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In the realm of beauty trends driven by social media influence, Eyebrow Microblading has emerged as a revolutionary technique. It provides the perfect solution for achieving thicker, more defined eyebrows, enhancing your overall appearance. Eyebrow Microblading is the art of using precise tattooing methods to create a subtle shadow effect, giving you the appearance of fuller and more luscious eyebrows. Unlike traditional eyebrow tattoos, Microblading offers a semi-permanent solution with astonishingly natural-looking results, granting you effortlessly perfect eyebrows every day. Experience the best microblading in Dubai and uncover the eyebrow microblading Dubai prices. Learn everything you need to know about how much microblading in Dubai costs. Embrace your natural beauty with perfect microblading eyebrows by Bizrahmed.

Ideal Candidates

Eyebrow Microblading isn’t just a beauty trend; it’s a transformative solution for individuals who desire fuller, more refined eyebrows. Ideal candidates for Eyebrow Microblading include:

  1. Alopecia Sufferers: For individuals dealing with hair loss due to alopecia, Eyebrow Microblading can help recreate the natural look of eyebrows.
  2. Scarring from Trauma or Burns: If you have scars or irregularities on your eyebrows due to past injuries, burns, or other trauma, Microblading can provide an excellent solution for camouflage.
  3. Genetically Thin Eyebrows: Some individuals naturally have thin or sparse eyebrows due to genetics. Microblading can give them the appearance of fuller eyebrows.
  4. Unresponsive to Other Treatments: If you’ve tried various treatments to enhance your eyebrows without success, Eyebrow Microblading offers an alternative to consider.
  5. Age-Related Hair Thinning: Eyebrow thinning due to the ageing process can be addressed effectively through Microblading.
  6. Desire for a Fuller Look: Many people simply desire a more defined and luscious eyebrow appearance. Microblading is perfect for those who want to enhance their look.
  7. Convenience Seekers: If you’re looking for a convenient way to enjoy beautifully defined eyebrows without the need for daily makeup, Eyebrow Microblading is an ideal choice.

Discover how Eyebrow Microblading can redefine your eyebrows and enhance your natural beauty. Book your appointment today!

Eyebrow Microblading

Are you tired of fussing over your eyebrows every morning, trying to create that perfect shape and fill in those sparse areas? Eyebrow Microblading could be the answer you’ve been searching for. This innovative procedure, also known as microblading, offers a semi-permanent solution to achieve fuller, more defined eyebrows that look natural and require minimal maintenance.

The Microblading Process:

  1. Initial Consultation: Your microblading journey begins with a thorough consultation at Bizrahmed in Dubai. Our experts will assess your facial structure, skin tone, and eyebrow shape. This step is crucial as it helps create a customized plan tailored to your unique features.
  2. Color Matching: The next step involves selecting the perfect eyebrow color to complement your skin tone and hair color. Our specialists use a color palette to ensure a seamless and natural look.
  3. Anesthetic Application: To ensure your comfort during the procedure, a topical anesthetic is applied to the eyebrow area. This will numb the skin and reduce any potential discomfort.
  4. Microblading: The actual microblading process is where the magic happens. A manual tool equipped with tiny needles is used to create hair-like strokes with a specialized pigment just below the surface of the skin. This technique mimics the appearance of natural eyebrows.
  5. Healing and Touch-Ups: After the initial procedure, a brief healing period is required. Touch-up sessions may be scheduled to perfect the results and ensure that your eyebrows look their best. Our experts will provide you with aftercare instructions to maintain the longevity of your beautiful new brows.

Why Choose Bizrahmed for Eyebrow Microblading?

At Bizrahmed, we pride ourselves on offering the best eyebrow microblading services in Dubai. Our experts have extensive experience in creating stunning microblading before and after results that speak for themselves. We understand the importance of precise and natural-looking brows, and our team is dedicated to providing you with perfect eyebrows that enhance your natural beauty.

