Sapphire Hair Transplant

What is Sapphire
Hair Transplantation

Sapphire Hair Transplant is a revolutionary hair transplant method introduced for improved quality hair transplants. Instead of regular steel blades, sapphire blades made up of cutting-edge technology are used to improve the quality of the surgical outcome.

Let’s admit physical appearance matters for both men and women in today’s society. To achieve cosmetically attractive and pleasing results outcomes in males, a sapphire hair transplant is one of the most used treatments.

The most recent FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplantation improvement involves opening micro channels and sapphire blades at the recipient area, instead of using natural sapphire crystals,   experienced and renowned hair transplant clinics such as Bizharmed use synthetic sapphire manufactured from aluminium oxide to create sapphire blades.

This hair transplantation technique uses state-of-the-art sapphire blades that are more durable than steel and maintain their sharpness for an extended period. Regardless of the reason for baldness, if the factors are the same, you can get the desired results from Sapphire Hair Transplant.

If you can relate to this, you may want to learn about the unique benefits of the Sapphire Hair Transplant technique. Before we delve into the details of Sapphire Hair Transplant, having a complete understanding of FUE is essential.

Despite its widespread popularity, the traditional FUE technique constantly evolves to incorporate new cutting-edge concepts and technologies. It advanced recently with the development of what is now known as sapphire FUE. This is a refinement of the current FUE procedure rather than a brand-new technique.

A typical FUE transplant is performed similarly to a sapphire hair transplant. The blade that is employed during the channel formation phase is what differentiates the two. As its name suggests, the technique uses sapphire blades instead of the steel blades used in the traditional FUE method.

Blades made of sapphire, a valuable gemstone, are renowned for their smoothness, sharpness, and durability. These characteristics of Sapphire hair transplant enable the surgeon to make micro-channels, essentially more minor, more precise incisions in the recipient site.

This is significant because the most crucial aspect of a hair transplant method is the formation of channels. As previously indicated, the type of these newly formed channels influences the angle, direction, and density of the new hair growth that results from the process.

A sapphire blade’s capacity to cut narrower, more exact channels can result in more realistic-looking results than what is attainable with a traditional steel blade.

Sapphire pen

A Sapphire pen is the name of the advanced surgical blade used in the Sapphire Hair transplant method for making specialized incisions. Made of aluminium oxide instead of regular steel, the pen’s tip uses sapphire crystals as its trademark method, making it a unique experience with superior results. However, we at Bizrahmed are one of Dubai’s best sapphire hair clinics , with experienced doctors to help you achieve the best results.   

The benefits of Sapphire
hair transplant

The FUE hair transplant technique’s potential was revolutionized in 2016 by adding sapphire blades. Sapphire FUE has several significant advantages, which we’ve detailed here in greater detail.

Reduce Risks of Post-Op Complications

Although postoperative problems following a standard FUE hair transplant are rare, the sapphire FUE procedure substantially reduces this risk. The channel formation stage of a typical FUE procedure can result in tissue injury since the traditional steel blades used become dull and less effective with time.

On the other hand, sapphire blades are sharper and more effective, to begin with, and can maintain their sharpness for a more extended period. This lessens the possibility of tissue damage during the channel-making process and aids in reducing the production of scabs. A sapphire blade’s antimicrobial and antibacterial qualities also help lower the risk of infection during surgery.

Results that Look Natural

FUE is recognized for its ability to generate outcomes that appear natural. Sapphire hair transplant has gone one step further in this regard. A sapphire blade’s adaptability allows the surgeon to make more accurate and exact microchannels.

The transplanted or uprooted follicular units can be positioned at natural directions and angles to provide a more seamless overall appearance. After surgery, the hair regrows in the directions and angles defined by the microchannels, producing a very natural-looking outcome.

Enhanced Density

The sapphire hair transplant has opened the way to numerous people who would not have otherwise been qualified for the procedure. The sapphire blade’s smaller size and sharper tip allow hair transplant experts to make micro channels in the recipient area.

This enables uprooted follicular units to be positioned closer together, ultimately leading to higher density once hair growth begins. This has greatly enhanced the likelihood that someone with extensive hair loss will have a successful hair transplant.

Suitable for People with Metal Sensitivities

Although it might only apply to a tiny proportion of applicants for hair transplants, sapphire FUE offers this essential advantage. If you’re allergic to steel, nickel, or other metal material, sapphire blades are safe for hair transplantation.

This has made hair transplant surgery a possibility for many people who would not have been able to receive the procedure otherwise.


