What is Congenital Penile Curvature Treatment

Congenital penile curvature (penis curvature from birth), or chordee, is a congenital process associated with hypospadias and is apparent by a curvature of the erect penis. The curvature of the penis is usually only noticed during erection when the erect penis bends up, down, or to the side because one side of the penis is more elastic or more significant than the other. This condition may be painful or cause brutal sex for the patient or his partnerThe treatment for congenital penile curvature is readily available in hospitals and clinics near your place. Bizrahmed is among the pioneering clinics focusing on Men’s health treatment in Dubai.

Congenital Penile Curvature Symptoms

Patients with this condition are described to have a curved penis during an erection. It is usually first recognized during puberty or early adulthood.

congenital penile curvature Causes

Although the actual cause of penile curvature is unclear, urologists in our clinic Bizrahmed believe it is related to the unequal growth of erectile chambers on both sides of the penis. In most cases, men suffering from this condition are usually born with it.

Penile Curvature Diagnosis

The doctor will take your sexual and medical history, which will be enough to diagnose penile congenital curvature. More insights would be gained when the doctor examines you while your penis will erect. Vasoactive drugs will help you facilitate the erection for examination.


Urologists usually diagnose penile curvature after injecting a drug into your penis to make it stiff. The curvature can point in any direction, but the most common bend is downward. This makes it hard to penetrate during sexual intercourse. In the case of severe bending, this condition can cause pain and difficulties for the affected individual and their partner, leading to unsatisfactory intercourse.


Men with this condition may also feel embarrassed due to the abnormal appearance of their penis, which can lead to high levels of stress. But penile curvature treatment can erase their embarrassment. Urologists recommend surgical correction for all patients with penile curvature more significant than 20 degrees. An experienced urologist can correct the curvature by bending the shorter side of the penis.


Visiting our clinic at Bizrahmed for a check-up will help you early diagnose the disease.

Surgical Cases of Congenital Penile Curvature

Currently, all available treatments are surgical. No non-surgical treatment, including oral medications, injections or topical therapy, has been used to correct congenital penile curvature. External penile traction therapy has been used successfully in some cases.


Various surgical procedures have been used, but all essentially work on shortening the convex side to equal the concave aspect. The initial manoeuvres are similar, usually by making a degloving circumferential incision proximal to the head of the penis.


  1. Nesbit procedure
  2. Yachia procedure
  3. Essed-Schroeder procedure
  4. 16 dot procedure
  5. Tunica albuginea plication (TAP) procedure

All these procedures have a low risk of penile shortening, chronic postoperative pain, infection, bleeding, change in penile sensation, and erectile dysfunction. The primary advantage is that it can be done quickly, as an outpatient, with minimal blood loss and a high rate of penile straightening with a low rate of new erectile dysfunction.




What is Congenital curvature?

Congenital curvature means penis abnormality at birth, some parents notice this early while diapering, or sometimes people come to know this, by themselves when they reach puberty.

How is penile curvature treated?

Congenital penile curvature treatment is small and can be treated with a penile injection. Platelet-rich plasma injection can correct for curvatures less than 20 degrees. PRP is obtained from the patient and injected back into the penis to help tissue growth in the smaller erectile chamber.

Is it normal to have a curved penis?

Yes, it is normal to have a curved penis while erection, or if you have faced difficulties while having sex or if your penis is bent more significantly then, you need to see a doctor.

How do you fix congenital penile curvature?

Congenital penile curvature can be fixed in an outpatient setting. Doctors perform surgery exposing to match both the sides, which results in a straightened erection.

What causes Penile Congenital Curvature?

The exact cause of penile congenital curvature is unknown, but it is related to unequal growth of sides or chambers of the penis. It can be by birth, genetic problem, and maybe results of repeated penile injuries.

Is Congenital Penile Curvature treatment available in Dubai?

The clinics in Dubai like Bizrahmed who are more specialized in andrology treatments in Dubai has been helping thousands of men like you to cure congenital penile curvature. Feel free to book your appointment with an expert andrology surgeon at Bizrahmed, Dubai.

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