8 Things To Know Before Your Rhinoplasty In Dubai

Rhinoplasty – also known as a Nose job or Nose Reshaping – is a procedure that should not be taken lightly. Because the nose is located in the centre of your face, any alterations will make the biggest difference in your appearance. For this reason, finding the right rhinoplasty surgeon in Dubai is key to having a successful rhinoplasty in Dubai that complements your facial features well and maintains natural results. For any form of cosmetic surgery – also let it be rhinoplasty – knowledge is power. Before going into the 8 most important things you should know before you decide to do a rhinoplasty, it is essential to stress the idea that doing a nose job or rhinoplasty should be a decision you are making for yourself, not because society’s beauty standards pressure you. In this manner, your rhinoplasty journey and experience will be stress-free and pleasant, as ultimately, you are investing in a better version of yourself that will reflect on all aspects of your life. So, without further due, here are the 8 things to know before you do a nose job as advised by Dr Bashar Bizrah, the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Dubai and his team of expert medical professionals at Bizrahmed.  
  • Before you book your rhinoplasty, do your initial research
When choosing your doctor and considering rhinoplasty in Dubai, you must be realistic and set transparent and clear expectations for your surgeon and yourself. Doing a thorough analysis of the before and after pictures of past procedures of your surgeon, you will be able to understand better what kind of noses and shapes the surgeons work with and if the results are close to what you want to achieve. In addition, you should do your due diligence in researching the best nose surgeon and ensuring they have the right qualifications and expertise to conduct your surgery.  
  • Patience is key when it comes to rhinoplasty results
Results take time with rhinoplasty or nose job, and your nose will not fully heal until a year after your procedure. During this year, your nose will change dramatically as swelling slowly resides. After the initial 12 months, you might want to consider a revision rhinoplasty if you are unhappy with the results. However, this is only the case in about 25%-30% of cases.  
  • Rhinoplasty comes in two different forms
Yes, you read that right. Rhinoplasty can be done in two ways: closed rhinoplasty and open rhinoplasty. They are both considered relatively super-safe procedures if done by a qualified and experienced surgeon. A closed rhinoplasty approach is made with no external incisions but through the nasal nostrils. The recovery is much smoother after closed rhinoplasty because the swelling is minimal. In most cases, patients can go back to their normal life after 2 -3 days after the procedure. They will have a plastic cover or splint on the nose, which is also removed after a week of the surgery. Bruising is also minimal and is virtually gone after a week of the surgery. However, with open rhinoplasty, swelling and healing time could be slightly more than the closed rhinoplasty procedure. It can take up to four months for the swelling to completely reside. It can also increase the risk of tip necrosis, which is unheard of with the closed rhinoplasty approach. Open rhinoplasty is done in some cases where significant alterations need to be done or if nostrils need to be reshaped as desired.  
  • No procedure is one size fits all
Like with anything in life, every experience differs from patient to patient. However, in general, rhinoplasty with Dr Bashar Bizrah usually takes 40 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the case’s complexity. Rhinoplasty is virtually pain-free, with mild discomfort that can be eased with a simple Panadol. However, some people may experience more pain depending on their threshold. Swelling and bruising are also common among some patients. However, the degree of swelling and bruising may differ from each patient to patient. Most patients experience major swelling after the first 2 weeks of the procedure; however, this will slowly progress. The cast placed immediately after the procedure is kept between 7 to 10 days, depending on the doctor’s advice.  
  • Post-op aftercare 
It is important to ensure not to take any aspirin or blood-thinning drugs to decrease the bleeding risk after the operation. If you are on Roaccutane, it is essential to stop taking this medication around 3 to 4 months before the operation, as it will influence the healing of scars, if any. Refraining from exercise or activity for the first 3 to 4 weeks is also advised. Nose touching is also not allowed within the first two weeks post-operation. This is to prevent any infection or movement of the nose.  
  • There is no age for rhinoplasty
If you are over 18, rhinoplasty can be done for everyone and anyone. If you are a healthy individual, there should be no reason to prohibit you from undergoing a nose job. However, please do not hesitate to contact us for an individual assessment.  
  • Your second-best option
If you are worried about having an expensive operation and not liking the nose-reshaping results, non-surgical rhinoplasty may be the solution. Depending on your nose, fillers could cover a hump or bump by injecting the filler below or above. In addition, it can be added to the tip to lift it. It is the ideal procedure for the patient to get a better idea of how his/her nose will look after the nose reshaping Dubai procedure. However, the filler is temporary and lasts anywhere between 6 to 9 months. This service is also offered at our clinic with the highest standards of quality and expertise.   Last-minute reminders before the big day  
  • Refrain from eating for at least 10 hours before the nose reshaping surgery
  • Make sure you are wearing no makeup, nail polish, or hair products
  • Avoid taking any aspirin or ibuprofen before the surgery
  • You should refrain from smoking or nicotine-related substances two weeks before the rhinoplasty surgery.
  • Make sure you take before pictures of yourself from all angles; one for future reference and two because these are the last few moments with your old nose!
  • Do not panic; go in with a good spirit and a clear mind! With Bizrahmed, you are guaranteed stunning results and the most luxurious and pleasant experience and aftercare.