Rhinoplasty Facts You Never Knew

The nose, believe it or not, is the foundation of your face. Its shape and size can complement your facial aesthetics or distract someone from your more attractive facial features. However, some people are born with a nose defect that results in breathing problems. Others feel awkward about the shape of their nose and want to explore ways to change that. Whatever the case, if you fall within any of these categories, you might be a good candidate for Rhinoplasty.  Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that sculpts the nose internally and externally to achieve the proper breathing and cosmetic solutions. The intention is to give the nose a “natural appearance, as though it had never been touched” and provide the perfect balance to the patient’s face.  Rhinoplasty in Dubai also called a “nose job,” is one of Dubai’s most commonly performed facial plastic surgeries. Given how significantly the minor changes can impact the look and functionality of these central facial features, each operation is entirely tailored to suit the patient’s specific needs. That is why those considering Rhinoplasty in Dubai must ensure that they have all the correct facts and information about nose reshaping before undertaking any surgical procedures. Being fully informed will help you understand the process, have realistic expectations of the outcome, and help you identify the right surgeon.  If you’re thinking about undertaking a Rhinoplasty surgical operation in Dubai, then you need to consider the following facts:    
  • Rhinoplasty is centred on the shape and functionality of your nose.
Rhinoplasty is a treatment that sets out to correct the shape and function issues in the nose. Nose reshaping procedures typically include; Septoplasty and Sinus surgery. A septoplasty surgery corrects a crooked or deviated septum, and a sinus surgery corrects problems in the sinus cavities.  By decreasing or increasing the size of your nose, filling in a depression, removing a hump, or straightening a crooked nose, surgery can improve your appearance. Surgery can also be for “functional” reasons, such as to help with breathing problems or to rectify a trauma-related injury.  
  • Proper research is essential. 
The nose is a complex 3D shape in the middle of the face. Rhinoplasty commonly results in subtle changes to the face. These alterations, however, can substantially impact the appearance and function of the nose. For this reason, finding the right Rhinoplasty surgeon in Dubai is crucial to having a successful operation that matches your facial characteristics and gives you natural-looking results.   
  • Rhinoplasty is tailored to your specific needs.
Changes to your nose can be done differently, and your surgeon can customize it to match your specific needs. This could indicate a combined nose reshaping and septoplasty or a combined Rhinoplasty and sinus surgery in Dubai. It could also suggest that your surgeon has decided to do an open rhinoplasty rather than a closed operation on your nose. This includes adjusting your nose’s size or shape to suit better your other facial features, which will be unique to you.    
  • A successful rhinoplasty outcome depends on your health.
Before performing a nose job in Dubai, your surgeon will sit with you and review your medical history and current condition. This is because your health significantly impacts your surgery’s outcome (as with all surgeries). If you present with any conditions that might increase the risk of complications, you may be advised to postpone the surgery until the situation is under control. The better your overall health, the better your outcomes will be.    
  • Results for nose-reshaping take time to show.
Many people are unaware that it can take up to a year for your nose to recover completely. Yes, you read that correctly – a year. You may also need a revision rhinoplasty in 10-15% of cases. While you may not see the final 10% change for up to a year after your treatment, most of your rhinoplasty effects will be visible immediately. You will see 80% of your rhinoplasty outcomes after the swelling goes down within three weeks of your treatment. Swelling of the nose tip skin indicates the last 10% of swelling, which can take up to a year to reduce entirely, but most patients are pleased with the results of their Rhinoplasty right away.  
  • Rhinoplasty surgeries in Dubai are pretty affordable. 
The cost of Rhinoplasty therapy is defined by several factors, including the patient’s location, the clinic’s kind, the surgery’s purpose (surgical for medical reasons is covered by insurance), and the practitioner’s expertise. You can find out the exact cost by visiting or calling any facility.   In Dubai, the cost of anaesthesia ranges from $600 to $1,000, the cost of the facility ranges from $700 to $1,100, and the remaining cost is the surgeon’s fee.   
  • Rhinoplasty in Dubai is not without risks. 
Even though it is considered to be a very safe procedure, Rhinoplasty is not entirely without risks. – the greatest of which is a poor outcome – the very reason rhinoplasties have the highest revision rate of all plastic surgery procedures performed. As well as the shape not being right or an insufficient resolution to your breathing issues, other joint surgery risks are also possible, such as bleeding, infections, and anaesthesia complications.    Finding the right nose surgeon with the highest standards is essential to reducing your risk of a bad outcome. When you work with an expert, board-certified rhinoplasty surgeon who can tailor their care to you, you can be assured of leaving with the nose you have always dreamed of.  Rhinoplasty is usually recognized as one of the most challenging aesthetic operations to execute. The nasal tubes are small, and the nose itself is exceptionally delicate. It takes a competent hand to sculpt or reshape the nose and produce a subtle and natural-looking result. Therefore, you must choose the best to ensure a smooth procedure with the best possible outcomes.