just so. Despite the fact that different regions of the world have varying criteria for beautiful lips, Russian women’s lips are typically regarded as having the most appeal. Yet not everyone is born with naturally large, luscious lips. Fortunately, there are procedures that work, like Russian Lip Fillers in Dubai, to give us the lips we want. Russian lip fillers aid in plumping and beautifying the lips. 

Russian Lip Fillers: What Are They?

Using fillers designed after the coiffed lips of Russian nesting dolls, the Russian Lip Fillers are an improved version of the conventional lip augmentation. If you want to enhance the vertical profile of your lips, these fillers are a fantastic choice. 

Fillers are injected vertically into the middle of the lips during this procedure. It draws attention to the cupid’s bow, giving it a heart-like appearance. The sides of the lips do not gain volume from this, but the center of the lips do. As a result, the middle of the lips seems accentuated. 

 Russian lip fillers have a noticeable effect, giving lips that are bigger, more enhanced, and with a more exaggerated Cupid’s bow. The natural groove known as Cupid’s bow, which runs between the lips and the nose, gives the mouth a seductive heart shape. 

Hyaluronic acid is vertically micro-injected along the whole border of the lips using the Russian method, with the top lip receiving the majority of the injections. Since it produces an ombre appearance that makes the entire mouth seem more sensuous and alluring, this method has the effect of emphasizing the Cupid’s bow and the edge of the lips. 

With this method, the lips are flat and prominent near the top rather than pompous and puffy toward the front and outside. As a consequence, the lips have a pleasingly rounded and supple contour that is proportional and harmonic. 

Russian lip augmentation

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is created naturally by our bodies and serves to hydrate and elastize the skin. Also, it serves to shield the tissues from damage, the effects of outside agents, and the aging process naturally.  

Hyaluronic acid is a component of all connective tissues in our body. Due to its organic nature, which is entirely natural and hence easily tolerated and absorbed by the body, lip fillers in particular are a good fit for cosmetic medicine procedures. 

Benefits of Russian Lip Fillers Procedure

The following are the main advantages of Russian lip fillers:

  • It is a minimally invasive process. 
  • It doesn’t hurt and is entirely uncomfortable. 
  • The effects are entirely reversible and transient. 
  • The procedure may be finished in less than an hour. 
  • The outcomes are immediately apparent. 
  • a treatment that is barely invasive 
  • increases the size and softness of the lips. 
  • enables you to achieve the most alluring pout 
  • involves making little incisions rather than a huge entrance 
  • It is the ideal choice for you if you are new to lip fillers because the results are natural-looking. 




Am I a good candidate for this method?

Anybody who has never had lip fillers before is the best candidate for this procedure. If you have already had lip filler, it must be removed before to your session. 

Before to any process, our professional will assist you in selecting the technique that best meets your demands in terms of appearance, lip size, and face. 

There are no rigid requirements for candidates for Russian lip fillers. To receive Russian Lip Fillers, most specialists advise against having had any fillers in the past. Hence, if you have never had lip fillers, you are a perfect candidate. 

But, if you already have lip fillers, you must dissolve them at least two weeks before receiving Russian fillers. 

What is the mechanism of Russian lip filler?

The Russian Lip Filler procedure includes injecting small droplets of filler at the root of the lip to broaden and raise it as opposed to typical lip fillers, which are injected from the lip border. 

To assist achieve the desired heart shape, our expert utilizes a tiny syringe to better control the filler and stop it from spreading to undesirable regions. Although the Russian Lip Filler process may take longer than conventional lip fillers, the outcome is completely worth the extra time. 


The Russian lips procedure employs a syringe and several filler solutions to enhance your lip profile, just like regular fillers do. In contrast to a conventional Lip Fillier operation, the needle size and filler placement in this therapy are different. This process normally takes 30 to 45 minutes to finish. 

Around 1ml of hyaluronic acid filler is injected by a professional during the operation into the lower lip’s core. The cupid’s bow region of the top lip will also receive the filler injection. In addition, unlike conventional fillers, the filler is injected vertically into the lips using a smaller needle. As a consequence, rather than their volume, the lips’ form will be enhanced. 