The Cost of Eyebrow Microblading:

One common question people have is, “How much is eyebrow microblading in Dubai?” The cost can vary depending on factors like the expertise of the practitioner, the location, and the specific clinic. At Bizrahmed, we offer competitive pricing for our eyebrow microblading services, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

Get Flawless Eyebrow Microblading Eyebrows:

Say goodbye to the hassle of daily eyebrow maintenance and hello to effortlessly flawless eyebrows. With eyebrow microblading at Bizrahmed, you can achieve the brows you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you’ve been searching for the best eyebrow microblading in Dubai or simply want to explore the benefits of eyebrow microblading before and after, we invite you to experience the transformation.



Microblading Aftercare

  • Avoid any sweating in the form of exercising, saunas with the lifting of heavy work
  • Avoid driving in open vehicles
  • Avoid peeling/laser treatments or medications containing retinol
  • Avoid drinking alcohol
  • Avoid touching the area or peeling/picking the scabs resulting from the treatment.

Irrespective of where you opt for Microblading eyebrows in Dubai, not following these precautions can result in complications that can delay your healing period and the final treatment results.

Recovery & Downtime

How long it takes to recover after Microblading depends on the following:


  • The skin type of the patient
  • Adherence to post-operative precautions
  • The skills of the surgeon

Irrespective of the clinic you opt for, Microblading eyebrows in Dubai, it is essential to abide by the dermatologist’s treatment plan for a safe procedure. The skills of the professionals after a microblading procedure in Dubai enable the wounds to heal faster and the results to be evident in a shorter period with results per the patient’s requirements.

Expected Results

Week 1
Scabbing occurs on treatment sites.


Week 2-3
Scabbing starts peeling off. Pigment begins to oxidize for the colour to be evident.


Week 4-5
Scabs fall off with the increased intensity of pigment.


Week 6
Fully healed eyebrows ready to undergo the follow-up treatment. Booking an appointment before Microblading eyebrows in Dubai makes it convenient for the medical practitioner to understand your problem and provide you with the required assistance.

How long do eyebrow microblading results last?

At best, microblading results last for 18-25 months. They can last for a slightly more extended period if:


  • You get the repeat treatments required after three months of the primary procedure done on time
  • You follow the pre- and post-procedure precautions
  • You obtain touch-ups after a year
  • You have obtained Microblading from a reputed centre and experienced professional.

Patients who have previously had an Eyebrow tattoo in Dubai are informed about the shorter duration of the procedure during the initial visits. This enables them to decide whether to opt for a microblading procedure in Dubai or stick to tattooing procedures.

eyebrow microblading pre-care

Proper before care is essential to ensure the best possible results from eyebrow microblading. Here are some tips for eyebrow microblading before care:


  • Avoid alcohol and blood-thinning medications: Alcohol and blood-thinning medications such as aspirin or ibuprofen can increase the risk of bleeding during the procedure, so it’s essential to avoid these for at least 24 hours before microblading.
  • Avoid caffeine: Caffeine is a stimulant that can increase heart rate and blood pressure, which may also increase the risk of bleeding. It’s best to avoid caffeine for at least 24 hours before the procedure.
  • Avoid sun exposure: Sun exposure can cause skin damage and sensitivity, making it more difficult for the pigment to be absorbed into the skin. Avoid sun exposure for at least a week before the procedure, and apply sunscreen to protect your skin if you go out in the sun.
  • Avoid chemical treatments: Avoid chemical treatments such as peels, waxing, or tinting at least a week before the procedure, as they can make the skin more sensitive and interfere with the healing process.
  • Hydrate: Drink plenty of water in the days leading up to the procedure to keep your skin hydrated and healthy.
  • Inform your artist of any health conditions or medications: Inform your microblading artist of any health conditions or medications you are taking, as these may affect the healing process or increase the risk of complications.
  • Get a good night’s sleep: Get plenty of rest the night before the procedure to help you feel calm and relaxed.

How much does microblading cost?

Microblading cost in Dubai is a variable factor and depends on the following:


  • The amount of pigment required to be injected
  • Level of eyebrow damage
  • colour of the pigment used
  • Whether it is hand injected or done using a machine
  • Expertise and experience in the professional
  • Followup sessions with touch-ups.

Microblading cost in Dubai further depends on the license of the professional. So, it is advised for patients opting for the procedure to check the license and reputation of the medical practitioner and the clinic before proceeding further.



