How Much Does An Eyebrow,
Transplant Cost in Dubai?

Too thin or heavy brows can destroy even the most attractive face. Their contour can be improved naturally by the use of hair transplantation clinic. Hair transplantation is a permanent procedure. You must be curious to know the eyebrow transplant cost in Dubai. The price of an eyebrow hair transplant in Dubai is determined by how difficult the process is and how long it takes.

What is an Eyebrow Transplant?

Eyebrow transplantation is a sophisticated procedure that includes removing healthy hair follicles from the head or the back of the neck and implanting them into the eyebrow region to grow permanent hair for enhancing and altering the eyebrows. 


The goal of eyebrow restoration, often referred to as eyebrow transplantation, is to add growing hair to eyebrows that are very sparse, damaged, or missing entirely. Genetics, previous electrolysis or laser hair removal, overplucking, thyroid or other hormonal problems, trauma from surgery, burns, or other incidents can all contribute to the lack of hair. While some patients want slight thickening, others want to restore full, thick brows.  


However, so as to achieve thick brows, each eyebrow follicle must be carefully crafted, which requires extra effort. FUE is the abbreviation for the main brow hair transplant procedure in Dubai. In this process, the brow region is meticulously filled with eyebrow hairs. To make the brows look natural and elegant, the hairs are strategically placed. 

Do You Need an Eyebrow Transplant?

If a person wants to change the color, shape, or thickness of their eyebrows, a transplant may be required. This is also the most efficient technique to get rid of scars that have a detrimental impact on one’s aesthetic appearance. 


Injury, burns, overplucking, bald spots, and dermatological issues can all affect the density of hair growth. 

Cost Of Eyebrow Transplant

In Dubai, eyebrow hair transplant price might be anywhere from AED 3,000 and AED 6,000. The price varies depending on a variety of variables, including the quantity of hair transplanted, the procedure used, the credentials of the doctor, the quality of the clinic, and the location.  


After the initial consultation, the surgeon will decide on the final eyebrow implants price.  

Variables Influencing the Eyebrow Transplant Cost  

The following variables have an impact on eyebrow hair transplant cost: 

  • Treatment Options:  

There are various options available for transplantation, and the cost will depend on whatever one the doctor decides is best for you. Each surgery carries a different cost. For instance, the FUE eyebrow transplant cost is more. 


  • Doctor Qualifications:  

The cost of a surgeon’s services is based on their education, experience, training, and qualifications. She gains more as she gains more experience.


  • Desired Result: 

Depending on their body shape and areas where they store fat, each person will have a different desired outcome in mind. Your desired outcome will influence eyebrow hair transplant price and the course of treatment.


  • Clinical Location:  

The country, geographic area, and city in which the clinic is located have an impact on the treatments and services provided.


  • Clinical Level:  

The clinic’s valuation, which will have a big impact on eyebrow transplant cost, will be based on clinical, local staffing, and medical equipment.


The procedure is carried out by a transplant surgeon, who, at the client’s request, marks the shape and placement of the eyebrow. 


You must go through testing and an assessment before getting a transplant. The day of the procedure is planned if there are no contraindications. The treatment typically lasts three hours. 


Using hairs from the back of the head makes hair transplantation on the brows look natural. Eyebrow transplantation is performed without leaving any skin indentations with the help of extremely tiny surgical equipment. In order to complete the procedure, local anesthesia is used. 


Healing is completed quickly and completely with modern methods. Additionally, eyebrows that have undergone transplanting appear natural. The next step is to use certain gels and make cuts to guide the growth of the hair in the desired direction. 


Grafts with one to two hair follicles each are used in brow transplant surgery. Typically, hair transplantation uses hairs from the back of the head. 

Who Makes a Good Candidate?

Those without the following conditions are the best candidates for the treatment:


  • When there are issues with blood clotting or low hemoglobin levels, such as with diabetes mellitus and other endocrine illnesses, even minor wounds heal more slowly than usual.
  • Having anesthesia allergies
  • When the skin is inflamed 
  • When there are mental health issues 

Why Choose Us?

You will undoubtedly be pleased with the transplant’s outcome if you select a reputable cosmetic center and surgeon. At our facility, eyebrow hair transplant cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah are reasonable. The facility offers free online consultations. At Bizrahmed, a plastic surgeon will inspect your eyebrows or photographs of your eyebrows, advise you on the best treatment course for your unique situation, and estimate the cost of an eyebrow transplant. 

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