Enhancing Male Wellness With Penile Implant in Dubai.

How Do We Perform Penile Implants in Dubai?

A penile implant is a prosthetic device inserted inside the Penis of men with Erection Disorder or Erectile Dysfunction (ED). It allows men to get an erection for sexual intercourse. If other treatments for Erection Disorder of the Penis, such as medication in men, fail, our doctor may recommend a penile implant as the alternate treatment. 


Most men do not want this issue to be discussed, but it is essential to resolve the case if it exists. It is pretty normal to have a penile Implant, and Bizrahmed can provide you with an erectile penile implant in Dubai.

What is Penile Implant?

In a penile implant, inflatable rods get inserted into the penis with a pump placed in the scrotum. The implant contains a saline solution, and when a man pushes the Pump into the scrotum, the solution travels to the rods positioned inside the penis and elongates them.  The erection of the penis feels natural and easily controlled, which helps erection to full length and adequately perform a sexual function.

Ideal Candidates For Penile Implant in Dubai

Men with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) of the penis qualify for the treatment of penile implants. Men who have tried other treatments but do not find any cure and face the erection of the penis during sexual intercourse can visit Bizrahmed in Dubai for treatment.

Penile Implant types

There are two major types of Penile Implant or Penile Prosthesis, which are described below:


Inflatable Implant
This kind of penile surgery includes Three-Piece Penile Implant and Two-Piece Penile Implant. In three-piece penile implants, the solution’s reservoir gets placed in the abdomen, pumped inside the scrotum, and two inflatable cylinders in the penis. The pump inside the scrotum pushes the saline fluid from the abdominal reservoir into the cylinders in the penis, forcing them to elongate. This is how the process of erection is made more comfortable with the help of surgery.


The Two-Piece Penile Implant differs from the Three-Piece Penile Implant because there is no separate reservoir; instead, the saline fluid gets placed inside the Pump in the scrotum. Two-piece surgeries are more comfortable than three pieces of a penile prosthesis.


Semi-Rigid Rods
Semi-rigid rods are primarily used in penile implant surgery because of their high success rate. A positional implant has a series of segments with a spring on both ends. During sexual intercourse, the rods cause a little trouble in penis adjustment. Sometimes men feel uncomfortable due to their rigid nature. Moreover, it is difficult to hide under clothing.

Penile Implant Surgery Procedure

First of all, our doctors give you medication to make you unconscious. It can either be achieved by general anaesthesia or spinal anaesthesia. Penile Implant surgery involves removing urine from the urinary bladder by catheter (a tube).

At the lower end of the Penis, the surgeon will make an incision carefully. The surgeon will insert two cylinders in a hollow chamber called corpora cavernosa, and the pump will be placed inside the scrotum. The size of the cylinder is customised precisely according to your body measurement.

If it is three pieces of penile implant, a reservoir will be placed in your abdominal region. Furthermore, the surgeon will do the stitches – that’s how your penile implant gets done. The whole process takes one hour or even less time. Stitches will be removed in 2 weeks, and then after four to six weeks, your penis will recover to performing its normal functions.

Surgery will only take a maximum of one hour. Mostly overnight stay is recommended by the doctors. You can then shift to your home and only attend regular checkups with your doctor.



Recovery After A Penile Implant Surgery

After surgery, stitches get removed within two weeks. There might be soreness in your Penis. So, for a few weeks, you should avoid having sex to prevent complications. Most men recover within four or a maximum of six weeks completely. After which, they can have normal sexual activities. But you should consult your doctor who did your penile implant surgery.

Why Bizrahmed for Penile Implant In Dubai

Following are the reasons, why you should choose Bizrahmed for penile implant in Dubai at Bizrahmed.


  • Success Rate: Bizrahmed is reliable as penile implant surgeries have a 98% success rate. Many of our customers in Dubai have achieved comfortable results and now report a very typical and natural sex life.


  • Economical: Bizrahmed provides a very economical rate for surgery to its clients in Dubai and outside Dubai. Customer satisfaction is our foremost priority.


  • Experienced surgeons: We have top surgeons in Dubai. They have done several successful surgeries without any complications. Our senior surgeons get recommended by men who already have a penile implant. They are enjoying a healthy life now.

Our Penile Implant Cost In Dubai

Our penile implant cost in Dubai depends on the type of surgery you want. Our doctor suggests it, and you can ask your doctor to estimate the total cost of the procedure, including medicines.


If you are a Dubai resident, Bizrahmed is the best economical place for you, providing the most efficient and cooperative team.



How do I know if I need the one?

If you have an insufficient erection of the Penis and facing issues in your sexual life fathering a child, you should consult a doctor for medication. Men who are not cured by medicine will need a penile implant. Bizrahmed can provide you the best checkup in Dubai and proper advice if you need a penile implant or not.

Is penile implant or Prosthesis painful?

The process of Penile implant requires an hour at Bizrahmed. Medication is used after surgery to reduce pain as it is the most sensitive area of the body. You may feel mild pain after surgery that can get treated by using the medicine. Sometimes Penis may remain sore for 3-4 days after the surgery, but it can recover by using the doctor’s medication.

There is a low risk of infection. For preventing infections just after the surgery, it is important to take medicines and have regular checkups.

How long penile implant works?

The penile implant usually lasts for at least about 15-20 years or even more.

Will my penis remain the same after the penile implant?

The shape of the Penis is not going to get altered in any way. The penis implant is not visible outside. There will only be a mark on your Penis because an incision gets made during the surgery. Your partner might not feel that you have had a penile implant. It will feel more natural if you choose to have an inflated Penile Implant rather than a semi-rigid type. Many men in Dubai are enjoying a very healthy sex life after having their surgery at Bizrahmed.

What is the best penile implant type?

The Penile Implant in Dubai is the inflated type. It uses fluid to erect Penis. When the liquid gets removed from cylinders in the Penis, it goes back to its normal position. It feels more natural compared to the semi-rigid, which maintains its solid structure.

But it depends on your lifestyle. Many men are satisfied with a semi-rigid type of implant. They are comfortable, but some feel constant pressure on Penis and do not feel it natural.

Will penile implant surgery be safe for me?

Penile Implant Surgery will be safe for you. In the present day, it is a valuable and useful solution to erectile dysfunction of Penis. Experienced urologist doctors will be available in Dubai at Bizrahmed for your complete check up even after the surgery.

Does Prosthesis affect sex in anyway?

Sex remains unaffected with Prosthesis. Once you get done with four to six weeks of careful treatment of the Penile Implant, you can have very traditional sexual intercourse with your partner. Your partner may not feel that you have had an implant. It makes sex more comfortable for people who faced the problem of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). The implant is more reliable these days, and clinical services are readily available in Bizrahmed Dubai.

Why should I choose the penile implant instead of medication?

If you were facing Erectile Dysfunction and failed to achieve a full-length erection of the Penis by using medicines, then it recommended to have a Penile Implant. Moreover, medication is not the permanent solution to Erectile Dysfunction. And taking medicines every time before having sexual intercourse is not something that you’ll like. In that case, Penile Implant is the solution. It is a natural and more acceptable treatment for Erectile Dysfunction.

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