hair transplant in dubai for 1 dirham

It’s common knowledge that the UAE has become renowned as the hub for state-of-the-art hair transplants and cosmetic treatments. To make hair transplants in Dubai for 1 dirham more accessible to a broader cohort, Bizrahmed is proud to offer the innovative 1 dirham hair transplant (hair transplant for 1 dirham cost in Dubai) across all of its clinics in the UAE. Using the same ground-breaking hair restoration techniques, the hair transplant specialists at Bizrahmed can provide a cost-effective, could be 1 dirham approach to natural hairline restoration.


1 Dirham for 1 Hair is the guiding philosophy behind the 1 Dirham Hair Transplant campaign. Remember that a hair graft typically contains 1-4 hairs. Many patients only need 2000–3000 hair grafts because they are in the early stages of hair loss. Similar to this, most bald patches can be efficiently covered with 2500 hair grafts. 

Tackling the misconceptions behind the hair transplant in dubai for 1 dirham

A traditional hair transplant in Dubai price across UAE can cost in Dubai between AED 6999 to AED 10,000. With the 1 dirham hair transplant cost in Dubai initiative, Bizrahmed can offer you the same outstanding results at the cost of 1 dirham per hair graft transplant, which is the best price in Dubai.  


This money-saving solution does not in any way impact the quality of the hair transplant you receive but will instead provide you with a hair restoration alternative that doesn’t break the bank.

Benefits of the hair transplant in dubai for 1 dirham

One transplanted hair graft contains anywhere between 1 and 4 hair follicles. Those in the early stages of male or female pattern baldness will only need around 3000 grafts to achieve maximal effects. There, by implementing the 1 dirham hair transplant initiative in Dubai, one can reap the benefits of various hair transplant procedures at a fraction of the cost in Dubai. The benefits of the 1 dirham hair transplant (hair transplant cost in Dubai) are the same accrued by alternative hair transplant surgeries and include:


  • Long-lasting results 
  • Natural look 
  • Minimal downtime and recovery 
  • Cost-effective 

Cost discrepancies of the hair transplant in dubai for 1 dirham

Though the title of the procedure – 1 dirham hair transplant (hair transplant cost in Dubai) – implies a fixed rate, the overall cost in Dubai (1 Dirham) may differ from person to person. How much your hair transplant will cost (1 Dirham) will depend on several factors determined during your initial consultation with one of our experts. These factors are:


  • The number of grafts required 
  • The cost of your surgeon 
  • The level of baldness you have 
  • The total cost of equipment and medicines used 

Why Bizrahmed for hair transplant in dubai for 1 dirham should be your go-to

Over the years, our Bizrahmed hair transplant specialists have given thousands of patients their desired results using the hair transplant techniques we deem best suited for them. We pride ourselves on providing everyone access to treatments that significantly improve their quality of life.  


We’re perfectionists, and we believe that no matter the cost of your treatment, your procedure will be carried out to the same extent of excellence as any other at our clinic. Wipe away your misconceptions about price and quality, and call us to find out how our 1 dirham hair transplant cost procedure can help you get the hair you deserve. 

Valid only till December 2020.


Terms & Condition Apply. 



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