Strengthening and Holding onto Hair Follicles

As a sapphire blade is more precise and smaller than a steel blade, surgeons can make small incisions that are precisely the length of your hair follicles being uprooted. As a result, there is less chance that the transplanted follicles may move, turn, or become loose after the operation.


Some other benefits:

  • The recovery in this method is faster than in other Hair Transplantation methods.  
  • The shape of the transplant blade allows doctors to make frequent incisions that increase the success rate of the transplant method. 
  • The risk of infection and blade-induced contamination is almost negligible in the Sapphire Hair Transplantation method.  
  • The process of incision makes the transplantation method yield natural-looking results. 
  • They are also suitable for people with mental allergies. 

Sapphire Hair transplant

  • It uses the sapphire technique with specially designed  Sapphire pointed blades for incisions.   
  • The V – the shape of the sapphire blades enables the formation of unique micro channels facilitating better implantation. 
  • The technology used in this procedure enables the surgeon to open the channels in such a way as to facilitate optimum transplantation without any tissue damage. All these benefits are easy to acknowledge when you go to a good clinic like Bizrahmed for hair transplant procedures in Dubai.

How does it Work?

One of the most well-liked hair transplanting techniques, follicular unit extraction (FUE), is popular due to its reliable and long-term results. The procedure entails removing individual follicular units (individual), which typically contain 1-4 hairs, from one area of the body to another.

Typically, in this method hair transplant expert removes hair follicles from the sides or back of the head, where there is still healthy density, and transplants them to the top of the head, where baldness is present.

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), often the cause of hair loss, is supposed to resist follicular units taken from the donor area.

These hair follicles keep their resistance to Dihydrotestosterone after being transplanted to the recipient area at the top of the head, which keeps them from thinning again. This is why hair transplant surgery is thought to have a long-lasting effect. Note that the longevity of the process depends on the specific patient conditions and can also impact how long the effects continue.

The establishment of channels is a crucial step in the process. These are essentially tiny incisions hair transplant expert makes in the recipient area. The expert then inserts the removed follicular units. After treatment, these channels determine the direction, angle, and density of the newly growing hair. Individual follicular units are placed into them to achieve the most realistic and natural-looking effects.

Sapphire Technique is an improvement of the pre-existing FUE hair transplant method of the transplantation procedure. In this follicular unit extraction method, units containing 1-3 strands of hair are removed from the donor area and transferred to the recipient site. Because of the superior blade used for transplantation, Sapphire pen hair transplant yields better results than other FUE methods and is subsequently more popular.  




Sapphire Hair Transplant Pre-operative

The basic pre-procedures are always the same regardless of the clinic you choose for the Sapphire pen hair transplant in Dubai. You are sedated through the administration of local anaesthetics. General anaesthetics may also be advised, mainly if it includes hair transplantation over multiple body parts.   

Grafts are collected using the FUE method. The back of your neck is the most common donor site, especially in men, but if required, chest hair is extracted and used for the sapphire Hair Transplant process. Hair is extracted from the individual’s donor area using micromotor and micro punches. Using micromotor in the FUE sapphire technique ensures more grafts from the donor area in less time. This enables better results in the transplantation process. 

After the Sapphire Pen transplant, you are shifted to the postoperative care unit and monitored until your anaesthetic effects disappear. After coming around, you are discharged on the same day with an attendant at your side. It would help if you revisited after a few days for a hair wash and subsequent follow-ups for the next 12 months.  

Sapphire hair transplant results

Post sapphire technique, a phenomenon called ‘Shock- Loss’ will occur in the first month when all the transplanted hairs fall out. There may be temporary growth, but it will be too negligible to consider. It will take 3-12 months for the telogen phase of the transplanted follicles to be over and for hair to start regrowing in a steady, dense manner. 

Sapphire Hair Transplant cost in Dubai

The cost of a hair transplant through the Sapphire Pen Technique in Dubai is a variable factor and varies from place to place. The main factors determining the cost of Sapphire pen hair transplant in Dubai are: 

  • The extent of hair damage
    Patients with significant loss of hair follicles need more grafts and subsequent transplants over a wider area. This impacts the cost of the procedure.
  • Accompany procedures, if any.
    FUE Sapphire Technique is also used for improved hair growth on eyebrows, moustache, and beard, apart from skull hair, which adds to the final cost.
  • Skills of the surgeon
    A surgeon experienced in the FUE sapphire technique and having managed numerous successful sapphire pen hair transplant cases will ensure better results and be more expensive than others. In this regard, Bizrahmed would be your ideal clinic for an FUE sapphire hair transplant in Dubai.

