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Skin Boosters For Radiant
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With the increase in urbanization, subsequent pollution, and UV exposure, damage to the skin is inevitable. Skincare products are meant to work but on a superficial level. New-generation skincare works on the skin’s deeper layers that repair, regrow, and regenerate the moment’s need. Fortunately, technology, science, and skincare experts have formulated skin treatments to work on the deeper layers of the skin for more efficient damage repair. Skin booster is one such method. Predominantly consisting of hyaluronic acid, they work on the collagen network to rejuvenate and hydrate the skin from within.

Skin Booster Benefits

  • Skin boosters work from within, providing the required repair and nourishment for healthy and soft skin.
    Because they are not designed to add volume or sculpt, their results are natural, long-lasting, and without dramatic appearance.
  • Lower areas are significantly benefitted and repaired through their boosting effects.
  • They are helpful for people with thin skin and areas of the body with a relatively thin dermis, as these skins require additional help that ordinary fillers cannot provide.
  • A thoroughly improved collagen network and fibroblast morphology give the area a truly rejuvenated appearance.
  • The ingredients of skin boosters are hypoallergic and pharmacologically tested because they are relatively safe and suitable for all skin types.

Though seemingly inconsequential, pre-and post-treatment care plays a vital role in the success of the treatment. Surgeons imparting skin-boosting treatments in Dubai are paramount to these care regimes to ensure a smooth procedure and a safe recovery.

Skin Boosters

Nova has always been regarded as the best for skin care. Profhilo from Nova is another feather in its highly successful rejuvenation and age-reduction productions list. Profhilo skin boosters are designed keeping in mind the texture of your skin and its requirements. Unlike other boosters, they mainly target the skin’s problematic areas, resulting in minimum injection sites. The jawline, cheeks, and corners around the mouth vastly benefit from it.


Profhilo is especially suited for candidates above 30 years of age with a marked reduction in skin plumpness and texture. Through its rejuvenation technology, Profhilo provides subtle yet noticeable results in a short duration of time. Because it doesn’t add volume or sculpt, it is beneficial for areas under the areas requiring a natural smooth look.

Treatment Areas
Where Skin Boosters Work

The neck, face, hands, and décolletage are some of the main areas requiring skin booster treatments because of their increased exposure to other body parts. Skin boosters are essential for the lower portion of the face. Because of its naturally increased amount of collagen, the damages are visually more apparent in that region and benefitted from using boosters.

The work of skin boosters under the eyes is vital to remove dark circles and under-eye wrinkles in that region. The skin under the eyes is naturally thin. Age and climatic conditions further degrade the area’s skin cells and result in the wrinkle formation of dark eyes. Skin Boosters under the eyes are ideal for repairing and regenerating them simultaneously. Apart from under the eyes, they reshape the nose and chin, lift the eyebrows and reduce the crow’s feet.

How Do Skin Booster Treatments Work?

Most of the time, people looking for a skin booster in Dubai confuse it with dermal fillers. Both are injectable but with different modes of working on the skin. Most fillers are injected to add volume to the tissues. The hyaluronic acid structure is different, with the bonds predominantly cross-linking.

With boosters, the aim is to repair and hydrate. There is a growing need for skin boosters in Dubai to deal with its hot and dry climate and to improve the damages caused by weather, pollution, and other effects of urbanization. Their hyaluronic acid is not cross-linked and is designed especially for collagen synthesis. Due to its unique structure, it is not clumpy like the cross-linked ones but designed to hold a lot of moisture. The increased collagen and moisture-retaining properties keep the skin hydrated, soft, and supple. The newly formed cells reflect light better, giving the skin a radiating appearance. Improved elasticity improves the skin’s texture by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. But before you go for skin booster filler injections in Dubai, knowing the treatment areas where it works is essential.



Pre-treatment starts with a detailed discussion of your health condition and expectations from the booster treatment. It is essential during this time to inform the surgeon about any pre-existing systemic conditions, allergic conditions, or skin conditions that will impact the treatment outcome. Two months before the treatment, you should avoid having any other semi-permanent, permanent, or collagen-stimulated filler injections. Skin treatment like chemical peels or PRP injections should be avoided 2 weeks before the procedure.


