Dark Circles Treatment

ABOUT Dark Circles Treatment

Dark Circles can be caused for several reasons. Common factors include lack of sleep, unhealthy diet, fatigue, and allergies. Sometimes they can aggravate dark circles under the eyes or result in fresh ones.  The leading cause of dark circle formation is the lack of blood supply to the delicate area surrounding the eyes.

At Bizrahmed, our Carboxytherapy Eye Treatment Dubai team offers state-of-the-art facilities and the best post-op care.

Dark Circles Causes

According to skin experts, dark circles can be caused by facial ageing, lack of sleep and lifestyle choices. 
Some of the leading causes are:


  • Loss of under-eye volume
  • Fast descent and volume loss in the cheeks
  • Laxity of the lower eyelid
  • Thinning of skin under the eye
  • Bulging under-eye fat
  • Excessive smoking
  • Caffeine consumption
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Hyper-pigmentation caused by sun
  • Dehydration
  • Sleep deprivation

Dark Circle Symptoms

Understanding Dark Circles, most people have, at some point, noticed dark circles under their eyes. Dark circles under your eyes are a common problem most individuals face before they reach their mid-twenties. Dark circles or under-eye circles can happen for various reasons, such as staying late or stressed out. Dark circles are not a health risk and will usually disappear once you change your sleeping patterns or reduce stress. However, this is not always the case. You may be stuck with permanent dark circles under your eyes.


Dark circles can show up for a variety of reasons. One of the most common signs of dark circles includes unattractive blue veins surrounding the eyes. Once these blood vessels open, they pop through your skin, creating dark circles around the eyes. Another common sign of dark circles is increased melanin deposition in the skin, which can cause dark circles. The skin below the eyes is the thinnest layer of skin on the body, and they are generally more prone to dark circles.

Dark Circle
Treatment Types

The procedures for most eye treatments in Dubai are painless. The swelling from the procedure will go down in only ten minutes, and there is no actual recovery period. You can continue with your daily activities as there is no need to stay in the hospital once your dark circle treatment in Dubai is complete. Usually, you will need between 2-10 treatments to achieve the look you want, depending on your chosen treatment. Here are the most common Dark Circle Treatments in Dubai.


Chemical Peels
For dark circles in Dubai caused by hyperpigmentation, chemical peels will effectively fix your problem. Chemical peels remove the dark circle by reducing the pigmentation around your eye and boosting collagen.


Laser Treatment
Laser treatment tightens the sagging skin around your eye using laser energy, boosting collagen production. Laser treatment in Dubai will improve the texture and tone of your skin while eliminating any fine lines located around your eyes.


Dermal Fillers
Dermal fillers in Dubai reduce dark circles by pushing fatty tissue cells away from your eyes. This is an effective treatment for dark circles. However, this filler is not permanent and must be repeated every few months.


Topical Eye Creams
Topical eye creams contain a component that bleaches your skin to reduce dark circles. Topical eye creams are a good solution for circles caused by the sun or pigmentation.


IPL Treatment
IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment in Dubai is primarily used to heal dark blue or purple eye circles that are caused by the appearance of blood.

- The EYE Treatment in Dubai

Concealing dark circles with conventional methods like home remedies, creams, and serums is difficult. They can reduce them but not cure them completely. Carboxytherapy is the latest treatment option to get rid of dark circles.

It involves injecting small doses of carbon dioxide under the eye area. Carbon dioxide increases the blood supply and forms new blood vessels as stimulators. The increase in blood supply enhances the quality of the skin and its texture, causing the dark circles to disappear gradually.


Carboxytherapy is a safe procedure when performed by experts. The procedure takes place under his set guidelines, which lasts 10 to 15 minutes. The results appear within a few weeks, and follow-ups and touchups are required to maintain the results. With no side effects, patients choose this procedure to eliminate puffy eyes and eye bags.


Dark circles treatment is ideal for those who wear glasses or have allergies. Offering promising results, they can enjoy clear and smooth skin. Book a consultation at the Bizrahmed to get a personal evaluation of your dark circles and general skin condition. Our highly competent cosmetic surgeons in Dubai offer the best dark circle treatment to ensure long-lasting results.


Dark Circle Post care

You can return to your daily life immediately after the procedure. However, it is still important to follow common post-procedure instructions to ensure your dark circle treatment in Dubai is as effective as possible. It’s important to stay as hydrated as possible after your procedure. It would be best if you tried to wear strong sunscreen and avoid excessive exposure to the sun. If you have any pain after the surgery, you can use ice packs to decrease the bruising and discomfort you may feel. Remember, your doctor will give you specific instructions on how to care for your dark circle eye treatment, and it is vital to follow these instructions.

Dark Circle Treatment Recovery

The recovery time needed in Dubai for dark circle treatments depends on what procedure you want to be done. Many of the treatment options in Dubai are completed in under two hours and do not require downtime. This allows you to have the procedure and continue with your daily activities. You may feel some side effects from your procedure, including sensitivity in the eye area, burning of the eyes, and soreness in the treatment area.



Which treatment is best for dark circles in Dubai?
The best treatment for under eyes depends on what you try to achieve with your treatment. At the Bizrahmed clinic in Dubai, we recommend using our cutting-edge Carboxytherapy Eye Treatment. We provide Carboxytherapy, which is the most effective solution to reach your facial goals and alleviate your under-eye problems once and for all.

You can contact us at Bizrahmed for a consultation with our medical professionals to find the best custom solution that suits you.
What are the lifestyle factors and medical conditions that make the conditions of dark circle under eye worse?

Lifestyle factors such as excessive smoking, drinking, or eating processed foods can worsen eye circles or under-eye circles. Many medical conditions can cause dark circles or under-eye circles, such as thyroid conditions, dermatitis, anaemia, and hyperpigmentation.

Is there a medical procedure to remove dark circles in Dubai?

Yes, many procedures can be used to remove dark circles in Dubai. The type of procedures you can choose from include:


  1. Chemical Peels
  2. Laser Treatment
  3. Dermal Fillers
  4. Topical Eye Creams
  5. IPL
  6. Carboxytherapy
Dark Circle Common causes?

Dark Circles are a common problem many people face and can be caused by various environmental and lifestyle factors. Causes of dark circles may include:


  • Poor Sleeping Habits – Not getting enough sleep or having an inconsistent sleep cycle can create dark circles under your
  • Poor Lifestyle Habits – Many poor lifestyle choices, such as excessive smoking, drinking and consuming processed foods, can contribute to dark
  • Allergies – Seasonal allergies cause an itching sensation in the eyes, pushing you to rub your eyes frequently. This can make your eyes feel puffy, red, and irritable and may cause dark circles under your
  • Medical Conditions – Many medical conditions can cause dark circles under your eyes, such as thyroid conditions, dermatitis, anaemia, and hyperpigmentation of the
  • Dehydration – The average human needs about half a gallon of water daily. Not correctly hydrating your body can lead to dark circles under your
  • Ageing – Thinning of the skin around the eyes and the loss of fatty tissue in the face are part of the natural ageing cycle. Under-eye problems may appear because of those changes and will be more defined in older.
  • Genetics – Dark circles can be inherited from the family. If your family members all tend to have dark circles under their eyes, eye problems might be hereditary for you.
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