Caroline Stanbury Unveils Drastic Facelift Results, Sparking Emotional Reactions from Husband

Reality TV star Caroline Stanbury, known for her appearances on “The Real Housewives of Dubai” and “Ladies of London,” recently revealed the outcome of her dramatic facelift—describing the entire experience as “petrifying.” The 47-year-old socialite took to Instagram to showcase her new look, two weeks post-procedure, during a Thanksgiving celebration with her husband, Sergio Carrallo.

caroline stanbury facelift

In her Instagram post, where Stanbury donned a chic black turtleneck and leather pants, she expressed gratitude, captioning her photos with: “NEW FACE, NEW ME ♥️ #happythanksgivng Thankful for a lot of things in my life!” The images marked her 14th day of recovery from the procedure that took place in Los Angeles.

The aftermath of the procedure was highly emotional for her husband, Sergio Carrallo, who is 18 years her junior. Carrallo was visibly distressed and broke down in tears in a video he shared on Instagram after seeing his wife’s transformed appearance. “There are two wives — the one last week and the wife this week. I don’t recognize her,” he lamented during an episode of Stanbury’s podcast, “Uncut and Uncensored.”

caroline stanbury facelift

Stanbury herself was no less shocked by the result. She travelled from London to LA without much information, expecting a minor adjustment rather than a major transformation. “I skipped into that surgery like I was having a mole removed,” she mentioned on her podcast, hinting at the casual procedure settings in LA that belied the seriousness of the operation. “They put you to sleep and remove your face,” she added humorously, though the reality was far from amusing. She described her post-operative appearance as resembling someone who “had been in a car crash,” expressing dissatisfaction with the surgical results.

caroline stanbury facelift

With time, things started improving, and now she gets a great outcome. The success of the facelift can be derived from these comments.

‘I am very proud of you and I just seeing how happy you are with the result, it makes me very happy. You look absolutely beautiful @carolinestanbury,’ he wrote.

‘Day 16. My wife really looks like 30. DR.Kim great job!’

Stanbury and Carrallo got engaged in January 2021, and married that December.

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