Is eyebrow tattoo better than eyebrow microblading?

The advantages of Microblading over eyebrow tattooing are

● Less bleeding or skin damage
● Natural-looking results
● Pigments don’t change colour with time.

The only drawback associated with Microblading is the temporary pigments used in the procedure, resulting in decreased longevity. Apart from that, it is a technically advanced procedure and enables the individual to obtain natural-looking results with added depth that cannot be achieved by eyebrow tattooing.

Patients interested in an Eyebrow tattoo in Dubai cosmetic centres are counselled about the natural-looking results obtained with Microblading and its other pros and cons to decide what they need. Despite the advantages associated with micro shading, it is also essential to avail a good clinic with an experienced dermatologist to help you obtain the best Microblading in Dubai.

Can tattooed eyebrows be micro bladed?

Before the emergence of the Microblading procedure, the Eyebrows tattoo in Dubai was a popular form of cosmetic embellishment practised by many cosmetic centres to add to the aesthetic appeal of the patient. This has resulted in several eyebrow tattoo candidates referring to Microblading procedures as an additional cosmetic treatment. It is possible to microblade over previously tattooed procedures provided:


● They have lightened to a sufficient extent

● The ink hasn’t been injected too deep into the skin


Cosmetic centres like Bizrahmed, having the reputation of offering the Best Microblading in Dubai, take special note of these factors before declaring the patient eligible for the Microblading procedure.

Is a top-up session necessary after microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure that uses ink on a superficial level to achieve the desired eyebrow contouring. The results, once obtained, last for around 18-20 months, after which it becomes essential to get a top-up session to maintain them.

To obtain the experience of the best Microblading in Dubai, specialists at Bizrahmed call for a top-up session based on the patient’s skin type. While dry-skinned patients have a longer-lasting time, oily-skinned patients are asked to get repeat sessions in a shorter period.

Will microblading ruin my eyebrows?

When performed by a qualified and experienced microblading artist, microblading should not ruin your eyebrows. However, there are some risks and potential side effects associated with the procedure, which is why it’s important to choose a reputable and skilled microblading artist who follows all necessary safety precautions and uses high-quality, sterile tools and pigments. 

What does microblading look like after 5 years? 



The longevity of microblading can vary from person to person and can depend on factors such as skin type, lifestyle, aftercare, and the quality of the procedure. Generally, microblading can last between 1-3 years, and after this time, the pigment will gradually fade as the body naturally absorbs it. 


After 5 years, the microblading will likely have faded significantly, and the results may no longer be as visible or defined as they were initially. The rate at which the pigment fades can vary from person to person and can depend on factors such as sun exposure, the use of skincare products, and the natural shedding of skin cells. 

How do you sleep after microblading eyebrows?

After microblading your eyebrows, it’s important to take extra care during the healing process to ensure the best possible results. Here are some tips for sleeping after microblading: 


  1. Sleep on your back: During the first few days after the procedure, it’s important to avoid sleeping on your face or side, as this can cause pressure and rubbing on the eyebrows, which may interfere with the healing process. Try to sleep on your back to minimize any friction on the eyebrows. 


  1. Use a clean pillowcase: To avoid any risk of infection or irritation, use a clean pillowcase and change it frequently during the healing process. 


  1. Avoid sweating: Sweating can also interfere with the healing process, so avoid strenuous exercise or activities that may cause you to sweat, especially during the first few days after the procedure. 


  1. Avoid touching your eyebrows: It’s important to avoid touching or scratching your eyebrows during the healing process, as this can introduce bacteria or cause the pigment to rub off. 


  1. Prop yourself up: If you have trouble sleeping on your back, try propping yourself up with pillows to help you stay in a comfortable position throughout the night. 


  1. Be gentle: When you do need to adjust your sleeping position, be gentle and try to avoid any friction or pressure on the eyebrows. 
Is it OK to wear makeup after microblading?

avoid wearing makeup on or around the eyebrow area for at least 10 days after microblading. During this time, the skin is still healing and any makeup products can interfere with the healing process, cause irritation, and increase the risk of infection. 


