Acne Scar Treatment

What IS Acne Scars

Acne scars are the after-effects of original acne breakouts caused due to clogging of the sebaceous glands due to dirt and excess debris with unhygienic skin handling methods. Abnormal healing of the acne results in scar formation, referred to as acne scars, that vary in size and intensity.

The cosmetic blemish associated with the advent of the country as a cosmetic medical hub has led to several clinics dealing with scar removal in Dubai. What makes Bizrahmed stand out is the unique scar removal technology implemented by the medical team with customized techniques for Facial scar revision in Dubai.

Acne scars possible causes

  • Presence of Inflammatory acne
  • Duration of the problem
  • Delay in treatment of the problem
  • Constant meddling with the acne
  • Genetic factors

Several patients opt for facial scar revision in Dubai and express their opinion that acne scars are all the same irrespective of the skin or nature of acne. The amount of collagen in the individual decides the types of scar formation, intensity, and overall pigmentation. Patients registered for acne scar removal in Dubai dermatological centres are aware of and counselled about all these factors before starting the treatment procedure. Owing to its aesthetic nature, cases of facial scar revision in Dubai are mainly evaluated for their skin type, allergic status, and history of existing scars for the betterment of the patient.


Here are some of the most common scars taken into consideration by clinics offering facial scar revision treatments in Dubai and other regions.


  • Hypertrophic Scars – keloid scars
  • Atrophic Scars – toothpick scars and rolling scars
  • Contracture Scars – burn scars
  • Stretch Marks – linear scars

Remember that facial scars, once formed, can be challenging to remove and prove a source of cosmetic embellishment to the patient. If you book an appointment in the early stage, it can save the skin better and preserve your aesthetic appearance. Our medical team in charge of facial scar revision in Dubai at Bizrahmed understands the difficulties associated with skin problems related to acne. It aims to provide you with the best treatment options and an unforgettable aesthetic experience. Identifying these scars forms an essential step of the treatment and in obtaining better results from the treatment procedures.

Acne Scar Techniques

Topical Treatment
Retinoids primarily remove dead skin cells and prevent them from clogging pores. This clears acne and reduces the formation of scars effectively. Through their mechanism of action, retinoids enable other scar reduction medications to spread over the dermal surface evenly. Patients opting for Facial scar revision in Dubai and other areas of the world are started on topical retinoids as the first mode of treatment or primary treatment technique.


Chemical Peels
Apart from drastically reducing acne scars, chemical peels effectively improve the hyperpigmentation of the skin. Conducted regularly, they aid in reducing sunspots with increased collagen production in the skin.

Bizrahmed offers some of Dubai’s most efficient Scar removal methods through chemical peels. While atrophic scars respond to salicylic acid-containing peels, deep scars, especially ice-pick ones, require a higher concentration of salicylic acid.


Residual scars caused by systemic conditions like chicken pox and stretch marks respond best to the Dermabrasion technique. Clinics offering the Dermabrasion method of Facial scar revision in Dubai often administer sedatives or anaesthetics to the patient before the procedure for symptomatic relief. Additionally, it is discouraged in patients with a history of keloids or acne with a pustule tendency.


Skin Needling
During the needling process, the skin produces more collagen to heal the wounds, which fills out fine lines effectively, works on acne scars, and reduces wrinkles. Though both differ, Dubai’s Micro-needling Acne scar removal method is often confused with microabrasion. Micro-needling synthesizes collagen better than Dermabrasion and works better for the skin. Patients with darker skin or sensitive skin opting for Facial scar revision in Dubai, Bizrahmed, are often suggested micro-needling by surgeons because of the compatibility of the procedure with their skin type.


Botox works efficiently in relaxing the facial muscles and limiting stress on the scar tissue area in patients undergoing facial scar revision in Dubai with increased acne scars. This, along with repairing the collagen network, helps decrease the visibility of acne scars. Apart from acne scars, the technology implemented by the medical experts at Bizrahmed even allows using Botox to treat surgical scars.


Excision & Punch Replacement Graft
Punch excision involves using a round tool by the plastic surgeon to transform indented scars into flat linear scars. The treated region is then closed linearly with skin sutures to provide the appearance of a flat linear scar. Punch grafting is used for deep scars like toothpick ones or scars wide enough to be unable to be closed linearly.


The technique does involve removing Grafts from behind the ear to complete the excision spots effectively. The state-of-the-art technology used for surgical interventions at Bizrahmed and the satisfactory patient results has made it one of the best places for Acne scar removal in Dubai. We aim to provide you with the best possible care with successful outcomes for everyone under our care.


Tissue Fillers
Tissue fillers lift the scars to the skin’s surface to reduce their intensity and improve the skin texture. They even break up the scar tissue and improve the collagen network for enhanced results. Bella fills, to date, is the only FDA-approved soft tissue filler for the long-term correction of acne scars. Other fillers like Juvéderm, Restylane, and Sculptra are other FDA-regulated fillers used short-term for the scar.


Irrespective of the filler used for acne scar removal in Dubai medical centres, you must regularly make follow-up visits to monitor your scars. Our clinical team at Bizrahmed often combines dermal fillers with laser treatments to enable patients to obtain the best facial scar revision in Dubai quickly and effectively.


Steroidal Injections
Steroids break the bonds between collagen fibres to help reduce the scar tissue beneath the skin. Additionally, they have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the pre-existing Inflammation, redness, tenderness and itching in the treatment regions. Dermatologists at Bizrahmed handling Acne scar removal in Dubai sometimes combine the injections with radiotherapy for more effective results.


