Problems with men’s health can be attributed to age, lifestyle, pre-existing issues, and secondary issues. Some of these problems are minor and easy to control with minor lifestyle changes. However, some problems like Peyronie, Erectile dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, and sexually transmitted diseases like Gonorrhea and Syphilis need medical attention. In addition, they tend to leave residual scars, even after the treatment. They produce mild to moderate symptoms and can be easily managed with timely counselling and medications. However, cases like Penile Cancer and ParaPhimosis require immediate medical attention, including surgical intervention.


With growing age, it becomes imperative to take care of men’s overall health, which includes sexual health as well. Often, most men ignore the early signs of discomfort, leading to more significant challenges with time. Even if you maintain a healthy life, men ignore the early signs of discomfort, leading to more significant challenges with time even if you maintain a healthy life health clinic in Dubai if you are based in UAE.


You will start to feel pain and discomfort in the genital area, an abnormal discharge, or a problematic ejaculation that will negatively impact your sex life. You need to evaluate your condition with a good specialist in such cases. When left untreated, these problems may gradually progress into infertility, negatively impacting your personal life. Therefore, it’s better to avoid the stigma of infertility by going for a men’s wellness checkup at the earliest.


A frequent urge to urinate, burning sensation or pain while urinating, difficulty in urination, weak urine flow or leakage of urine, and pus or blood in the urine or cloudy urine are signs that you need an urgent consultation with a urologist. In addition, genital issues like a lump anywhere in the genital area, a decrease in sexual desire, or sexual performance with erectile dysfunction indicate that you must visit a men’s health clinic in Dubai as soon as possible.

It is not just in the genital area that you can find these symptoms. You may experience early signs of discomfort through recurrent respiratory tract problems and loss of body hair. And even without any symptoms, growing age is sufficient to consult a clinic offering men’s sexual healthcare in Dubai as soon as possible.


Problematic ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, with problems with urination concerning frequency, urgency, or straining also raise the alarm. These may lead to hormonal deficiencies and cause immense mental stress. For dealing with sexual trauma along with surgical procedures like vasectomies and circumcision, you need an Andrologist. Even if there are no symptoms or body complaints, a general consultation with an Andrologist yearly after 16 is advisable.

Whether you need to see an Andrologist or a Urologist, Bizrahmed could be your ideal bet. It is the best Andrology & Urology clinic in Dubai that offers quality health service to its patients.


The treatment plan for sexual problems depends on the cause of their severity to a great extent. Often medications and psychological counselling solve a number of these problems. A urologist or an andrologist can provide effective treatment options for these problems. They can also offer effective counselling about the risk factors to prevent the future recurrence of the symptoms. All sexual problems can be treated effectively when diagnosed and treated efficiently. But some problems require surgical intervention for effective treatment and subsequent follow-ups to manage the problem.


Along with the treatment, a lifestyle change, like forgoing smoking and alcohol consumption and adopting healthy ways of living, can take care of the problem to a great extent. Injections used for hormonal replacement therapies are another way of effectively treating sexual problems. Lastly, by going for the ideal treatment and sincerely following your doctor’s advice, you can get your sexual health back on track.


The diagnosis involves thoroughly screening your body, including collecting details of your disorder, degree of severity, associated symptoms, and current sexual health status. It would be best to cooperate with the practitioner during this to evaluate your symptoms properly. Blood tests for evaluating hypertension, diabetes, thyroid, and other hormonal dysfunctions are essential in diagnosing and treating the underlying issues. Additionally, blood tests provide crucial information regarding your kidney and liver’s well-being, discrepancies that can play a significant role in genitourinary problems. Ultrasounds are often helpful in detecting penile dysfunctions when all other tests prove inconclusive. A Penile Doppler study can provide information about the blood flow to the penis and its pressure conditions to assess erection dysfunction. These diagnostic tests are helpful in the timely diagnosis and subsequent management of the problem.



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