What is Male Circumcision

Circumcision is the surgical removal of the skin present at the tip of the penis. This is a standard procedure in most countries, including the UAE and the United States. Most people circumcise their newborns as a religious ritual. Meanwhile, some people do it for personal hygiene and preventive health care.


Patients go for circumcision in Dubai to remove the skin covering from the tip of the penis through a surgical procedure. It is widespread in many parts of the world, especially in newborn boys. It is part of religious ceremonies in certain parts of the world. For some, circumcision can seem disfiguring and unnecessary, but it can be a matter of preventive health care and personal hygiene. This procedure after the newborn phase is possible, but it can be complex in adulthood. But all complexities can be dealt with efficiently before going for a Circumcision in Dubai; talk to your doctor first.

Male Circumcision treatment Benefits

While many people worldwide consider circumcision a tradition, some studies show that circumcision can be highly beneficial for a male individual.

Reduce Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) Among Young Boys And Men
Studies show that boys with a circumcised penis have significantly fewer bacteria around their penis than uncircumcised ones. These bacteria will most likely cause infection by travelling inside the urinary tract. Some studies also show a 1/3rd decrease in UTIs in circumcised boys.

Reduce Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) In Men
Several studies conclude that uncircumcised men are more prone to STDs like gonorrhoea, syphilis, chlamydia, and other infection types. Lack of circumcision can increase the chance of gonorrhoea by 30 percent, while syphilis and chlamydia require more research.

Prevents Penile Cancer
Studies show lower cancer rates among circumcised men than uncircumcised men. Therefore, most professionals suggest uncircumcised men practice good hygiene. They need to clean the entire penis after retracting their foreskin back. Patients with phimosis find it challenging to clean their penis entirely. This is where Male Circumcision with Bizrahmed in Dubai can help you.

Circumcision and HIV

World Health Organization (WHO) claims that circumcision can reduce contracting HIV during vaginal sex by 60; however, they consider this protection partial and highly recommend using condoms for complete protection. The foreskin of a penis may split or rupture during intercourse, leading pathogens to enter the body. Moreover, space between the penis and the foreskin can give enough room for the virus to survive.


Most cases of HIV-positive men have contracted the infection through the penis. So, they doubt whether it’s better to go for Circumcision in Dubai. But you must know the truth. HIV receptors are located in the inner surface of the foreskin at the Langerhans cells. These cells are most likely the primary point where the virus enters the uncircumcised penis. Substantial epidemiological evidence proves that circumcised men are less prone to HIV infection than uncircumcised men. Hence, male Circumcision in Dubai should be additional protection against the virus.

Circumcision Surgery Procedure

If you are going for a Circumcision in Dubai, it’s normal for you to get worried. However, most cases of Circumcision in Dubai are painless, and patients feel normal pain. The foreskin and the penis are cleaned well during the procedure. Then the foreskin is removed from the penis. There will be discomfort during the procedure, whether you go for Circumcision in Dubai or any part of the world. Hence, always discuss using the right pain management system with your doctors. This will help to cope with the pain during and several hours after the procedure.


Before the procedure, an injectible anaesthetic or a topical numbing cream can be used on the penis to ease the pain. Acetaminophen and anaesthetic are given together for better and long-term pain management. Depending on the situation’s complexity, the pain management procedure under Circumcision in Dubai can differ.


The most advanced male circumcision in Dubai is conducted with Alisklamp. Alisklamp is a revolutionary circumcision technique that offers a safe and straightforward process within a short duration. It comes with two parts- a plastic tube and a plastic clamp.

Male Circumcision procedure

• The surgeon will first clean the area and administer local anaesthesia

• The plastic tube part of Alislamp is placed over the head of the penis to secure it

• The extra foreskin is gently pulled out over the tube

• Then, the doctor applies the plastic clamp on the plastic tube over the foreskin

• circularly move the clamp to cut off the foreskin.

The process is entirely safe and painless as the clamp restricts the nerve supply, making the area completely numb to any pain. The process of male circumcision with any good doctor in Dubai is safe and helps you keep the bleeding to a minimum, followed by a speedy recovery.



Male Circumcision treatment recovery

Patients might experience pain and discomfort for a few weeks after circumcision in Dubai. Since it is a minor operation, the pain will only be mild, which can quickly be subsided with painkillers. Here are some recommendations for alleviating your recovery process:


  1. Drink plenty of fluid to dilute the acidic contents in your urine
  2. Avoid physical activities until said by your doctor
  3. Only use medications as prescribed by your doctor. Using non-prescribed medications can interfere with the healing process.
  4. Empty your bladder before going to bed
  5. Sleep in a fetal position
  6. Sleep on your sides, not on your back

It’s never too late to go for a circumcision surgery in Dubai. Start early to rejuvenate your masculinity to the fullest.



