What is Fractional
CO2 Laser

Also called Laser Resurfacing, CO2 Fractional Laser treatment in Dubai involves applying laser light over the skin area to stabilize the collagen fibres in the deeper skin layers. It works on the principle of fractional laser to cause skin re-epithelialization using the keratinocytes in the hair follicles. Additionally, it leads to stimulations in the deeper skin layers resulting in improved collagen and elastin effects.

Fractional Laser

Even if the fractional co2 laser price in Dubai may trouble you, its benefits for damaged skin due to sunburn are worth applauding. Studies have shown that there has been significant improvement in scars and wrinkles through laser application.


Besides these, CO2 fractional laser improves skin texture and tone. It stimulates collagen resulting in firmer, youthful skin, and even helps treat precancerous lesions and improve recovery.

Fractional Laser
Treatment Indications

Fractional laser is usually indicated in dermatological conditions like Telangiectasia and other conditions resulting in superficial pigmentations on the skin surface. Surgical scars, damage due to sunburn, and age-induced skin changes like wrinkles and sagging are common indications that you need Co2 fractional laser treatment in Dubai. Additionally, unwanted face wards, facial creases, freckles, and blemishes leading to dull and uneven skin indicate Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment.

CO2 Fractional Laser
Ideal Candidates

You are an eligible candidate for Co2 fractional laser treatment in Dubai if :


  • You are above 18 and have damaged skin due to old age and exposure-related or trauma-induced conditions. 
  • You are deemed eligible for the procedure if you find no improvement in your skin despite medications and other treatments.
  •  Apart from that, pigmentations, skin creases, and any condition resulting in uneven and damaged skin make you an ideal candidate for Co2 fractional laser treatment in Dubai. 

If you want to know your eligibility for the surgery or want to get a fractional co2 laser price in Dubai for your case, let Bizrahmed help you.



Fractional Laser Pre-procedural

When you visit any clinic for Fractional co2 treatment in Dubai, the pre-operative screening involves collecting a detailed history about the duration and severity of your condition along with a complete systemic evaluation. Make sure to inform the doctor about your allergies, body problems, and expectations from the Co2 fractional laser treatment in Dubai.


Routine blood and laboratory tests follow this to assess your overall condition before your Fractional co2 treatment in Dubai. You will be advised to make work and recovery arrangements post-surgery and avoid anything that might hamper your outcome, from particular food and lifestyle habits to body treatments and sun exposure.

Fractional CO2 Treatment Procedure

Irrespective of the clinic you chose for the CO2 fractional laser in Dubai, antibiotics are administered the night before the procedure. You must stop eating after midnight on the day of the CO2 fractional procedure for anaesthetics to be effective. Wear comfortable clothes and avoid makeup or skincare products before the CO2 fractional laser surgery.


Before the surgery, cleaning the skin thoroughly with a medicated cleansing lotion is recommended. Following this, the required area to be lasered will be numbed with anaesthetics. Most clinics for Fractional co2 treatment in Dubai prefer general anaesthesia when the entire face is to be treated. The face will be treated with laser beams to stimulate healing. A partial CO2 fractional laser application will take 20-25 minutes, and a full-face laser treatment will take 35-45 minutes. After laser treatment, the entire face will be treated with a topical antibiotic.

Fractional Laser Post-Treatment

The post-procedure cold compress will be applied to your face to ease the swelling and discomfort. You will be shifted to the in-patient department and monitored for any changes in pulse, blood pressure, or heart rate till the effect of your anaesthesia wears off. It is essential to keep the head in an elevated position for the first 48 hours after the CO2 fractional laser surgery.


There will be inflammation and redness along with mild oozing post-laser. You can go home after the anaesthesia wears off, but you will need someone to drive you back.

Fractional Laser Recovery

Recovery from the CO2 fractional laser surgery may take several weeks, depending on your skin’s sensitivity. Initially, there will be redness and pain with swelling and mild oozing, worsening in 48 hours. The skin will begin to peel after 4-5 days. The redness following the peeling will last a few days and turn pink before normalizing.


There will be crusting followed by scabbing that will normalize in a few weeks. It is advised not to touch your face or prick the scans during this time. It would be best to take a leave of at least two weeks of work for this process. Refrain from exercising or any heavy physical activity during this time. It is essential to stay hydrated during the recovery process. Adding raw fruits to the diet is an excellent way to get a protein-sufficient diet and prevent constipation due to decreased activity.

Fractional Laser Results

You can see the complete results of your CO2 fractional laser treatment 3-6 months after the initial treatment. It takes around three weeks for the inflammation to subside. But the complete peeling with the pinkness of the skin will take another two months to reduce. Once evident, the results will last for a long time. They can be further prolonged with diligent skincare and proper sun protection before leaving the house.


On average, Fractional CO2 can last for 3-5 years. But its lasting time can be prolonged with proper skin care and the use of sunscreen on exposure to the sun after the procedure. The skin condition with skin sensitivity varies from person to person and is also a determining factor for the lasting period of the laser.

Fractional Laser Follow-up

Usually, a regular follow-up is required until four weeks post CO2 fractional laser surgery to evaluate postoperative complications and enable a speedy recovery. After four weeks, clinical follow-ups every three months are needed for an overall skin assessment. Yearly follow-ups follow this for general evaluation and to assess re-laser requirements, if any.

CO2 fractional laser Cost in Dubai

The Fractional co2 laser price in Dubai depends on many aspects; it varies from patient to patient. At Bizrahmed, our doctors guide you to understand the exact nature of your treatment, thereby easily understanding the cost required for your CO2 fractional laser in Dubai.



How many Fractional CO2 laser treatments are needed?

Depending on the skin condition, 4-5 treatments of the skin may be required in cases of extensive damage spaced a month apart. This factor will directly affect your Fractional co2 laser price in Dubai. The month gap allows the skin to heal and improve until the subsequent treatment. The results take place over a while. It takes 3-4 months after the final treatment to notice the full effects of the laser.

Is Fractional Laser painful?

The fractional Laser procedure is not as painful as it is performed under anaesthesia. Post-laser, there will be pain and discomfort. But it is due to the effects of the laser and with medications and proper care, resolved in a few weeks.

Can a Fractional laser ruin your skin?

The fractional Laser procedure is not as painful as it is performed under anaesthesia. Post-laser, there will be pain and discomfort. But it is due to the effects of the laser and with medications and proper care, resolved in a few weeks.

Is Fractional Laser permanent?

A fractional laser is not permanent. It takes 3-4 months for the results to be evident. After that, it will last for around two years and more with proper care. But eventually, the wrinkles and fine lines begin to reappear, and re-treatment becomes essential again.

How can I make my Fractional Laser heal faster?

It takes 7-10 days for the laser to start healing and for you to go outside after the procedure. With proper postoperative care, maintaining adequate hygiene of the hands and skin, and a healthy lifestyle, you can make your fractional laser heal faster and longer.

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