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If metal allergies seem like the end of the world for your hair restoration journey, don’t worry. Bizrahmed introduces the latest Sapphire hair transplant in the UAE, offering a solution that shines with precision and limitless possibilities.

An Overview of Sapphire Hair Transplant

In a society where physical appearance matters for both men and women, Sapphire Hair Transplant offers a remarkable approach to addressing hair loss. What sets this procedure apart is its innovation in the use of synthetic sapphire blades, a game-changer for those with metal allergies. These blades, renowned for their sharpness and durability, enable the creation of finer, more precise channels in the recipient area, resulting in a more natural, lifelike appearance.

Furthermore, Sapphire Hair Transplant represents the next step in the evolution of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). While FUE has been a pivotal technique in hair restoration, Sapphire FUE refines it by using sapphire blades instead of traditional steel ones. This choice of material allows for the creation of microchannels that are smaller and more precise, influencing the angle, direction, and density of emerging hair, ultimately delivering a hair transplant method that’s more advanced and effective than ever before.

Beyond Steel Blades: The Sapphire Advantage in Hair Restoration

Introducing the Sapphire Pen, the cutting-edge surgical instrument, designed for precision and exceptional results. Unlike conventional steel blades, our Sapphire Pen is crafted with aluminium oxide and features a distinctive tip adorned with sapphire crystals. This distinctive approach ensures a unique and superior experience, setting the stage for optimal hair restoration outcomes.

At Bizrahmed, we take pride in being among Dubai’s premier Sapphire Hair Transplant clinics. Our team of seasoned doctors possesses the expertise to guide you through every step, ensuring that your journey toward the best results is not just a procedure but a personalized and transformative experience. Trust in the Sapphire Pen at Bizrahmed for a level of excellence that goes beyond expectations.

Discover The Benefits of Sapphire Hair Transplantation

Minimized Risks of Post-Op Complications

While complications following a standard FUE hair transplant are infrequent, the sapphire FUE procedure further diminishes these risks. In typical FUE procedures, the channel formation phase may cause tissue damage due to the gradual blunting of conventional steel blades. Contrarily, Sapphire blades maintain their sharpness over an extended period, reducing the possibility of tissue injury during channel creation and mitigating the formation of scabs. The antimicrobial and antibacterial properties of sapphire blades also play a vital role in minimizing the risk of infection during surgery.

Natural-Looking Results

Sapphire FUE hair transplants are renowned for delivering natural-looking outcomes. The adaptability of sapphire blades empowers surgeons to craft more precise microchannels, allowing transplanted follicular units to be positioned with unparalleled accuracy. The result? Hair regrows in the precise directions and angles dictated by the microchannels, resulting in a strikingly natural appearance.

Enhanced Density

Sapphire hair transplant has democratized access to hair restoration. The smaller size and sharper tip of sapphire blades enable hair transplant specialists to create microchannels with increased proximity in the recipient area. This advancement significantly raises the potential for higher hair density post-surgery, offering renewed self-confidence to individuals grappling with extensive hair loss.

Ideal for Those with Metal Sensitivities

An often overlooked but critical advantage of sapphire FUE is its suitability for individuals with metal sensitivities. For those allergic to steel, nickel, or other metal materials, Sapphire blades provide a safe and viable option for hair transplantation. This inclusivity has opened doors for many individuals who otherwise would have been ineligible for the procedure.

Securing and Preserving Hair Follicles

The precision and smaller incisions made possible by sapphire blades are tailored to the length of uprooted hair follicles. This minimizes the risk of transplanted follicles shifting or becoming loose after the operation, ensuring better overall success.

Exploring the Eligibility for Sapphire Hair Transplantation

Choosing the Sapphire Hair Transplant procedure as a solution to hair loss is a promising option, but it’s essential to understand the eligibility criteria. Let’s unravel the qualifications and considerations for those considering this transformative journey:


  • The Universality of Sapphire Hair Transplant

Sapphire hair transplant doesn’t impose method-specific restrictions on eligible candidates. As long as individuals qualify for hair transplantation, the Sapphire technique is a viable option for them.

  • Age Considerations

Hair transplantation is a therapy option that caters to a wide age range. While both men and women between the ages of 18 and 80 can be candidates for hair transplantation, the overall health of the patient is a pivotal factor in determining their suitability for the procedure.

  • The Role of General Health

The general health of the prospective patient is a significant consideration. For those with chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension, it’s crucial that these conditions are well-managed and controlled before proceeding with the hair transplantation procedure. This ensures the safety and success of the process.