Is circumcision mandatory for every male individual?

Aside from health benefits and cultural reasons, there are some physical or health conditions under which it becomes mandatory for an individual to undergo circumcision surgery.



Phimosis is a condition where a person cannot pull back the foreskin behind the tip of his penis. Tightness around the foreskin can also happen due to inflammation, infection, or scarring. The severity of the condition lies in the tightness of the foreskin. Cases of Minor phimosis can are treatable with topical corticosteroids, but some conditions require male circumcision in best health facilities of Dubai to ensure 100% success.



Paraphimosis is a condition when an individual can pull his foreskin behind the tip of the penis but cannot return it to its original position. It puts the foreskin in trauma, leading to swelling in the penis, fluid buildup, and pain. It is a medical emergency that requires immediate attention. The primary concern is to reduce the swelling following a circumcision surgery at one of the best clinics in Dubai once the swelling comes down.


Balantitis, Posthitis, and Balanoposthitis

Balanitis happens when the glans penis (head of the penis) becomes inflamed or swollen due to STI, irritation, or skin condition. Posthitis is a condition when the foreskin (prepuce) becomes inflamed. Balanoposthitis is an inflammation that affects both the head and foreskin of the penis. Male circumcision can help patients to prevent these conditions mentioned above.


Warts and lesions on the foreskin

The foreskin of a penis can be a breeding ground for germs, but somethings can also lead to the formation of viral warts, cancerous and non-cancerous lesions.

Myths about circumcision?

Many myths are circulating about circumcision, which may be making people scared of this process. There is no doubt that patients can feel mild discomfort after this surgery, but that happens with all surgeries. One cannot expect to bounce back all of a sudden. However, these myths mentioned below are far away from the truth.


  1. Circumcision can decrease your sexual pleasure

No, there are no studies available to back this claim


  1. Circumcision will shorten your penis 

No. In actuality, it can help you add length. Phimosis can hinder the growth of the glans penis (the head). After circumcision, patients have seen a visible change in their glans penis.


  1. Circumcision leaves permanent scars

There are rare cases where patients might experience some scar around their penis. However, the advanced Alisklamp circumcision procedure in Dubai is extremely safe, and it hardly leaves any noticeable scar.


4.  Circumcision during adulthood is more painful

It is not true as the usage of anesthesia will make it both painless and safe. Just choose a good clinic for your Circumcision in Dubai.


5. The long and difficult recovery period

The healing time is typically 3-4 weeks. However, you can get to work within three days of the surgery.


6. General anesthesia is needed for adult circumcision

Local anesthesia is successfully used, which are lower in cost and have fewer risks for the patient.


7. Adult circumcision is costly

The cost of Circumcision in Dubai will vary depending on the place and the specialist.


8. Issues with infant circumcision are irreparable after adulthood

Circumcision revisions are very common and can be done efficiently.


9. Circumcision can decrease sexual enjoyment and sensation

Many studies have shown increased sexual enjoyment due to enhanced ejaculatory function, sex drive and favourable response about appearance.

What happens after a circumcision procedure?

Now that we have addressed the various myths about circumcision hope you are feeling better now. Lets, talk about the real thing. All kinds of surgery come with a certain degree of discomfort and risks. However, there is nothing to worry about. Doctors can prescribe pain medications and antibiotics to stop the pain and possible side effects.


Some discomforts associated with circumcision:


  • Some noticeable swelling in the penis for a few days
  • Some mild sensitivity on the penis head for up to two weeks
  • Permanent or temporary change in sensation on penis head, but it doesn’t affect sexual pleasure
How does Circumcision help?

People opt for circumcision in Dubai because it helps in many ways, starting from sexual to hygiene. But surgery is not the only method of Circumcision in Dubai. It doesn’t have any sufficient effect to curb the risks of certain diseases and infections solely on its own. It also doesn’t affect overall sexual health. However, the major difference is the hygienic benefits. You can wash under the foreskin regularly and reduce the risks of infection and many other conditions. However, to reduce the risk of STIs, it is important to use precautions like condoms, regardless of circumcision. All doctors will advise you on the same when you go through preliminary screening for Circumcision in Dubai.

What are the benefits of circumcision?

