JoJo Siwa and Cosmetic Surgery: A Look into Beauty Choices in Young Celebrities

jojo siwa

JoJo Siwa has been open about the significant expense she’s incurred for cosmetic dental work, revealing that her smile makeover came with a hefty price tag of $50,000. The statement came during a repurposed snippet from the star’s attendance at the 2024 GLAAD Media Awards. When BuzzFeed asked her about the costliest part of her getup, Siwa candidly admitted it was her dental veneers, costing her “50 grand.”

jojo siwa

The “Karma” songstress, who first found fame on “Dance Moms,” has never shirked from admitting her insecurities. In an intimate conversation with E! News, Siwa disclosed her self-critical nature, mentioning how she critiques herself constantly. Delving deeper, she replied to the comments about her having a receding hairline, clarifying that what people assumed was a hairline issue was actually a stress-induced rash that led to hair loss—which she felt should not be a concern for someone as young as twelve.

The dramatic shift in Siwa’s appearance was seemingly allied with the promotion of her new single, “Karma,” which she had hinted at through cryptic posts on social media. The single, set to release on April 5, reflects the same edgy styling she showcased in her music video. Siwa revealed to E! News that her awards show attire was directly inspired by her “Karma” black beast looks in the video.


Grateful for her creative opportunities, the “Special Forces” star felt fortunate to be among those who produce art. She credited some of the highly respected individuals in the industry for supporting her. Encouraging support from such influential figures was massive in strengthening her confidence in the artistic contributions she’s making to the world. Siwa is determined to continue on her path, lifted by the encouragement that what she’s doing is not only correct but also a valuable lesson for others.

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