Why Can’t I Watch TV After Eyelid Surgery?

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Dubai’s reputation as a leading destination for cosmetic procedures isn’t bound by its skyscrapers’ shadows. With a multitude of individuals flocking to the city for various enhancements, eyelid surgery in Dubai has become a sought-after procedure for rejuvenating one’s appearance. But after the delicate artistry performed on the eyes, there are specific postoperative instructions patients are urged to follow, including a surprising yet essential one: abstaining from watching TV. Let’s understand why taking a break from our beloved screens is necessary after undergoing an eyelid procedure.

Understanding Eyelid Surgery: A Brief Overview

Eyelid surgery, medically known as blepharoplasty, is a procedure designed to improve the appearance of the eyelids. Whether it’s for removing excess skin that creates folds or bags under the eyes or correcting functional problems impairing vision, eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty in Dubai offers aesthetic and practical benefits.

Why Is Screen Time Post-Operative a No-Go?

Following this intricate surgery, your surgeon advises you to avoid certain activities. Watching TV, along with other screen-related activities, is generally on the list of post-operative no’s. Here’s why:

Strain on Healing Eyes

After eyelid surgery, your eyes are fragile and require rest to heal correctly. The light from television screens can strain your eyes, causing them to become tired and potentially affecting the healing process.

Dry Eye Concern

Staring at TV screens can reduce our blink rate, leading to drier eyes. Since blepharoplasty already predisposes patients to experience dry eyes temporarily, watching TV soon after surgery can exacerbate this condition.

Potential for Increased Swelling

Post-operative care aims to minimise swelling and promote faster recovery. Engaging in activities that strain the eyes, such as watching TV, can increase blood flow to the eyes and, thus, the swelling, which can prolong the recovery.

Disruption of the Restorative Process

Healing after surgery is an energy-intensive process. The body needs all its resources, including rest, to repair the delicate tissues affected by the surgery. Watching TV can disrupt this restorative process, as it keeps the brain active when it should be resting.

Tips For A Smooth And Successful Recovery After Eyelid Surgery

A successful recovery depends on how well you take care of yourself after the procedure. Here are some tips to ensure a smooth recovery:

Strictly Follow Post-Op Instructions

Your surgeon should provide a list of instructions tailored to your specific needs. This will include medications, how to care for your eyes, activities to avoid, and signs to watch for any complications.

Prioritise Rest and Sleep

Rest is crucial. Try to get plenty of sleep and avoid activities that may disrupt your sleep patterns, including watching TV, at least for the initial few days post-surgery.

Cold Compresses

To reduce swelling, apply cold compresses around (not directly on) the eyes. This should be done gently and in line with your surgeon’s recommendations.

Eye Drops and Ointments

If your doctor has prescribed any eye drops or ointments, use them as directed. This is vital to keep your eyes lubricated and infection-free during the healing process.

Sunglasses are Your Friends

Wear sunglasses when going outside to protect your eyes from bright sunlight and wind, which can lead to eye irritation.

Nutrition Matters

Fuel your body with the nutrients it needs to heal. Focus on a diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins which support recovery.

Follow Up Appointments

Do not miss your scheduled follow-up appointments. These are essential to monitor your healing and address any concerns that may arise promptly.

Embracing Patience During Recovery

Though it can be challenging to disconnect from screen-related entertainment, especially in a digitally-driven city like Dubai, taking a temporary break from watching TV after eyelid surgery is a small price to pay for the sake of your health and the success of your procedure.

Taking the Time to Heal

Post-operative care is pivotal for a satisfactory outcome after any surgical intervention, particularly one as delicate as eyelid surgery. The eyes are not only windows to the soul but also intricate structures deserving gentle care post-surgery. Watching TV might be a part of your daily unwinding ritual, but giving your eyes the time to heal away from screens can significantly improve your recovery trajectory.

For those keen to undergo eyelid surgery in Dubai, remember that the city’s allure and its myriad of entertainment options will still be there to enjoy once you’ve fully recovered. By heeding medical advice and putting your health first, you can return to your favourite shows in good time, with refreshed eyes and rejuvenated spirits.

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