There are several health benefits of Circumcision in Dubai:


Reduced risk of penile cancer- Cancer in the Penis is rare, but it barely occurs in the case of circumcised men. The cases of cervical cancer are also less prominent in women with circumcised male sexual partners.


Reduced urinary tract infections- The issue of Urinary tract infection is very low in males but still a concern. However, these risks are very rare or any in the case of circumcised males. Untreated infections can lead to severe kidney damage in the future.


Prevention of problems with a penis- Phimosis is when the foreskin occasionally becomes impossible or difficult to retract on an uncircumcised penis. This can eventually lead to excess inflammation on the head of the penis or the foreskin. Circumcision can eventually prevent both phimosis and paraphimosis (the foreskin cannot return to the original location). If you’re going through the same condition, it’s better to discuss with the doctor while consulting for Circumcision in Dubai.


Decreased risk of STD (sexually transmitted diseases) – Circumcised men might be at a lower risk of certain sexually transmitted infections. This also says true for HIV, but safe sexual practices should always be maintained. This is one of the common advice doctors give you post your Circumcision in Dubai.


Hygienic reasons- It becomes easy to maintain hygienic practices like washing private parts properly. However, males with an uncircumcised penis can learn to wash beneath the foreskin for regular cleaning.

Why is it important to circumcise

Circumcision in Dubai is a cultural ritual and a rite of passage for attaining “manhood” in many countries. But sometimes, there can be medical needs for Circumcision in Dubai. One of the cases is when the foreskin over the glans is too tight to be retracted (pulled back). It is recommended for men and young adults, especially to avoid the contraction of certain sexually transmitted infections in certain cases. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) supports the claims of benefits outweighing risks for circumcision. But it doesn’t encourage the routine and compulsory Circumcision in Dubai of male newborns. The decision is purely left up to the parents, and anesthetics for infants who have the procedure are encouraged.

What happens after a circumcision procedure?

After you go through Circumcision in Dubai, it is important to care for the penis. The cleaning is simple; just wash the area with warm water and handle it gently. You have to use the diaper so, clean the area each time you change the diaper. After washing dry the area, use an antibiotic ointment and put on a new bandage. It should take a week to heal, at least. Consider it normal if you get a little swelling, redness and occasional bleeding. However, if these issues persist for days, it is better to check with your doctor for Circumcision in Dubai. There can be some underlying problem like infection. If the circumcision is done on a baby, then talks to the doctor if the baby hasn’t urinated within 12 hours or has a fever.

Does circumcision affect length?

This is one of the common doubts amongst patient going for Circumcision in Dubai. The truth is that it doesn’t affect the length of the penis, but removing the foreskin can make it look visibly smaller. However, in some instances, people have complained about the shortening of the erectile length.

Do circumcised guys last longer?

Men whom we consulted after Circumcision in Dubai have reported taking a longer time to ejaculate. It should eventually prolong the erection, but no evidence shows circumcision improves a male’s sexual drive.

Does circumcision decrease size?

The size of the penis depends mainly on the genes. Your genetic constitution will determine the physical expression or phenotype of the penis. The size also depends on the blood flow to the penile tissues. Hence, the removal of the foreskin or Circumcision in Dubai will not affect the size of the penis. However, the removal of the foreskin can make the penis look less bulky when it’s flaccid.

Does circumcision make you taller?

Your height depends on several factors, primarily your genes and growth hormones. A Circumcision in Dubai cannot help you become taller. It is just a procedure that removes the foreskin from the penis. Don’t believe in such rumours, instead ask doctors regarding this when you visit them for Circumcision in Dubai- they will tell you the same thing.

Can you get circumcised as an adult?

Most cases of Circumcision in Dubai are seen in the case of newborn babies. It is easy and simple during childhood. Adult circumcision is simple but comparatively a larger procedure than infants. You can get circumcised as an adult for medical reasons as well as by choice. However, irrespective of your age, you can go for Circumcision in Dubai.

Does circumcision improve performance?

Adult circumcision can decrease the sensitivity in the penis. This, in turn, can delay ejaculation. It is considered an advantage during sexual intercourse rather than a complication. However, the cases may differ based on various medical reasons. The patients are advised to ask the doctors during their initial screen for Circumcision in Dubai.

How long it takes to heal from circumcision

In the immediate hours and even a few days after the surgery of Circumcision in Dubai, the area around the penis will be swollen and bruised. This is normal, and to soothe the area apply an ice pack at an interval of two hours for at least 10-20 minutes. Ensure there is a thin fabric between the skin and the ice. Generally, recovery from a typical Circumcision in Dubai takes up to two to three weeks. But normal activities have to be restrained for longer.

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