Salman Khan’s Hair Transplant Procedure

salman khan hair

Salman Khan is among the celebrities in Bollywood who had cosmetic surgeries in recent years. For decades, the Bollywood superstar dominated the entertainment industry. However, the 58-year-old actor suffered from significant hair loss a few years ago and decided to have a hair transplant. We’ve shared his hair transplant experience here.

salman khan hair transplant

Celebrities like Salman Khan frequently get cosmetic treatments like hair transplants to maintain their looks. You always want to appear beautiful if you’ve to be on television because people are constantly assessing you. Their profession demands them to look perfect, but because they are still humans, and age affects them. As a result, individuals begin to lose hair, and their skin sags. Therefore, celebrities frequently choose to have hair transplants and other cosmetic treatments to look young and flawless.

In the entertainment industry, appearances are important. Looks are just as important as talent to become a movie star. Actors must have both qualities to succeed. Even if they are at their peak, they must maintain their appearance and polish their talent. It is unavoidable for their existence in the sector. So, if a celebrity wants to stay in the spotlight, they can’t afford to grow wrinkles or become bald.

salman khan hair transplant

About Salman Khan

Salman Khan, a famous Bollywood actor, was born on December 27, 1965. Along with the other two popular Khans of Bollywood, Amir Khan and Shahrukh Khan, he has millions of fans.

Khan is a well-known actor, television host, producer, dancer, philanthropist, and scriptwriter. He is the founder of the Being Human Foundation. His foundation remains dedicated to fighting for people’s healthcare and education. He receives appreciation for his outstanding efforts to improve society’s general well-being through this foundation.

Salman Khan’s Early Career and Initial Hair Loss

Salman Khan’s unexpected journey to celebrity was nothing short of spectacular. He immediately established himself as a leading man in Bollywood after his debut in the late 1980s, noted for his remarkable acting abilities and captivating personality. 

Khan’s key achievements include multiple honours and many blockbuster films that demonstrated his ability as an actor and also established him as a commercial powerhouse.

Despite his excellent career, Khan, like many men, had natural hair loss. Early images from his career show him with a head full of hair than in later years, indicating the beginning of hair loss. The change was minor at first, but it grew more noticeable as his hairline receded and the density of his hair looked reduced.

Khan’s image, famed for his young attractiveness and well-groomed appearance, was challenged. Hair loss linked with age put his on-screen persona at risk and the roles he could play. 

More than anything, Khan was on a personal journey that undoubtedly affected his self-perception and confidence. While the public generally focuses on the personality of celebrities, it’s critical to realise that stars like Khan have the same concerns and struggles as everyone else; hair loss is a prevalent concern.

salman khan hair transplant

Salman Khan’s Hair Transplant Experience

The experienced actor has about thirty years of experience in the Bollywood film business. Furthermore, Salman Khan appeared in many Bollywood films. People surely noticed his receding hairline as he worked in so many movies.

While being in the profession for so long, Salman’s fan base has greatly increased, but it has also severely decreased his hairline. As a result, he chose to get a hair transplant in Dubai to restore his hair.

Hair transplants, like plastic surgeries, may be easily identifiable by comparing before and after photos. Pictures captured in 2002 of the Bollywood actor reveal symptoms of hair loss. The more recent photographs, on the other hand, show healthier hair.

Let’s discuss Khan’s entire hair transplant journey in detail.


Salman Khan had his first hair transplant in 2003. Fans were surprised when he sported a bald head in his 2003 film “Tere Naam.”

Khan chose to have his first hair transplant in India. The physicians used the Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) procedure for his initial hair transplant. It is also sometimes referred to as the Strip Excision technique. FUT is a surgical operation in which local anaesthesia is used to keep the patient comfortable during the process.

Although the surgery yields outstanding results, it has the disadvantage of leaving a noticeable scar at the donor location. As a result, the celebrity was dissatisfied with the outcomes, and he eventually shaved his head completely to hide the scar.


After his initial failed attempt, the Partner actor chose to have a hair transplant in Dubai in 2007.

His second try had better results than the first. It was due to the transplant procedure used. The hair transplant surgeon used the FUE hair transplant procedure for his therapy.

He was happy with the outcomes because of no visible scars after the treatment. Furthermore, because there were no sutures, healing was quick. He got natural-looking results in a short period.


He didn’t get another hair transplant for over a decade because his second one gave the desired results. But, as time passed, he began to lose hair again, so he chose to have another hair transplant in 2016.

He had his third hair transplant at his property in Panvel, India. He did, however, choose hair transplant specialists from Dubai for his treatment. They did a great job and helped him to get the appearance he has now.

Because of the amazing work done by the surgeons, his hair now looks real and natural. Furthermore, their density improves. The media constantly asks about Salman Khan’s hair transplant and if it played a part in his renewed appearance.

Salman needs to work every day to keep his hair in good condition. You should not stop caring for your hair if you get a hair transplant. Similarly, Salman Khan must take care of his hair or risk having the same problem again.

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