Process of Sapphire Hair Transplant

The invasive hair transplant has no postoperative complications. Typically, the process comprises the following steps.

  • Step- 1: Exclusive FUE Technique

The unique FUE procedure, which improves the traditional FUE technique, is the first step in your sapphire hair transplant. You receive the set before your treatment.

To best prepare your hair follicles for the procedure, raise your final growth rate to 98%. The hair transplant expert applies the crucial serum to the recipient and the donor area using the derma roller

  • Step 2: Graft Harvesting

Your grafts are harvested using the FUE method by skilled hair transplant experts. This procedure is the foundation for your hair transplant and is the most efficient way to harvest grafts.

Your donor area is preserved by the exact method. This is so that each transplant can be extracted individually during a follicular unit extraction.

The skilled hair transplant team uses the FUE technique to harvest your grafts. This procedure is the foundation for your hair transplant and is the most efficient way to do it. The technique is excellent for preserving and strengthening your donor area.

Also, this allows transplant experts to extract each transplant individually during a follicular unit extraction. This contrasts with the traditional FUT technique, which removes full strips of skin.

  • Step 3: Transplantation with Sapphire Technique

Sapphire hair transplant differs from previous techniques using steel blades to open microchannels with a fine sapphire blade before your grafts are implanted.

The grafts’ angle may be controlled, and their development path can appear natural, thanks to the V-shaped holes. The hair canals are close together after the sapphire procedure. This assures remarkable precision and results in a recipient site density of 125 grafts per cm2.

Who Can Have Sapphire Hair Transplant?

The range of candidates for Sapphire hair transplant doesn’t have method-specific distinction. If selected by all candidates (who are qualified for hair transplantation), the Sapphire hair transplant procedure may be used.

However, there are several limitations on who can undergo hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is a therapy option for patients between 18 and 80. Though the hair transplant option is for men ages 18 and 80, the general health of a person undergoing the treatment plays an important role. 

The patient’s general health should be sufficient for hair transplantation to perform the procedure. For instance, if a person has chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension, the diseases must be controlled to carry out the procedure.

Things You Should Consider before Sapphire Hair Transplantation

During the treatment planning stage, your surgeon, who will conduct the surgery, will discuss in detail transplant requirements and what you should consider before a sapphire hair transplant. This procedure aims to reduce the risk of medical complications during the procedure.

Avoiding alcohol and smoking is the most crucial thing patients should remember before having a Sapphire hair transplant. Continued use of alcohol and cigarettes shortens the healing process and could harm the grafts.

You should also be cautious about using drugs that thin blood before the procedure. Avoid ingesting herbal supplements like green tea, which has a blood-thinning effect, as it raises the chance of bleeding during the operation.

In addition to that, you need to ensure that your hair is not cosmetically treated before Sapphire hair transplant treatment.



In a single session of the FUE sapphire technique, more than 4000 grafts can be transplanted. The area covered by Sapphire pen Hair Transplant is more than other FUE /DHI hair transplant techniques in Dubai. The results take less time to appear and appear natural, with an increased aesthetic advantage because of the improved angle of follicle transplantation.

Conventional FUE methods use steel blades that become blunt with decreased efficiency over time. This impacts the incision and increases the risk of tissue damage. FUE Sapphire Technique uses Sapphire-tipped pens that ensure negligible tissue damage. Additional Sapphire blades are customized according to the patient's hair follicles and skin type. This makes it less scarring and decreases patient discomfort considerably. To get a clear explanation, schedule a visit with a doctor at Bizrahmed, Dubai.

1500-3500 grafts can be transplanted per session in the DHI hair transplant method. In FUE Sapphire Technique, approximately 5000-6000 grafts are transplanted per session. Additionally, the DHI transplantation procedure is costly and unsuitable for large areas. Apart from covering large areas, Sapphire Pen Hair Transplant is covered in less period because of being performed with sapphire blades. Most importantly, the FUE sapphire technique is less expensive than DHI, increasing its popularity.

Treatment planning is essential to make a clear decision during the Sapphire hair transplant process. The length of the treatment might vary depending on various factors, including the total graft numbers to be used in the hair transplant and the diameter of the transplantation area.

Using the FUE procedure, your hair transplant expert can apply up to 4000 grafts in a single session. In general, Sapphire hair transplant procedures take 6 to 8 hours to complete, and the procedure is carried out in a single session.

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