P-Shot Treatment

Experience enhanced sensation and performance with p-shot treatment in Dubai.

What is P-Shot treatment?

The Priapus Shot, or PShot, is a natural non-surgical and painless procedure. It involves taking platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from your blood and inoculating it into your penis. Inoculating your cells and tissues into your penile tissues helps to promote tissue growth and supposedly gives you better erections.

The P-Shot Treatment in Dubai is established on PRP therapy, and it has been used as an alternative treatment in cases including:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Lichen Sclerosis
  • To treat a condition where scar tissue makes the penis curve when erect.
  • Penis enhancement
  • General sexual function, performance, and orgasm enhancement.

of Our P-Shot Treatment in Dubai

Although experiences vary, many men report benefits from our P-shot treatment in Dubai that include:

  • Stronger erections (Patients report they ‘last longer, sometimes saying they can go all night).
  • Enlargement of the penis, with reported increases of up to 20%.
  • Improved circulation within the penis, means a healthier organ.
  • Increased pleasure and sensation.
  • Straightening of the penis.
  • Enhanced efficacy of other treatments.

How does P-Shot treatment work

A small amount of your blood is processed in a centrifuge to create a concentration of your platelets, which contain proteins called growth factors suspended in plasma. This platelet-rich plasma is then injected into the penile tissue. The result is an increased number of new blood vessels and improved circulation, meaning stronger erections, heightened sensation and pleasure, plus enhanced sexual performance. Some men have reported positive results in the girth and length of their penis.

P-Shot Treatment
at Bizrahmed

Without a doubt, P-shot or Priapus shot therapy is one of the most effective therapies to enhance sexual performance and wellness. We at Bizrahmed take pride in providing P Shot treatment in Dubai that is safe and can be tried without you worrying about its side effects. The procedure is safe as it is non-surgical and involves harvesting Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) from your blood, which is then re-injected into the body to help regenerate, repair, and rejuvenate the penis.


We provide P-Shot treatment in Dubai that is guaranteed to work for those suffering from penile erection problems. Erectile dysfunction can be a nightmare-like situation for men. We understand the severity of the situation and realize how stressful it can be for the couple. Our experts are dedicated to working on solutions to help patients recover from their problems and enjoy better sexual health. With the P-Shot treatment in Dubai, the patient immediately notices considerable improvements. The procedure takes little time, with minimal discomfort.


With a highly specialized team of P-shot experts, we assure you of administering the treatment in complete privacy. We take a holistic, patient-focused approach to diagnosing and treating sexual health issues so you can be assured of utmost comfort throughout the process. So if you are looking for a sexual health clinic that can diagnose and treat your problems using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment, then Bizrahmed is just where you should be.



P-Shot treatment Results

Some of the prominent results patients have experienced after having the P-Shot treatment in Dubai include the following:


  • Enlarged penis in both terms of girth and length.
  • Stronger erections than before.
  • A decrease in the effects of curved erection.
  • Increased blood circulation in the penile cells and tissues.
  • Improved sensitivity and overall enjoyment of sexual intercourse.

P-Shot Procedure Preparations

P-shot treatment in Dubai does not require anything specific to prepare for the procedure. You may be asked to get a physical or a complete set of laboratory blood tests to check the overall health of the Penis. These blood tests are necessary to ensure that you have healthy blood, plasma, and platelets.


The Procedure
The P-Shot is an outpatient procedure so that you can go home later that day. The steps included in this procedure are:


  1. Apply a cream or ointment to numb the genital and surrounding areas.
  2. Take a blood sample into a testing tube, usually from your arm.
  3. Then the testing tube is placed in a centrifuge to disperse the components of blood and segregate the platelet-rich plasma (PRP).
  4. Remove PRP from the testing tube fluid and put them into two syringes for injection.
  5. Inject PRP into the penile shaft. This can be completed in a few minutes with about 4 to 5 injections.
  6. In the end, your doctor will give you a penis pump. This will help draw the blood into the penis and ensure the PRP works as anticipated. You may be asked to repeat this activity daily for 10 minutes over a few weeks.



Does P-Shot increase the size?

Results vary widely regarding gaining length or girth with the P-shot treatment in Dubai. Some men experience up to 1.3 inches of length and 1.1 inches of girth, but some may not experience any size changes. About 40% of men experience 20% of growth. So the size enhancement is based on your initial size before treatment.

What is P-Shot Treatment in Dubai?

The P-Shot treatment in Dubai is a groundbreaking approach to rejuvenating and improving erectile function using natural growth factors in your blood.

Is P-Shot treatment in Dubai worth it?

The P-Shot treatment in Dubai works well for men who cannot reach or maintain an erection, who have lost sensation in their penis, and who have decreased sexual drive. Not only does it restore sexual function, but the P-Shot also increases penis length and girth for men who may want their penis to be more significant.

Is P-Shot painful?

Since numbing cream is applied topically before any injections are done and the nerve block is done with a very tiny needle after numbing cream, most patients report minimal to no pain during the P-Shot treatment in Dubai.

What are the effects of P-Shot treatment in Dubai?

Effects of P-shot treatment in Dubai include:


  • Stronger, firmer erections.
  • Easier to achieve and maintain erections (i.e., improved sexual stamina)
  • Increased penile length and girth.
  • Improvement in or the resolution of penile curvature from Peyronie’s Disease.
  • Resolution of penile pain with erection.
What should you expect after the P-Shot treatment in Dubai?

Nobody promises that you will achieve 100% full power of an erection. However, for sure, the erection power will be better than the current situation after Priapus Shot.

How often should you have P-Shots to improve erectile dysfunction?

P-Shot treatment in Dubai is one-session therapy. However, there is no medical or technical limitation to having therapy multiple sessions. If you are willing to have more therapy arbitrarily, you may have it once a year.

What is the P-Shot Cost in Dubai?

A lot of men are concerned about the P-shot cost in Dubai. However, you must understand that the cost is not that expensive compared to its results. Instead of looking at price, you need to look at the overall advantage of the P-shot. The p-shot cost in Dubai is considerably lower than ED surgery. P-Shot is the only non-surgical method to increase penis size, and its effects last for a year or more, making it cost-effective compared to male enhancement surgery.

Is P-Shot the next generation of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment?

According to most men, their most important organ is the penis. The proper functioning of the penis has a significant role in their sexual life. However, concerns about penis size, and erection issues, including difficulty in achieving or maintaining, become a nightmare for any man. Erectile dysfunction problems affect men’s self-esteem and lead to severe emotional depression.


From adolescence to andropause at any age, a man may experience sexual dysfunction from various causes. Men’s most common sexual dysfunction is erection failure or disability to maintain the erection and penis size.


Decreased testosterone levels, alcohol consumption, diabetes, some medicines such as antidepressants, and psychological status may cause erectile dysfunction. Now, with the P-Shot treatment in Dubai, men have new hopes of resolving their sexual issues. Priapus Shot is a kind of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injection to the penis.

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