The processes involved in the Russian lip filler surgery in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are as follows: 

 The region to be treated is thoroughly cleansed and desensitized. 

An anesthetic cream is pre-medicated on the patient and applied to the lips for 10 minutes. 

The injections are administered using a certain method to help create the Russian lips. 

The treated region may be gently rubbed to disseminate the filler components equally after the treatment. To calm the skin, the doctor could rub some ice on it. 

Complete results will be seen two days following treatment, and they should last between four and six months. 

 The time needed to do the regular lip filler procedures is nearly doubled when creating the distinctive heart shape. It takes time to inject very small quantities of filler between the lip tissue, but the results are smooth and undetectable. 

Our experts can deliver smooth outcomes because to their creative accuracy. 

Restoration and Outcome

Russian Lips Fillers may produce somewhat greater swelling in your lips than traditional lip fillers do. This is so that more tissues may be injected with small droplets during the Russian Lip Filler therapy than during the standard procedure. That could result in a little longer recovery time, but this is typically not a problem. 

The effects of Russian Lip Fillers start to show right away. However it can take the filler solution around four weeks to settle and give the lips their desired look. Typically, these effects persist 9 to 12 months. 

 Lips that resemble Russian nesting doll lips are the goal of Russian lip fillers. The Russian method lifts the center of the lips and adds more volume to Cupid’s bow to make it resemble the form of a heart. The sides, however, continue to be comparatively at face level. The end product resembles a doll yet nevertheless seems organically fuller and plumper. 


The doctor will advise the following guidelines for post-treatment care: 

Any minor redness and swelling will subside in a few hours. 

After receiving therapy, wait 12 hours before engaging in any exercise or sporting activity. 

Do not use any cosmetics, including makeup. 

After receiving treatment, it is advised to wait a few days before going outside or sunbathing. 

To stop the filler from spreading to other regions, don’t apply any physical pressure to the afflicted area. 

Sit up for at least five hours on the day you get fillers. 

Postoperative Care

In order to achieve the greatest results and prevent negative effects after a Russian lip filler treatment, experts typically offer aftercare guidelines. The following are some general post-procedure recommendations: 

To stop the filler from spreading out, don’t push too hard on the lips. 

After the operation, sit still for at least five hours. 

To allow the fillers to settle, refrain from applying balm or wearing lipstick. 

The cost of the therapy

In Dubai, Russian lip fillers typically cost 1200 AED. The brand and quantity of filler used in the procedure determine the ultimate cost of the procedure. 

During the initial consultation, the doctor will decide on the cost of the procedure since it depends on a number of factors, including the kind of fillers used, the desired outcomes, and the doctor’s experience. Depending on the previously mentioned factors, the typical cost of Russian lip fillers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, can range from AED 1200 to more. 

Schedule a Consultation

Consider Russian Lip Fillers if you want to enhance the contour of your lips without giving them an abnormally full appearance. A highly skilled group of dermatologists and plastic surgeons are on hand at Bizrahmed Clinic Dubai to provide you with guidance. Hence, kindly make an appointment by calling us or completing the online form. 

Get Russian Lip Fillers at Bizrahmed Clinic in Dubai & Abu Dhabi if you want to improve the contour of your lips and get a completely natural appearance. To schedule a consultation, complete the form below. 



Pain is greatly reduced since the filler is injected at the base of the lip rather than the edge. However, because the Russian Lip Filler is applied using several injections with a tiny needle, bruising could be more obvious than with regular filler, but this will go away quickly after the surgery. 

Russian Lip Filler has a similar duration to a conventional lip filler—between 9 and 12 months. To maintain the appropriate form, regular top-ups are advised. 


The temporary results of the fillers can be repeated and altered as necessary. It is possible to have many retouching sessions, lengthening the time between treatments. Retouching is required because the lips need time to adjust and because changes could occur at this stage. 

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