Hair Transplant Cost (Price) Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Best Hair Transplant Cost (Price) in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Most of you ask, “How much is the cost (price) for a hair transplant in Dubai“, right? Hair is transplanted either through strip harvesting or in the form of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Strip Harvesting, also called Follicular Unit Implantation, involves surgically removing a portion of the scalp with hair and implanting it over the balding region. Usually, skin from the back or side of the scalp is selected for this method. The strips are treated for follicle extraction, implanted, and stitched. It is preferred in patients with extensive balding areas and produces dramatic results. Although the DHI hair transplant Dubai cost (price) for strip harvesting is comparatively cheaper, the risk of failure (body rejecting the grafts) and healing time are also greater.

Follicular Unit Extraction is recommended and practised advanced technique in which each hair follicle is individually extracted from the donor sites. Each graft contains 1-5 strands. Based on the requirement, the number of hair grafts extends from 1000 to 6000 per scalp. The follicles, after extraction, are immediately transplanted over the recipient sites. FUE is a more time taking procedure requiring multiple sessions, often lasting more than 4 hours. Considering its exceptional results, the best hair transplant in Dubai for 1 dirham cost (price) for this treatment can be slightly higher than traditional procedures. However, the results are more aesthetically pleasing with less chance of graft rejection. Additionally, you will find minimal red spots and scars after the surgery. If you are looking forward to doing an affordable hair transplant cost (price) in Dubai, consult Bizrahmed today.

The cost (price) of hair transplants, as does the general procedure, differs in men and women. To know more about this and get an affordable hair transplant cost (price), consult Bizrahmed.

Factors Affecting The Hair Transplant Cost (Price)


You can make it an affordable hair transplant in Dubai price (cost) by using an ideal procedure. FUE and FUT are the two most prevalent methods, but other methods like DHI and Robotic Implantation are different treatment options. FUI being more popular, is also more expensive than other methods. Nowadays, we can access modified and advanced FUI versions, producing quicker results. It will increase your hair transplant cost (price) in Dubai. The good thing is that they bear more minor side effects with minimal downtime and recovery.

The severity of hair loss is another critical factor. Minor-level baldness requires fewer grafts with subsequently fewer surgical procedures. So, of course, it will cost (price) you less eventually. But more severe levels require more intensive grafting with increased sittings and thus more cost (price). Also, sufficient donor hair follicles in the scalp region are essential.

Since follicles are sensitive, you need the experience and skills of a professional to harvest them. So, eventually, the cost (price) will go high with the expertise and availability of the doctor.

The elasticity of the scalp is also vital for hair transplant cost (price) as it affects the life of the implanted grafts. Grafts have more chance of being rejected in scarred or scalps with dead cells. This leads to prior scalp treatment before transplanting the follicles, making an affordable hair transplant cost (price) hard. 

Grafts are the segment of skin containing hair transplanted to the area of hair loss. They depend on the Norwood Scale and the number of sessions. Grade 1 scale does not require grafts and is controlled by a healthy lifestyle and proper care with maintenance. Grade 2 scale requires the most minimum grafts, not more than 500-800. 3rd Grade involving more significant hair loss areas, requires multiple sizes of grafts. Approximately 1000-1400 in the front part and 500-1000 over the crown. Around 2-3 sessions are needed for the Transplantation process.

Fourth, Fifth and Sixth grades involve extensive hair loss leading to increased grafts and subsequent sessions. While the fourth primary grades are treated with 1200-1600 grafts in the back, and around 800 grafts over the crown, more advanced fourth grades require 1700-2500 grafts. Similarly, the basic and advanced 5th with 6th Grade hair loss need 2200-3200 grafts at the back. Around 1200-1500 grafts are needed at the front. These are extensive processes and require multiple sessions, but post-completion provides natural-looking hair with long-lasting results. Even if you want an affordable hair transplant cost (price), keep the quality and number of hair grafts your priority.

A detailed evaluation of the patient’s scalp and hair loss conditions is preliminary for determining the hair transplant cost (price).  

It primarily depends on the grafts’ individual price (cost), influencing the total number of grafts. Each graft consists of 1-2 follicles that sum up to around 4000 follicles by FUT and 8000 strands by the FUE method. The transplant process is performed in multiple sessions, affecting the cost (price). In simple terms, the more severe the hair loss, the more the hair grafts with sessions and the increased the cost (price).

The surgeon’s experience with his team and clinic location is another factor in the hair plantation cost (price). A surgeon with good experience in Hair Transplantation will have better online reviews that will determine the charges. Clinics in the city’s heart, easily accessible via public transport, will be more expensive than others. Follow-up visits, stay, post-procedure care, medicines, and travel costs can impact the overall cost of a hair transplant.

Even with good-quality hair and successful transplantation, the follicles lose effectiveness with age. Hair Transplantation through a long-lasting procedure cannot prevent future loss or thinness of hair. So, consider these factors while looking for an affordable hair transplant cost (price) in Abu Dhabi. The hair’s colour and texture also impact the after-effects of the transplantation. Curlier and dark-coloured hair add more volume and coverage to the skull than straight hair.

How much is the cost (Price) for Hair Transplant in Dubai & Abu Dhabi?

The cost (price) of a hair transplant depends on factors like the severity of hair loss with the patient’s type of hair transplant. While FUE is more popular than the FUI method, it requires more sessions, making it costlier. That with the surgeon’s experience, clinic infrastructure, and medication costs add to the final price for the procedure. For an affordable hair transplant cost (price) in Abu Dhabi, consult Bizrahmed- the most trusted hair transplant clinic in UAE.

How much is 2000 hair grafts?

The cost (price) for a hair transplant of a 2000 graft may vary as per the cost of individual grafts. Grafts developed in highly sophisticated environments will cost more. It also goes based on the surgeon you are consulting. Again, the experience, availability, and demand of the surgeon too may increase the hair transplant cost (price).

How much time is involved in the Hair Transplant procedure?

A hair transplant procedure & its cost (price) usually takes 2-4 hours for each treatment. But when the baldness is severe, it may take up to 8-10 hours. The number of transplanted grafts as they, in turn, also plays a vital role in deciding the number of required sittings. Two thousand hair grafts take no more than two sessions. But grafts greater than that require more sessions, increasing hair transplant costs (price).

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