Varicocele refers to the abnormal diffusion of the veins that causes testicles to drain. Varicocele affects the quantity and quality of sperm production in men. Veins present inside the scrotum of the male reproductive tract are enlarged. Moreover, it is associated with increased temperature in the testicles. It is also the reason for pain and irritation in the scrotum. Sperm count and function can get improved via the surgical treatment of Varicocele.


This issue mainly arises during puberty (age of about 15-25 years) and leads to reduced growth of testicles. Varicocele looks like the varicose veins.

What is Varicocele treatment?

Varicocele refers to the enlargement of veins inside the scrotum, which holds the testis. The medical terminology used for these veins is Pampiniform Plexus. The network of loose veins in the scrotum is responsible for transporting blood to the reproductive organs. The pampiniform plexus cools the blood to 34.5 degrees Celsius before it reaches the testis, which is the optimum temperature for sperm production.


Improper functioning of the valves of veins leads to developing a Varicocele. Blood may not pass properly, and veins get swollen, further blocking blood flow. This affects the cooling system to get supplied to the testis for sperm production. And this is how infertility arises due to Varicocele. The problem can be resolved by varicocele treatment surgery in Dubai. A highly experienced team of specialists is available for Varicocele Treatment Surgery at Bizrahmed Dubai.


It is more common on the left side of the scrotum and affects the growth of the left testicle. The swollen veins reduce the size of the left testicle, affecting sperm production.

treatment types

Varicocele gets treated in different ways. Primary treatments available in Dubai are:


It is a complicated surgical procedure in which the scrotum gets accessed through an incision in the abdomen, thigh, or pelvic region. The swollen or damaged veins are tied off, and blood flow gets routed towards the healthier veins. At Bizrahmed, we use high-quality microscopes and ultrasounds for varicocele treatment surgery. Mild pain after surgery is normal and will be treated with prescribed painkillers.

Varicocele Immobilization

Varicocele treatment through immobilization is also beneficial. A catheter gets inserted into your body through openings (neck or groin). Swollen veins in the scrotum get blocked by placing the coil in the veins. The loop will stop the flow of blood towards the damaged veins. This method, however, is not that preferred as compared to surgery.

Our doctors at Bizrahmed will suggest the best possible procedure after your proper checkup. You can visit our doctors in Dubai if you have any queries and want a checkup for varicocele treatment.

Varicocele treatment

Due to swollen veins, men with pain or insufficient sperm production benefit from this treatment in Dubai. Varicocele surgery resumes the proper reproductive functioning of the testicles. Many of our recovered patients in Dubai who had such problems are now healthy. Men are no more infertile after this treatment and enjoy happy family life. It has proven to be a confoundingly successful treatment by surgeons in Dubai.


There are various symptoms of Varicocele in men. In some cases, Varicocele cause a sensation of pain and discomfort. The scrotum felt sore due to swollen veins. Twisted large veins are visible on the surface of the scrotum in this case. But in some cases, it doesn’t cause any harm to the men.


If you are unsure about the symptoms, consult your urologist to confirm if you need the treatment. And also, which treatment best suits you to solve your problem.

If you observe a change in the shape of the Varicocele or its size is growing or changes its consistency, you must consult a doctor. Visit our clinic for varicocele treatment in Dubai.



Varicocele treatment results

With the latest medical technology in this field, we have a 98% success rate in Dubai. Our experienced doctors ensure their patient’s complete satisfaction, and treatment is suggested according to your needs to achieve the best results in Dubai.

Varicocele recovery

Recovery is speedy for varicocele surgery. You can start working after one week of surgery but must avoid strenuous activities for two weeks. It will be beneficial to prevent complications and quick recovery.


If you had immobilization treatment in Dubai, you must rest for one or two days. But it is better to avoid stressful activities for at least one week. It is a straightforward process and less time taking. Patients who already have had the treatment in Dubai are delighted and give positive feedback to our dedicated team of doctors.



When do you need to have varicocele treatment?

Most men have Varicocele but usually do not need to have varicocele treatment until they think Varicocele is not harmful. But they will need to have varicocele treatment if they:


  • Feel pain in the scrotum
  • Have difficulty in producing sperms, or in other words, they are infertile.
  • Men who feel that they have a swollen mass in the scrotum should consult their urologist. It is essential for their sex life, and they need to get treated as soon as possible.
Why choose Varicocele Treatment?

Most men, especially teens, initially do not feel any harm due to Varicocele, so they do not think of surgery. But over time, Varicocele interferes with the sperm production procedure, making it difficult for men to fertilize their female counterparts. So, varicocele treatment effectively prevents such complications in your married life.

Do I need general anesthesia?

This procedure requires anesthesia. The patient is made unconscious by using medication during the whole varicocele treatment surgery. As it is a very delicate surgery, anesthesia is given to the patient for smooth operation, and to avoid complications due to unneeded body movement during the surgical treatment. There is nothing to worry about; its effects will be for only a short period.

How experienced are our surgeons?

We have the best-talented team of doctors for varicocele treatment surgery in Dubai. At Bizrahmed 99% of the surgeries are done without any complications. We have the highest success rate in Dubai with the best and trustworthy surgeons.

How long after surgery can I resume sexual activity?

It does not take that long for a patient to recover after Varicocele’s surgical treatment in Dubai. Regular sexual activity can be resumed two to three weeks after the surgery. Person recovers within a short period. But if the varicocele treatment gets done to deal with the infertility problem such as low sperm production, men should wait for three months duration. The sperm production will start to increase after that duration. And then, you can have sexual intercourse with your partner.

I am having infertility. Should I go for varicocele treatment surgery?

Almost 45 percent of infertile men are having a varicocele problem these days. The doctors have observed that the sperm production gets enhanced after varicocele surgery in Dubai. Men who have complications in having a child are suggested to have the surgery. You should go for sperm analysis before treatment to check if sperms produced are adequate. Also, Varicocele surgery is not that time consuming. Within three months after the surgery, you will have an increased number of sperm production. And this can be confirmed by having semen analysis before and after the surgery.

How do I know if I need varicocele treatment or not?

You should consult an experienced urologist in Dubai.


Sometimes a physical examination by a urologist is enough to diagnose the problem. Because varicocele is visible on the scrotum like a bag of worms. If the left testicle is smaller than the other, it is one of the indications that you might need varicocele treatment surgery.

Imaging tests also get used for the detection of Varicocele in Dubai.

Semen analysis is a very efficient test for Varicocele. If the semen analysis result is abnormal, you should go for the varicocele treatment. Semen analysis should get done at least once in 3 years because issues may arise at any stage in life. Best surgeons are within easy reach in Dubai if you require varicocele treatment.

Others include ultrasounds and hormone analysis in men to detect the presence of Varicocele.

Will the size of the testicle increase after varicocele surgical treatment?

Varicocele treatment is not for enhancing the size of testicles. But if the medication and therapy get done during puberty, it might start average growth in young men. But mostly, it is for reducing the pain and enhancing reproductive functions in men.

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