The team’s zeal and constant aim for perfection have made them one of the best places for facial scar revision in Dubai, with people availing of our services from both surrounding areas and abroad. Bizrahmed offers a variety of Scar removal treatments in Dubai with customized techniques and treatment regimens for each patient. Our team of highly experienced surgeons takes the concept of plastic surgery up a notch and ensures that you obtain the best possible care with a taste of our hospitality to last for life.


Laser Treatment for Scar Removal
Fractional CO2 is one of the most preferred lasers used by clinics on patients availing of scar removal treatments in Dubai. It is so named because it targets a fraction of the skin and leaves healthy, intact skin surrounding the treatment area for adequate healing time. Apart from Fractional CO2 laser acne scar removal in Dubai medical centres, V-beam laser, KTP laser, Fraxel Laser, and F.A.S.T are other lasers used to reduce acne scar intensity successfully.

Acne Scars Diagnosis

While it is true that facial scar revision programs in Dubai are much more popular than other cosmetic surgery, acne can occur in other areas of the body like hands, arms, and backs and be as much frustrating visually. The routine examination enables the plastic surgeon to evaluate the regions of acne in the body; it also helps them differentiate initially hyperpigmentation spots confused with acne. Acne scars result in mild to moderate pigmentation spots with a visible change in skin texture. On the other hand, hyperpigmentation presents in the form of intense pigmentation with or without textural changes.


Usually, a thorough examination by a dermatologist is a significant part of the diagnosis. Identification factors like the scar’s type, shape, and thickness further help confirm the diagnosis. While hypertrophic scars consist of thickened tissues over the wound area, atrophic scars have a pitted, sunken appearance with an indentation on the external layer of skin.


Scar removal aims to effectively eliminate acne spots irrespective of whether in the individual’s facial regions or other body areas.


Because of the prior skin requirements to be blemish-free, surgeons, before a scar removal in Dubai, ensure that the treatment area is clean before proceeding further. Whether in patients opting for facial scar revision in Dubai or undergoing acne scar reduction in other body areas, the acne is graded into mild, moderate, and severe categories. This makes it easy for the surgeon to form a treatment plan regarding the scar. Additionally, it enables them to counsel the patient about camouflaging techniques.

Why UNDERGO Scar Reduction?

Scar reduction aims to minimize scar and collagen repair through steroid injections, skin flaps, laser treatment, and surgical procedures or techniques if required.
The primary purpose behind scar reduction:


● Repair the collagen network of the skin
● Prevent further growth of the scars, especially when keloidal in origin
● Prevent the scars from increasing in pigmentation with time
● Improve the individual’s self-esteem
● Smoothen the irregular skin surface caused by scarring.


Several people opt for Facial scar revision in Dubai for aesthetic reasons to minimize the social stigma associated with blemished skin. Irrespective of the severity of the issues, plastic surgeons at Bizrahmed, handling Scar removal in Dubai, ensure the best possible results using innovative solutions and state-of-the-art techniques. That, combined with the holistic approach of the medical team, results in effective facial scar revision and an increased number of people opting for scar removal in Dubai.


Scar Reduction Results

The final look of the scar depends on the following:


● the type of scar
● Intensity or grade of scarring
● Treatment plan with the skills of the surgeon
● Adherence of the patient to the treatment regimen


For effective results, patients opting for facial scar revision in Dubai are advised to avoid the sun, make lifestyle changes, and inform the plastic surgeon about their systemic conditions, irrespective of the clinic they visit. Because of the aesthetic issues related to the results, patients after a Facial scar revision in Dubai are advised to have regular follow-ups, strict adherence to treatment plans, and be prepared for repeat treatments if necessary.

ACNE Scar Removal Costs in Dubai

The cost of facial scar revision in Dubai and other countries is a variable factor and depends on the following:


● Type of treatment

● Skills and experience of the surgeon

● Intensity of the scars


Facial scar revision costs in Dubai can exceed that of other areas because of the sensitivity of facial regions and additional treatments that are usually required for long-lasting results.



Can acne scars be removed?

Acne scars cannot be completely removed. But their intensity can be reduced to a significant extent using treatments like steroids, peels, Dermabrasion, and fillers. Occasionally skin grafting methods can be combined with lasers to enable their reduction efficiently.


Bizrahmed offers Acne scar removal in Dubai with customized techniques containing a combination of peeling and topical methods. Occasionally laser methods are applied with fillers for scars not responding to single treatment procedures.

What facial treatment gets rid of acne scars?

● Soft tissue fillers

● Dermabrasion

● Chemical peeling

● Needling


Patients having undergone facial scar revision in Dubai at Bizrahmed have recorded successful results with our innovative solutions and specialized procedures. Glowing reviews and increased turnover from patients worldwide bear testimony to our methods and impeccable treatment methods.

Can surgery remove acne scars?

Surgery can remove the scars’ pigmentation or elevated form and provide a localized appearance, but it cannot remove them altogether. The residual scarring is treated with peels and injections with occasional steroids to improve their appearance in a better manner. Acne scar revision in Dubai plastic surgery centres via Surgical methods opts only for hypertrophic scars that don’t respond to Dermabrasion or peels and risk increasing with intensity. Patients opting for acne scar removal in Dubai are counseled about the pros and risks before starting the treatment procedures.

Can dermatologists do scar removal treatment?

Licensed dermatologists are legally approved to perform scar revisions and other treatments related to facial acne and its repercussions.

The Acne Scar removal in Dubai at Bizrahmed are performed by dermatologists medically approved for conducting scar removal, along with a vast experience in scar treatment measures.

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