What is Penis Pain & Rash

Penis or Penile pain is the outcome of an accidental, medical or inflammatory cause affecting the base, shaft, head or foreskin of the penis. It results in itching, burning or throbbing sensation and causes pain. It can occur due to various reasons related to hygiene, inflammatory infection, and injury. It can even happen due to cancer-related disorders in all age groups of men. Depending on the cause, your doctor will plan your penis pain treatment accordingly.

A penile rash, on the other hand, is the presence of spots or sores on the penis accompanied by intense itching, pain, tenderness, swelling and redness with blisters, scabbing and scar tissues. It can be accompanied by other flu-like symptoms like cough and fever, or it may accompany genital and urinary infections such as painful urination, ejaculation and testicular pain. In this regard, if you visit a clinic in Dubai, the doctors will run a few tests to know the cause to plan penis pain treatment.

Penis Pain & Rashes Cause

Several factors cause pain in the penis. It may occur due to Peyronie’s Disease, a condition caused by an inflammatory lymphatic system, or connective tissue disorder resulting in a bent penis. Sometimes, it can be caused by priapism, excess drugs and medication-related disorder resulting in a painful, prolonged erection. Therefore a proper diagnosis is essential to plan for penis pain treatment. Infections like Balanitis or Sexually transmitted ones like Genital Herpes, Gonorrhea or Syphilis may result in a painful penile condition.


Injury or cancer-related factors may also lead to a painful penis requiring immediate penis pain treatment. Penile rash, primarily in the penis and sometimes in the surrounding penile area, may result from a sexually transmitted infection like herpes. It may also be caused by psoriasis, dermatitis, HPV causing Flu-like symptoms, itching, and additional rashes in other body parts accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Various causes like herpes, molluscum contagiosum, genital warts, and scabies may also lead to this condition. In the worst-case scenario, conditions like allergic reactions, contact dermatitis with plants like poison ivy, irritation from chemicals like soaps, psoriasis and fungal infections like Tinea Cruris may cause penile rashes.

Penis Pain & Rashes Symptoms

Some symptoms may help you confirm whether your case requires penis pain treatment. If you start to notice penile blisters or sores on the shaft coupled with itching, burning sensation, redness or swelling, it qualifies for penis pain treatment. The urine in these conditions becomes cloudy and discoloured with occasional bleeding followed by bloody semen and abnormal discharge from the penis or the foreskin. Apart from these common symptoms, varied symptoms may vary according to the particular penile condition. For instance, balanitis, a condition causing the head of the penis to swell, will show symptoms like rashes, tenderness and swelling. Sexually transmitted diseases will be evident with painful ejaculation, lumps around the genitals, pain during sex or urination and a yellow discharge.


Similarly, urinary tract infections and prostatitis are also potential factors that could lead conditions to penis pain treatment. Patients feel the frequent urge to urinate even with an empty bladder and experience pain and a burning sensation. Penile fractures, on the other hand, often cause bruising, swelling, bleeding, pain, sudden loss of erection and pain during urination. Signs like skin colour or thickness changes, ulcers, bleeding or discharge under the foreskin, lumps under the skin, etc., indicate penile cancer and should immediately be consulted with a doctor.


The symptoms of a penile rash include blisters, burning or painful sensations during urination, redness, swelling, scabbing and scar tissue. General symptoms like fatigue, fever, sore throat, headache and other signs of bad health and flu may accompany the penile rash. Sometimes symptoms like high fever and discharge, and pus may need to be immediately evaluated by a specialist. If you ignore them, the condition may lead to penis pain treatment.

Penis Pain & Rashes Diagnosis

To correctly assess the cause of your penile pain, the doctor would go for a detailed physical examination and request details for the onset, symptoms, duration and severity of your discomfort. The examination area will include the penis and surrounding structures like the groin, testicles, and scrotum.