Things to Consider Before Sapphire Hair Transplantation

Embarking on the path to a revitalized appearance with Sapphire Hair Transplantation involves thoughtful consideration and preparation. Here are essential aspects to keep in mind as you plan for this transformative journey:

  • Comprehensive Treatment Planning

Our surgeon will engage you in a detailed discussion during the treatment planning stage. This is a crucial step where transplant requirements are meticulously outlined, ensuring a clear understanding of the procedure and minimizing the risk of potential complications.

  • Abstaining from Alcohol and Smoking

A paramount consideration before Sapphire Hair Transplantation is refraining from alcohol and smoking. The continued use of these substances can significantly impact the healing process and pose a risk to the viability of grafts. Prioritizing a smoke-free and alcohol-free period before the procedure sets the stage for optimal outcomes.

  • Caution with Blood-Thinning Substances

To mitigate the risk of bleeding during the operation, it’s imperative to exercise caution with blood-thinning substances. Refrain from using drugs that thin the blood. These precautions contribute to a safer and more effective Sapphire hair transplantation.

  • Unprocessed Hair: A Prerequisite

Ensuring that your hair is not cosmetically treated before hair transplantation is a critical consideration. Unprocessed hair provides the ideal canvas for the transplantation process, facilitating seamless integration and a natural-looking outcome.

Our Sapphire Hair Transplant Procedure

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Personalized Consultation

Your journey begins with a personalized consultation at Bizrahmed, where our experienced doctors understand your unique needs and expectations. This crucial step ensures a tailored approach to your Sapphire Hair Transplant, addressing specific concerns and setting the foundation for a successful procedure.

Local Anesthesia

The pre-operative journey begins with the administration of local anesthesia. This vital step ensures your comfort and a pain-free experience during the procedure. In certain cases, depending on the extent of the transplant across various body parts, general anesthesia may be recommended to guarantee your ease throughout the process.

Hair Follicle Extraction

The hair transplantation process begins with the precise extraction of individual hair follicles. These follicular units, each typically housing 1-4 hairs, are skillfully removed from healthy donor areas, often located on the sides or back of the head. However, for specialized cases, chest hair may be extracted, expanding the possibilities for the Sapphire hair transplant process.

Utilizing micromotor and micro punches during extraction ensures a precise and efficient process, maximizing the number of grafts in less time. The precision of this process ensures minimal disruption to the surrounding hair, setting the stage for an unobtrusive and natural outcome.

Channels Opening

Creating precise channels in the recipient area is a critical phase in the procedure. Our experienced hair transplant experts meticulously craft these tiny incisions, defining the direction, angle, and density of the newly growing hair. This artistic approach paves the way for hair that not only looks natural but also seamlessly integrates with your existing hair.

Hair Transplanting

With the channels in place, it’s time to bring your vision to life. The extracted hair follicles are strategically transplanted into these microchannels. The meticulous placement ensures that the transplanted hair blends with your existing hair, promising a result that is not just realistic but also harmonious with your unique features.

Post-Operative Monitoring and Care

Following your Sapphire Pen transplant, you are transferred to the post-operative care unit, where you are closely observed until the effects of the anesthesia have subsided. Once you awaken and are in stable condition, you are discharged on the same day with a dedicated attendant to assist you. Post-transplant care continues with a follow-up visit a few days later for a gentle hair wash. Subsequent appointments over the course of the next 12 months ensure your progress is tracked and any necessary adjustments are made to optimize your results.

Understanding Sapphire Hair Transplant Outcomes

The journey towards a renewed and vibrant look with Sapphire Hair Transplant unfolds in stages, each marking a significant part of the transformation process. Let’s delve into the results that follow the Sapphire technique and the journey to fuller hair:

The ‘Shock-Loss’ Phase

In the initial month following the Sapphire hair transplantation, a phenomenon known as ‘Shock-Loss’ may occur. During this stage, it’s normal for all the transplanted hairs to shed. While there might be temporary, albeit minimal, hair growth during this period, it’s essential to recognize that it’s part of the natural cycle of hair restoration. ‘Shock-Loss’ signifies the transition as your scalp prepares for new growth.

The Telogen Phase

The subsequent phase, lasting from 3 to 12 months, is the telogen phase of the transplanted follicles. This is a period of dormancy and recovery. Your hair follicles regroup and gather strength during this time, paving the way for the gradual regrowth of hair. While initial progress may seem slow, it’s an integral part of the transformation process.

Steady and Dense Regrowth

As the months pass, your patience is rewarded. The telogen phase comes to an end, and the transplanted hair begins to regrow in a steady and increasingly dense manner. The results you’ve been eagerly awaiting become more pronounced, and you witness the transformation that comes with the Sapphire hair transplant.

