Arm Lift, medically known as Brachioplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that enhances the appearance of the upper arms by removing the sagging skin and improving the shape of the upper arms. If done successfully, the Arm Lift surgery in Dubai will make your arms go from ‘bad’ to ‘fab’. The sculpted upper arm would complement your silhouette and outfit. Today’s technology has made this operation a healthy and reliable cosmetic procedure with a decreased risk of scarring. The Arm Lift or Brachioplasty is ideally suited for people with extra fat or hanging skin on their upper arms. 

Arm Lift Surgery

  • It improves your physical appearance by tightening and toning your muscles. 
  • Gives you a better silhouette. 
  • It increases your self-esteem. 
  • The scars are minimally visible. 
  • The results are long-lasting. 

Arm lift

The minimum incision Arm Lift is perfect for people with minimal excess skin near their armpits—sagging skin on their entire arm.

The full Arm Lift in Dubai is perfect for individuals who have excess sagging skin on their entire arm.

Ideal Candidates

  • You’ve got excess fat deposits in your arms.
  • Your weight is average and steady.
  • You are committed to a healthy diet and lifestyle.
  • You have fair expectations of the results of the process.
  • You have plenty of skin dripping from your arms.


  • Minimize your excess skin.
  • Improving muscle definition.
  • Disposal of localized fat deposits.
  • It is the strengthening of the underlying supporting tissues.





Before the Arm Lift surgery in Dubai, the doctor will report your medical records and verify if you are taking some medication. He will probably have a history of weight changes or surgery (if you might have undergone it). Your surgeon will inspect both arms in-depth and take photos to assess the findings. 

Before the Arm Lift surgery, you must have a safe lifestyle. You must follow a proper eating schedule and work out under competent guidance daily. You should stop smoking at least five weeks before surgery. Alcohol use can also be avoided four weeks before surgery. You should also eliminate all medications that contain aspirin, and anti-inflammatory drugs should also be avoided to minimize the chance of excess bleeding during surgery.

Avoid taking vitamins or supplements (the plastic surgeon will advise which ones). Consume a high-protein diet to enhance the healing process. Follow diet plans recommended by a cosmetic surgeon. You can take a bath twenty-four hours before surgery to ensure the goal areas are sterile and germ-free.   

Arm lift Procedure in Bizrahmed

The Arm Lift or Brachioplasty is a minor surgery that usually takes one to two hours. The doctor can use anaesthesia or IV sedation to help the patient calm down through the Arm Lift process. The surgeon can also find extra fat and perform liposuction to remove excess or displaced fat cells. The specialist must be aware that no marks are left after the procedure. Otherwise, the real sense of the Arm Lift will be wasted, and it will look awkward, despite being beautiful. 

Arm Lift surgery or Brachioplasty is composed of the following steps: 

  • Arm Lift Surgery in Dubai can be performed under local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia. 
  • The surgeon makes minor incisions inside or the back of the arm. The incision pattern may vary based on the operation’s need and the surgeon’s treatment preference. In the case of a mini arm lift, the incision is made in the underarm and extends to the right or behind the elbow, and in complete Arm Lift surgery, the incision is made from the elbow to the armpit. 
  • After the incision, the excess fat is removed by liposuction, and the extra skin is shaved and tightened. Finally, the incisions are stitched, often with absorbable stitches. 


Take the prescribed medicine every day after your Arm Lift surgery. You will not be able to exercise for about three weeks physically. You will be told not to do physical activities until the recommended time. You will be notified to place your arms on your pillows, which will help to alleviate swelling and discomfort after surgery. It is recommended that you wear a compression garment for a set period. You should take care of the incision sites and save them from water to reduce the risk of infection. You should follow consistent patterns of workouts recommended by your doctor.

Arm Lift Procedure Recovery

The recovery period for the Arm Lift in Dubai is short. The initial pain and swelling will decrease two to three weeks after surgery. You will be given painkillers to help with the pain. You’ll also have to wear a compression garment for a few days. Strengthening exercises may also be avoided for almost ten days or two weeks.

Arm Lift Results

The results of an Arm Lift surgery or Brachioplasty will appear immediately after surgery. However, swelling will delay effects, so you need to wait for proper healing to see tighter and cleaner contours. The scar will remain in the area where the incision was made. There is no guarantee, as results will vary for different people for different reasons, but you should have fair expectations. Also, the effects will be long-lasting if you follow a balanced diet and exercise regimen. To have a successful surgery, you must obey the directions provided by your doctor. 

After about six weeks, much of the swelling of the arm is expected to decrease, and the effects on the arm will improve over the next few months as the tightened arm skin begins to heal and relax. Try not to get frustrated if you’re not fully happy with your performance in the first few weeks. 

Arm Lift Surgery Cost

Arm Lift surgery costs in Dubai depend on anaesthesia, operating room equipment, and medical and clinical skills.



It’s natural to feel some pain during your arm lift recovery. Soreness, swelling, and bruising can be experienced. This will decrease in the first few days.

Yeah, but it might take some time. Many people may find the scarring from their Arm Lift operation, which ultimately starts to disappear a few months after surgery.

When considering strategies for saggy arms, it is important to consider both individual needs and goals as well as severity of skin laxity. Brachioplasty (arm lift surgery) is typically suggested in cases where sagging skin has occurred significantly. Through this method, unwanted fat and skin are removed from upper arm zone to create a firmer, smoother look. Additionally, isolated regions of fat can sometimes be treated solely with liposuction. 

Though individual pain tolerance and anesthesia used can affect how much discomfort is felt during and after a procedure, most people report experiencing only mild to moderate levels of pain. Some post-procedural swelling, stiffness, and soreness may remain for several days; however, many patients find that these temporary discomforts are justified by positive outcomes from their treatment. 

Brachioplasty, more commonly known as the mini arm lift, is an effective cosmetic surgery that can help to bring back the tautness and youthfulness of the upper arms. Unlike its traditional counterpart, the mini arm procedure involves smaller incisions and less skin removal. Thus making it ideal for people who only have mild to moderate sagging or laxity in their upper arms. The surgery usually takes between one to two hours and is done with either local anesthesia or sedation. 

For those who don't have extreme levels of laxity or fat in the area, a mini arm lift might be ideal instead. This involves making shorter incisions and removing less tissue than with a full arm lift. Ultimately, which method is best for any individual will depend on their desired outcome as well as the amount of skin and fat present. 

Arm lifts can result in varying degrees of success, depending upon multiple factors like skin elasticity, amount of excess fat and skin to be removed, technique used and patient's postoperative care. In general, arm lift surgery can bring about a more toned and contoured look by eradicating extra skin and firming up underlying tissues. Nevertheless, like any surgical procedure there is a chance for complications which may not give you desired results that you had expected. Thus it is essential to get guidance from an experienced plastic surgeon regarding what would be best suited for individual cases as well as possible outcomes. 

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