Additionally, imaging tests like pelvic x.ray, ultrasound, CT scan, and MRI could be suggested to detect and evaluate penile cancer timely. Doctors may also suggest a blood test to detect the infections or disorders causing the symptoms in the first place. In this regard, urine analysis and urethral swabs are standard diagnostic methods for balanitis, phimosis and cancer. These are only the tentative tests. Depending on your case, your doctor may also advise you for additional tests to decide the ideal method of penis pain treatment for your case.

Penis Pain treatment

The penis pain treatment varies depending on the medical conditions and the agent responsible for the pain. For instance, Peronei’s disease-causing curved and painful erections are treated with oral medication and radiation to break scar tissue and reduce plaque. If you have balanitis, an inflammation of the penis head, it will require topical antibiotics, antifungals, steroids and astringents to reduce the inflammation. Similarly, for priapism (a painful prolonged erection), opiates and surgical procedures are recommended that involve creating a shunt or a small hole to enable normal blood flow between the penis and the rest of the body.


Sometimes Aspiration is also a preferred mode of penis pain treatment. Sexually transmitted diseases are treated according to the type of infection and microorganisms. Bacterial STDs like Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis respond to antibiotics, whereas herpes responds to antivirals and other medicines. Antibiotics are effective for Urinary Tract infections, Urethritis and Prostatitis. But additional measures like warm compress, pain relievers and prostate massage provide symptomatic relief in prostatitis. Phimosis and ParaPhimosis (conditions of the tight foreskin) types of penis pain treatment involve the application of steroidal cream to decrease the swelling on the foreskin with painkillers for symptomatic relief. If the swelling persists, surgical methods like circumcision and shunts are advised. Penile fracture and penile cancer need urgent medical attention to fix the damage and remove the tumour.


Penile cancer needs circumcision to remove the infected foreskin, radiation therapy to remove the cancerous cells and chemotherapy to prevent cancer from spreading to other areas. Surgical procedures like penectomy (or amputation of the penis) followed by Prosthetic penile implants and Mohs surgery are the most preferred modes of penis pain treatment for the early stage of penis cancer.


Antibiotics best treat penile rashes for bacterial infections and antifungal medications for yeast and other fungal infections. Doctors may also advise you on antihistamines for treating allergies, steroid creams, and hydroquinone to reduce inflammation. Preventive measures like practising good hygiene, wearing loose underwear, avoiding harsh chemicals in the genital areas and thoroughly drying the genital area after the wash are essential to prevent these complications.




Is penile pain normal?

Penile pain can start with a mild throbbing sensation and proceed to severe unbearable pain along with redness, inflammation and bleeding with discharge. It is not normal, resulting from a variety of issues like sexually transmitted diseases to cancerous growths. Penile pain should be immediately consulted with your practitioner for early treatment of the cause.

How long do penile rashes last?

Penile rashes start as red bumps on the penile skin and are accompanied by pain and itching. They can last up to 1-2 weeks in case of rashes caused by Herpes or Yeast infection and up to 2-3 days when caused due to irritants or contact dermatitis. The swelling and the redness take a longer time to resolve. Often jock itch caused due to sweaty underwear can occur and is resolved on practising hygiene habits. However, if you continue to ignore the symptoms, it may require you to plan for a penis pain treatment under an expert.

Can a damaged penile nerve heal itself?

Often penile nerve damage caused due to accidents or wounds can heal itself without any complications if the treatment is started immediately. But long term nerve damage in chronic cases is permanent and does not resolve fast. You have to plan your penis pain treatment under an expert urologist in Dubai as soon as possible so that you can recover to the maximum.

Whom to consult for penile issues?

You need to see an expert urologist in Dubai for the treatment. But if it is a hormone-related penile issue, an endocrinologist will treat your cause. Irrespective of the case, Bizrahmad (Dubai’s most trusted Men’s clinic) could be your ideal guide.

Does insurance cover penis pain treatment in Dubai?

Some cases of penile pain treatment like congenital penis curvature and penile cancer treatment are covered by insurance companies in Dubai. Only penile injections administered by a urologist can be claimed for reimbursement. Most Dubai insurance companies also cover penis pain treatment due to sexually transmitted diseases. However, it completely depends on your Dubai insurance company and health plan policy to accept or reject the plea for reimbursement.

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