It’s best to keep the eyebrow area clean and dry during the healing process, and avoid touching or scratching the area. You should also avoid any activities that may cause sweating, such as exercise or sauna, during this time. 


After the initial 10-day healing period, you may be able to start wearing makeup again, but it’s important to avoid any makeup products that contain alcohol, as these can be drying and may cause the pigment to fade more quickly. You should also avoid using any makeup brushes or applicators on the eyebrow area, as these can introduce bacteria and may cause irritation. 


If you need to wear makeup during the healing process, you may be able to apply it to other areas of the face, but be careful to avoid the eyebrow area. It’s important to follow all aftercare instructions provided by your microblading artist to ensure the best possible results and minimize the risk of any complications. 

Is eyebrow microblading permanent?

Lasting for a year or two but not more. Sometimes longevity is improved as a result of the following:
● Skin type of the patient
● Depth of injection of the pigment
● The type of pigment used for treatment
Bizrahmed offers a unique experience of Microblading in Dubai because of its advanced infrastructure and state-of-the-art machinery combined with the expertise of its surgeons. To have longer-lasting results, patients are advised to obtain touch-up treatments yearly to maintain the intensity of the injected pigment.

Will micro bladed brows fade over time?

Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure. The effects of the pigment used for treatment will gradually Fade in time. Lifestyle changes, touch-ups, and skin types can help prolong the results by 5-6 months, but eventually, you will require getting the procedure redone to preserve their aesthetic appearance.
Irrespective of whether you opt for the Microblading procedure in Dubai or other parts of the world, the effects of the procedure will last for 18-20 months before eventually fading off.
Maintaining the effects of less sun exposure or infrequent touching can prolong their life to some extent. After a session of Microblading eyebrows in Dubai at Bizrahmed, patients are expressly advised to avoid sauna, swimming, or getting the area wet for at least a week.

How painful is microblading?

You are applying a numbing cream to minimize the discomfort as much as possible during Microblading. But the contact of the needle with the dermis can lead to pain varying from person to person based on their tolerance level.

Even if you have opted for the Best microblading in Dubai, there is bound to be discomfort or pain during the procedure. Additionally, after the completion, the treated area will be inflamed with mild bruising that will gradually heal in a week. Patients with susceptible skin before Microblading in Dubai are informed about the pain levels and healing time so they can decide whether or not they want to go ahead with the process.

Is microblading your eyebrows an easy procedure?

Microblading of eyebrows is easy if

Do they shave your eyebrows before microblading?

In most cases, the microblading artist will not shave your eyebrows before the procedure. Instead, they will work with your natural brow shape and hair to create the desired look. The microblading process involves creating small, hair-like strokes using a handheld tool and depositing pigment into the skin, so the natural hair can help guide the placement of the strokes. 


In some cases, the artist may need to remove some stray hairs or shape the brows slightly to achieve the desired look. However, this is typically done with tweezers, wax, or threading, and only the necessary hairs will be removed. 

Why no coffee before microblading?

It’s generally recommended to avoid consuming coffee or other caffeinated beverages before microblading. This is because caffeine is a stimulant that can increase heart rate and blood pressure, which may increase the risk of bleeding during the procedure. 


Bleeding during microblading can interfere with the absorption of pigment, making it more difficult for the artist to achieve the desired result. It can also increase the risk of infection, as blood can introduce bacteria into the open skin. 


In addition, caffeine can also make you feel more anxious or jittery, which can make it more difficult to sit still during the procedure. Microblading is a delicate process that requires precision and concentration, so it’s important to be as calm and relaxed as possible. 

What is the newest technique for eyebrows?

One of the newest eyebrow techniques is called microshading, also known as ombré shading. Microshading is a form of eyebrow tattooing that creates a softer, more natural-looking brow than traditional microblading. The technique involves creating small dots of pigment rather than individual hair strokes, which can mimic the look of a filled-in brow. This creates a gradient effect that gradually fades from light to dark, giving the eyebrows a more natural and soft look. 


Microshading is often combined with microblading to create a more textured and realistic-looking eyebrow. The combination of microblading and microshading can create a more three-dimensional look, giving the appearance of individual brow hairs while also filling in any sparse areas. 

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