Underarm Whitening

Why Underarm Whitening
Treatment Is In Vogue

Are you tired of being afraid to raise your arms in public because of dark underarms? Do you find yourself waving with just one hand to hide the shame? Well, fear no more because underarm whitening treatment is here to save the day (and your social life)! 

Say goodbye to those pesky dark spots & say hello to bright and confident underarms. It’s time to raise your arms with pride and flaunt those pearly whites… underarms, that is! An Underarm Whitening Treatment could provide the answer.

Hyperpigmentation of the underarm is caused by the overproduction of melanin, the skin’s natural pigment enzymes. This condition may be brought on by UV exposure, hormonal changes, medical conditions, or cosmetic products used on or near your armpits.

Underarm whitening treatments now exist to deliver long-term results with little to no downtime, targeting dark pigments in the underarm area to break down excess melanin production and dispel dark patches.

Top Reasons For Dark Underarms

Dark armpits can be annoying, especially during tank tops and swimsuit season. But luckily, there are ways you can alleviate their appearance. Here are three things you can try to remedy your dark armpit situation.

Shaving or plucking: Frequent shaving or plucking of underarm hair can lead to skin irritation and darkening.

Deodorants and antiperspirants: Some deodorants and antiperspirants contain chemicals that can irritate the skin and cause darkening.

Deodorants and antiperspirants: Some deodorants and antiperspirants contain chemicals that can irritate the skin and cause darkening.

Friction from clothing: Wearing tight or synthetic clothing can cause friction and irritation, leading to darkening of the underarms.

Hormonal changes: Hormonal changes during menopause or pregnancy can result in hyperpigmentation or skin darkening.

Genetics: Some individuals may be predisposed genetically to having darker underarms.

Medical conditions: Certain conditions, including acanthosis nigricans or Addison’s disease, can cause skin darkening.

Obesity: Being overweight can cause friction and irritation, leading to darkening of the underarms.

Poor hygiene: Not keeping the underarms clean and dry can cause bacterial growth, leading to skin darkening.

Smoking: Smoking can cause skin discolouration, including darkening of the underarms.

Sun exposure: Exposure to the sun can cause skin damage and hyperpigmentation, leading to darkening of the underarms.

Best Dermatologist Treatment to
Lighten the Black Under Arms

Dark underarms can cause embarrassment for many people. While several over-the-counter products and home remedies are available, the best way to effectively lighten the black underarms is to seek treatment from a dermatologist. Here are some of the best dermatologist treatments for underarm whitening:

  • Topical Lightening Agents 

Dermatologists may prescribe creams or lotions containing ingredients like hydroquinone, kojic acid, glycolic acid, or alpha-arbutin. These ingredients help to reduce melanin production, which can lighten the skin.

  • Chemical Peels

A chemical peel is an effective skin resurfacing treatment in which a chemical solution is utilized to exfoliate the outer skin layer. This can help to lighten dark underarms by removing the buildup of dead skin cells & stimulating the growth of new, healthy skin cells. This treatment involves the application of a chemical solution to the skin, which causes the top layer of the skin to peel off. This can help to reduce hyperpigmentation and lighten the skin.

  • Laser Therapy

Underarm whitening laser therapy is a popular option for underarm whitening. It utilizes a high-intensity beam of light to target and destroy melanin-producing cells in the underarm area. As a result, it can help to diminish the visibility of dark underarms and improve skin texture and tone. 

  • Microdermabrasion 

Microdermabrasion is another effective non-invasive skin resurfacing treatment in which a special tool is utilized to gently exfoliate the outer layer of skin. It can help to decrease the dark underarms appearance by removing dead skin cells & stimulating the growth of new, healthy skin cells. This treatment uses a special device to remove the outermost layer of the individual’s skin, which can help to improve the appearance of dark underarms and promote new skin growth.

  • Combination therapy

In some cases, a combination of various treatments may be recommended to achieve the best results. For example, your dermatologist may suggest a combination of chemical peels, laser therapy, and topical treatments to help lighten your dark underarms and improve the overall appearance of your skin.

Note: It’s important to note that any dermatologist’s treatment for underarm whitening should be done under the supervision of a licensed dermatologist to ensure safety and efficacy. They will be able to assess your individual needs and recommend a treatment plan that is safe and effective for you.


Book A Consultation For Underarm Whitening Treatment

Bizrahmed Clinic offers underarm whitening treatment using safe and effective methods tailored to each patient’s unique skin type and concerns. A dermatologist will assess your underarm skin during the consultation and recommend the most suitable treatment plan.

The Clinic uses advanced techniques, such as laser therapy, chemical peels, and topical medications, to achieve optimal results in reducing dark spots and discolouration. Experienced dermatologists and aestheticians perform the procedures in a comfortable and private setting.

To book a consultation with Bizrahmed Clinic for an underarm whitening treatment, visit our official website or contact us directly.



How many sessions are required for underarm whitening?

The number of sessions required for underarm whitening may vary depending on the individual’s skin condition and the severity of discoloration. Generally, it takes around 4-6 sessions to achieve desired results. It is advisable to get advice from a dermatologist who can recommend the appropriate number of sessions based on your unique skin type and requirements. 

What to do after underarm whitening treatment?
  • Avoid sweating or exercising for at least 24-48 hours after treatment. 
  • Do not use any harsh deodorants or antiperspirants for a few days. 
  • Avoid tight clothing that can cause friction or irritation to the underarms. 
  • Keep the underarms clean and dry at all times. 
  • Apply a moisturizing cream to keep the skin hydrated & prevent dryness or flakiness. 
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with  a minimum Sun Protection Factor (SPF)  30 when going outside. 
  • Drink plenty of water & eat a healthy, balanced diet to help promote overall skin health. 
Does underarm whitening treatment hurt?

Underarm whitening treatment typically does not hurt, as it is a non-invasive procedure. However, some individuals may experience mild sensitivity or discomfort during or after the treatment. It is typically temporary and can be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers or topical creams recommended by the dermatologist.  

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