Premature Ejaculation Treatment

What is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation, also termed early ejaculation or rapid ejaculation, describes a quick orgasm with semen expulsion within a few minutes of sexual activity. Researchers have deemed the average time for ejaculation as 4-8 minutes which in case of premature ejaculation gets reduced to 15 seconds – 1 minute. For a person to be classified as suffering from premature ejaculation, he must exhibit the symptoms of ejaculation immediately after penile penetration, loss of control over ejaculation, and negative feelings and consequences like stress or marital discord leading to avoidance of sexual activity. The process of ejaculation can be divided into two parts; Emission and Expulsion, both of which are hampered during premature ejaculation. Emission is when the sperm moves from the testicles to the prostate and mixes with the seminal fluid to make semen. Expulsion occurs when the muscles at the base of the penis contract, forcing the semen out of the penis. Dysfunction in either of these processes can cause Primary Ejaculation. It is termed Lifelong Premature Ejaculation or Primary Ejaculation when it is present from puberty and Acquired Premature Ejaculation when the ejaculation is normal initially but starts getting disrupted after a certain period. Various factors like prolonged alcohol and tobacco use and physical or psychological factors may be responsible for premature ejaculation. Still, once it is evident, it can cause several complications in personal life, like relationship problems, stress, and fertility problems.

Premature Ejaculation
treatment types

Sexologists often recommend behavior techniques like focusing on other sexual plays instead of intercourse and masturbating an hour or two before intercourse to delay ejaculation. Therapy treatments like Psychokinesis, Electrostimulation of the perineal floor, and Kegel exercise have been effective treatment modalities. Additionally, Pelvic floor exercises involving tightening and relaxing pelvic floor muscles could be recommended to strengthen the muscles. Similarly, the Pause and Sneeze technique and using Condoms to decrease penis sensitivity are often helpful in delaying premature ejaculation.


Counselling with an expert urologist in Dubai can help to a great extent in the treatment of sexual dysfunction caused by psychological factors like stress and performance anxiety. When combined with medications, it can work wonders in solving the issue. It is essential to understand that premature ejaculation is a temporary problem, and the proper treatment under an expert Dubai urologist at Bizrahmed can help you overcome it easily.

Premature Ejaculation

Not just biological but several psychological and other risk factors can lead to premature ejaculation. Biological factors like abnormal hormonal levels, inflammation of the prostate or urethra, abnormal increase in the levels of neurotransmitters, and sometimes inherited traits can lead to this problem. Psychological factors like sexual abuse, poor body image, performance anxiety, stress, and sometimes guilt can cause premature ejaculation. Performance anxiety can lead to erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation in a rush to maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. Relationship problems between you and your partner with extramarital relations may contribute to the problem. Several risk factors, like lack of sexual experience or knowledge about sexual responses, fear of inducing pregnancy or contracting STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), and urologic risk factors like pelvic pain syndrome, circumcision, and varicocele, may add to the cause. Factors like Diabetes, Thyroid problems, Prostate disease, and Multiple Sclerosis must be considered along with other potential physiological risk factors.

Premature Ejaculation

When you consult a urologist in Dubai about your issue, he will start with a detailed questionnaire about the followings:


  • Duration of the problem
  • Underlying circumstances, if any
  • About its regularity
  • Frequency of sexual encounters and masturbation
  • Details of any ongoing medication

You might also be suggested to go for a physical exam or conduct blood tests from any clinic in Dubai to check your testosterone levels, thyroid, sugar levels, cholesterol and triglycerides levels for an accurate diagnosis.




Can premature ejaculation cause infertility?

It works the other way around. Premature ejaculation cannot cause infertility. But infertility issues like erectile dysfunction may lead to premature ejaculation. A proper diagnosis of your case history with an expert urologist in Dubai is essential.

What are the options for premature ejaculation treatment?

Medications, topical anaesthetics, Behavioral techniques and counselling, and specific effective home remedies can treat premature ejaculation. Your cause of dysfunction will decide your exact treatment modality.

What is the cost of premature ejaculation treatment in Dubai?

The treatment cost of premature ejaculation depends on your condition and the specific treatment plan designed for your case. During your initial consultation, it is best to ask for the total price or cost of the treatment to set your expectations right. Bizrahmed assures you only outstanding results.

How long should a man last before ejaculation?

A man typically should last for 5-7 minutes before reaching orgasm. But in cases of premature ejaculation, men experience the orgasm within 15 sec- 1 min of the intercourse, and in delayed ejaculation, it gets extended to more than 10-15 minutes.

Can you grow out of premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is a common problem and can be successfully dealt with with medications, sex therapy and behavioural counselling. But when it is a chronic case since puberty and does not respond to treatment, it most likely turns permanent, and you cannot grow out of it.

What can a urologist do for Premature ejaculation?

A urologist can evaluate the exact cause of Premature ejaculation and advise medications, therapy, and exercise or offer counselling to help you overcome it easily.

Does insurance cover the treatment for premature ejaculation?

Dubai insurance companies may partially cover the cost of the medications for your premature ejaculation treatment. But it entirely depends on the type of treatment and your health care plan to decide whether the treatment is to be covered under insurance or not.

What is retrograde ejaculation?

Retrograde ejaculation is when the ejaculate discharges into the bladder instead of the penis resulting in infertility issues. It happens due to improper functioning of the bladder muscles in cases of prostate surgery or nerve damage due to multiple sclerosis and diabetes.

What is delayed ejaculation?

Delayed ejaculation is the opposite of premature ejaculation, when ejaculation takes much longer during sexual stimulation. Factors like reactions to medications, congenital disabilities, hormonal issues or infections can cause it.

What is Anejaculation?

Anejaculation is the term for a complete inability to ejaculate. It can be a permanent defect by birth or situational due to psychological factors or stress. Timely consulting with a urologist can help deal with this condition.

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