Why Choose Bizrahmed for Your Transformative Journey

When it comes to your well-being and aesthetic goals, selecting the right healthcare provider is paramount. Bizrahmed stands as a beacon of excellence in the field of medical and cosmetic services. Here are compelling reasons why you should choose Bizrahmed for your hair restoration journey:

Unparalleled Expertise

At Bizrahmed, you benefit from the experience and expertise of world-class medical professionals. Our team comprises highly skilled surgeons and specialists who are not only leaders in their respective fields but also dedicated to providing the most advanced and effective treatments available.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our cutting-edge facilities at Bizrahmed are equipped with the latest medical technologies, ensuring the highest standard of care. We have invested in state-of-the-art equipment to offer a range of medical and aesthetic services that deliver exceptional results.

Unparalleled Expertise

At Bizrahmed, you benefit from the experience and expertise of world-class medical professionals. Our team comprises highly skilled surgeons and specialists who are not only experts in their respective fields but also dedicated to providing the most advanced and effective treatments available.




Sapphire Hair Transplant Pre-operative

The basic pre-procedures are always the same regardless of the clinic you choose for the Sapphire pen hair transplant in Dubai. You are sedated through the administration of local anaesthetics. General anaesthetics may also be advised, mainly if it includes hair transplantation over multiple body parts.

Grafts are collected using the FUE method. The back of your neck is the most common donor site, especially in men, but if required, chest hair is extracted and used for the sapphire Hair Transplant process. Hair is extracted from the individual’s donor area using micromotor and micro punches. Using micromotor in the FUE sapphire technique ensures more grafts from the donor area in less time. This enables better results in the transplantation process.

After the Sapphire Pen transplant, you are shifted to the postoperative care unit and monitored until your anaesthetic effects disappear. After coming around, you are discharged on the same day with an attendant at your side. It would help if you revisited after a few days for a hair wash and subsequent follow-ups for the next 12 months.  

Sapphire hair transplant results

Post sapphire technique, a phenomenon called ‘Shock- Loss’ will occur in the first month when all the transplanted hairs fall out. There may be temporary growth, but it will be too negligible to consider. It will take 3-12 months for the telogen phase of the transplanted follicles to be over and for hair to start regrowing in a steady, dense manner. 

Sapphire Hair Transplant cost in Dubai

The cost of a hair transplant through the Sapphire Pen Technique in Dubai is a variable factor and varies from place to place. The main factors determining the cost of Sapphire pen hair transplant in Dubai are:

  • The extent of hair damage
    Patients with significant loss of hair follicles need more grafts and subsequent transplants over a wider area. This impacts the cost of the procedure.
  • Accompany procedures, if any.
    FUE Sapphire Technique is also used for improved hair growth on eyebrows, moustache, and beard transplant, apart from skull hair, which adds to the final cost.
  • Skills of the surgeon
    A surgeon experienced in the FUE sapphire technique and having managed numerous successful sapphire pen hair transplant cases will ensure better results and be more expensive than others. In this regard, Bizrahmed would be your ideal clinic for an FUE sapphire hair transplant in Dubai.

Process of Sapphire Hair Transplant

The invasive hair transplant has no postoperative complications. Typically, the process comprises the following steps:


  • Step- 1: Exclusive FUE Technique

The unique FUE procedure, which improves the traditional FUE technique, is the first step in your sapphire hair transplant. You receive the set before your treatment.


To best prepare your hair follicles for the procedure, raise your final growth rate to 98%. The hair transplant expert uses the derma roller to apply the crucial serum to the recipient and the donor area.


  • Step 2: Graft Harvesting

Your grafts are harvested using the FUE method by skilled hair transplant experts. This procedure is the foundation for your hair transplant and is the most efficient way to harvest grafts.


Your donor area is preserved by the exact method. This is so that each transplant can be extracted individually during a follicular unit extraction.


The skilled hair transplant team uses the FUE technique to harvest your grafts. This procedure is the foundation for your hair transplant and is the most efficient way to do it. The technique is excellent for preserving and strengthening your donor area.


Also, this allows transplant experts to extract each transplant individually during a follicular unit extraction. This contrasts with the traditional FUT technique, which removes full strips of skin.


  • Step 3: Transplantation with Sapphire Technique

Sapphire hair transplant differs from previous techniques using steel blades to open microchannels with a fine sapphire blade before your grafts are implanted.


The grafts’ angle may be controlled, and their development path can appear natural, thanks to the V-shaped holes. The hair canals are close together after the sapphire procedure. This assures remarkable precision and results in a recipient site density of 125 grafts per cm2.

Who Can Have Sapphire Hair Transplant?

The range of candidates for Sapphire hair transplant doesn’t have method-specific distinction. If selected by all candidates (who are qualified for hair transplantation), the Sapphire hair transplant procedure may be used.


However, there are several limitations on who can undergo hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is a therapy option for patients between 18 and 80. Though the hair transplant option is for men ages 18 and 80, the general health of a person undergoing the treatment plays an important role.