Avoid using any blood-thinning medications, anti-inflammatories or supplements a week prior. This is important as unchecked. It can lead to severe bleeding problems during the main procedure. 48 hours before the surgery, avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages as they can lead to severe bruising later. Eat a complete meal on the day of the procedure, as an empty stomach can make you weak and feel lightheaded afterwards.

During Skin Booster Procedure

The basic procedure remains the same regardless of the clinic you choose for Skin Booster Filler Injections in Dubai:


The procedure starts with the application of numbing cream on the skin. You are made to lie down in a semi-supine position.

The skin is cleansed to remove dirt and oils before the booster injection.

The filler is injected superficially into the top layer of skin under the epidermis.

Ice packs are applied continuously on your face during the injections to avoid bruising or swelling complications.

Step -5
After the procedure, your skin is cleansed again before allowing you to stand up or get up.


At Bizrahmed, we maintain advanced clinical modalities to offer a hassle-free experience to our patients looking for a Skin Booster in Dubai.

After Skin Booster Procedure

Immediately after the procedure, the surgeon will ensure you are well enough to stand up or feel dizzy or lightheaded. After confirming that you are fit, you can sit up and monitor for the next hour or so for any signs of post-treatment complications. A slight amount of bruising and swelling is expected because of the needles. This will substantially reduce in the next 24 hours. You are allowed to drive home on the same day.


Dubai skin surgeons usually advise an attendant to drive you home after a skin booster treatment to ensure you get home safely and comfortably. The swelling will go down in the next few weeks. Because of this, skin booster treatments in Dubai are advised to be conducted 2 weeks before any upcoming event or gathering you need to attend. Before signing up with any skin booster filler injections clinic in Dubai, clear your schedule for the next two to three weeks to let your skin heal properly.

Skin Boosters treatment Aftercare

The most important care is to avoid the heat and sun and go easy on the exercise regimen. The collagen being built during this time is tender and fragile. Effects of the sun or excess exposure can permanently damage it and hamper your results and even the skin. Exercise activates the sweat glands that activate the sebum, which acts like a counterattack over the elastin. Additionally, sweat can clog the pores resulting in inflammation and acne attacks over the area. Likewise, avoid oily cosmetics; avoiding sleeping on your stomach and alcohol consumption is essential as they affect the healing process.

Skin Boosters Recovery

There is no downtime associated with skin booster treatments. You can go home the same day after your session is over. If the swelling is moderate, you can join work the next day but must avoid heavy work or overexerting yourself.

Skin Boosters Results

You will start noticing a slight improvement in your skin immediately afterwards. Even if you go for a skin booster injection in Dubai, the results will take 4-6 weeks to be evident. Some people report a bit of a delayed period in observing the results. This depends on the pre and post-treatment regimen, skin type, and overall healing capacity. The obtained results can be prolonged by following a proper skin regimen with a healthy lifestyle. You must also follow regular skin booster treatments per your doctor’s advice to maintain the results.

Skin booster injections costs in Dubai

The cost to avail of skin booster under the eyes may vary. Several factors determine the cost of the treatment. Some of the most important ones are the booster injections cost, the intensity of wrinkles, and age-related changes in your skin.

Some boosters, like Profhilo skin-boosting injections, may cost more than others but produce improved results. Greater wrinkles require more skin boosters under the eyes, costing more than others with fewer sessions. Additionally, the surgeon’s skills and the clinic charges add up to the total cost of the treatment. In this regard, Bizrahmed is the best choice for people looking for Skin booster injection in Dubai. We have the best doctors, and the cost of the skin booster injections is as per the standard market rules. Whether you are looking for profhilo skin-boosting injections or any vital skin booster, Bizrahmed would be your ideal bet.



Is a skin booster good for your skin?