The patient’s general health should be sufficient for hair transplantation to perform the procedure. For instance, if a person has chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension, the diseases must be controlled to carry out the procedure.

Things You Should Consider before Sapphire Hair Transplantation

During the treatment planning stage, your surgeon, who will conduct the surgery, will discuss in detail transplant requirements and what you should consider before a sapphire hair transplant. This procedure aims to reduce the risk of medical complications during the procedure.


Avoiding alcohol and smoking is the most crucial thing patients should remember before having a Sapphire hair transplant. Continued use of alcohol and cigarettes shortens the healing process and could harm the grafts.


You should also be cautious about using drugs that thin blood before the procedure. Avoid ingesting herbal supplements like green tea, which has a blood-thinning effect, as it raises the chance of bleeding during the operation.


In addition to that, you need to ensure that your hair is not cosmetically treated before Sapphire hair transplant treatment.



How many grafts are used in sapphire hair transplantation?

In a single session of the FUE Sapphire technique, more than 4,000 grafts can be transplanted. This method provides a larger coverage area compared to other FUE/DHI hair transplant techniques in Dubai. The results appear more rapidly and look natural, offering an enhanced aesthetic advantage due to the improved angle of follicle transplantation.

Is sapphire fue better than classic fue?

Conventional FUE methods employ steel blades that tend to become blunt over time, reducing their efficiency and increasing the risk of tissue damage. In contrast, the FUE Sapphire technique utilizes Sapphire-tipped pens, minimizing tissue damage. Additionally, custom Sapphire blades are tailored to match the patient’s hair follicles and skin type, resulting in reduced scarring and significantly decreased patient discomfort. For a comprehensive explanation, schedule a free consultation with a doctor at Bizrahmed, Dubai.

Is sapphire fue better than dhi?

The DHI hair transplant method typically allows for the transplantation of 1500-3500 grafts per session. In the FUE Sapphire Technique, approximately 5000-6000 grafts can be transplanted per session, making it suitable for covering large areas. Sapphire Pen Hair Transplant covers extensive areas in less time, thanks to the use of sapphire blades. Moreover, the FUE Sapphire technique is more cost-effective than DHI, contributing to its growing popularity.

What is a Sapphire hair transplant?

Sapphire hair transplantation is an advanced hair restoration technique that uses a special surgical blade made of synthetic sapphire to create microchannels for transplanting hair follicles. This technique offers precise, natural-looking results.

How is the cost of a Sapphire Pen Technique hair transplant in Dubai determined?

The cost of a Sapphire Pen Technique hair transplant in Dubai is influenced by several key factors. The extent of hair damage plays a significant role, as patients with extensive hair loss may require more grafts and transplants over a larger area, impacting the overall cost. Additionally, the inclusion of procedures like eyebrow, mustache, and beard transplants, in addition to scalp hair, contributes to cost variations. Surgeon expertise is also a crucial factor, as experienced surgeons who specialize in the FUE Sapphire Technique and have a successful track record may command higher fees, justified by their ability to deliver superior results. In this context, Bizrahmed stands out as an ideal clinic for FUE Sapphire hair transplants in Dubai, offering both expertise and a history of successful outcomes.

How long does the procedure take?

The duration of a Sapphire hair transplant may vary depending on various factors, including the total number of grafts required and the size of the transplantation area. Using the Sapphire FUE procedure, up to 4000 grafts can be transplanted in one session. In general, the transplantation may take 6 to 8 hours to complete and is performed in a single session.

Is a Sapphire hair transplant painful?

The Sapphire hair transplant procedure is performed under local anesthesia, ensuring that you won’t feel any pain during the surgery. Some discomfort or mild pain may be experienced during the recovery period.

What's the recovery time?

Most of the patients can return to their routine activities within a few days. However, complete recovery may take a few weeks, with hair regrowth becoming noticeable after several months.

Am I a suitable candidate for Sapphire Hair Transplant?

Sapphire hair transplantation is suitable for both men and women between the ages of 18 and 80. Your overall health and specific conditions play a role in determining your candidacy.

Are the results permanent?

Yes, the results of a Sapphire hair transplant are permanent. The transplanted hair typically continues to grow for a lifetime.

How do I maintain the results?

Regular hair care and maintenance, such as using suitable hair products and avoiding exposure to excessive sun, will help maintain the results of your Sapphire Hair Transplant.

Is there a risk of scarring?

Sapphire hair transplants minimize the risk of scarring due to the precision of the procedure. Any scarring that does occur is often virtually undetectable.

Is Sapphire Hair Transplant covered by insurance?

Hair transplant procedures are typically considered cosmetic, so they are not covered by insurance. Patients should inquire about financing options with their chosen practitioner.

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