After a particular age, the natural hyaluronic acid in our body starts decreasing. This affects collagen production and the skin’s elasticity, resulting in wrinkles and fine lines. Left untreated, the fine lines increase in intensity and affect your confidence, body language, and self-esteem.

Skin booster treatments become essential after a particular age, especially 30 years, to regenerate the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. These treatments repair, restore, and rejuvenate the skin cells to provide a healthy, younger-looking, radiant, and soft look. If you plan to have a skin booster in Dubai, get in touch with an experienced doctor in Bizrahmad to know your eligibility for the procedure.

What is the best skin booster injection?

Profhilo from Nova is being universally accepted as the best skin booster injection. Profhilo contains the highest grade of hyaluronic acid and produces significantly satisfactory results in just 2 sessions. And it is not a thick fillet because the results obtained are subtle and natural-looking.

Profhilo is said to stimulate 4 different types of collagen and is especially useful as a skin booster under eyes with a skinny layer of the dermis. Profhilo skin injections can provide you with smooth, radiant skin for more than 6 months. Additionally, it can be comfortably used alone or in combination with other treatments without any side effects associated with its use.

However, your doctor may recommend any other booster, such as skin booster vital. It can only be confirmed during your initial screening process.

Is skin booster permanent? How long do skin booster treatments last?

Even if you get your hands over the best skin booster filler injections in Dubai, it’s a harsh truth that no skin booster treatment is permanent. It would be best if you had repeat treatments every 6-12 months for the improvement to be sustained. It takes around 4 weeks for skin booster results to be evident. Once evident, the effects last for about 4-6 months, after which the skin starts reverting to its original structure.

Skin boosters last for 6 months to a year. The more superior ones, like Profhilo or Restylane skin booster vital, produce improved results along with staying for a longer time. You can make the skin-boosting treatments last more extended by following a proper skin regimen. But with follow-ups, the results will last for an indefinite period.

How many sessions of Profhilo injections do you need?

A single course of Profhilo skin booster includes two injectable treatments in 4 weeks. The treatment results are evident within 4-6 weeks but, in some cases, are noticed in as long as 9 weeks. If the damage to the skin is intense, post two months of your second profile injections in Dubai, your surgeon may recommend you for a third treatment cycle.


But this has to be done strictly as per the treatment plan of your surgeon. Post this session; you can opt for follow-up sessions 6 monthly to maintain the results of your skin booster treatments.

Can you do Botox after Profhilo?

You can do Botox and Profhilo together. It is safe and offers a dual advantage to the patient. Botox will work on the wrinkles, and Profhilo will repair the collagen and give the skin a radiant and soft look.

But you must wait to do Botox after completing Profhilo as it will lead to adverse reactions and impact the results of either procedure. For best results, Botox should be performed either 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after Profhilo skin treatment for safe and long-lasting results. During your initial consultation with doctors to receive a skin booster injection in Dubai, ask these doubts to avoid confusion later.

Are skin boosters dermal fillers?

Skin boosters, like dermal fillers, contain hyaluronic acid, but they are not the same. Dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid with cross-linking fibres that add volume to the skin. The collagen production resulting from dermal fillers is less significant than from skin boosters.

Skin boosters are given for the sole purpose of repairing and rejuvenation. The hyaluronic acid used by skin boosters is not cross-linked but, in a way, open. This allows it to retain extra moisture, thus hydrating the skin better. Additionally, skin booster treatments do not add volume or sculpt. They increase collagen production that subtly provides natural, healthy-looking skin.

Is Profhilo better than fillers?

It depends entirely on your requirements whether you require Profhilo or other fillers. Dermal fillers are more suitable if you want minor changes and a dramatically added volume. Additionally, dermal fillers may not work best on your skin if it is fragile.

Profhilo works best on people above 30 and repairs and rejuvenates more markedly than fillers. It does not add volume or sculpt the face because the results obtained in Profhilo skin-boosting injections are subtle and natural. Additionally, the hyaluronic acid used in the Profhilo skin booster is of superior quality and biocompatible, because of which it is safer than others.

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