What is Liposuction

Liposuction is one of the most primarily done plastic surgery treatments in Dubai. Often referred to as liposculpture or simply “lipo,” it includes the shift of fat from one or more body parts to another, enhancing the general body looks and discarding unsightly fat and bulges. Suppose you have been trying to eliminate excess fat on your thighs, abdomen, or other body parts and haven’t succeeded. In that case, Liposuction Surgery is the treatment for you as it helps in achieving aesthetically balanced body contours.

At Bizrahmed,  our surgeons provide the best results to the patients. Our Doctors are considered the leading Liposuction surgeons in Dubai, Europe, and the Middle East. Our procedures are minimally invasive and use state-of-the-art techniques that allow quick healing.

The liposuction procedure includes sucking away the extra fat cells stored in our bodies. Performed by experts, even the most stubborn and unpleasant bulges are removed without leaving any scars. Most patients opt for the procedure want well-balanced and contoured thighs, tummies, and buttocks. If you are looking for the best Liposuction procedure in Dubai and results, book your consultation now at Bizrahmed.

VASER Liposuction employs the most modern ultrasound techniques to break down fat cells, which are then separated from the body by suction, leaving the surrounding structures unchanged.

Benefits Of Liposuction

Dubai is now very famous as a centre for plastic surgery, and Bizrahmed is one of the most renowned providers of liposuction treatment in Dubai. If you plan to have liposuction in Dubai from Bizrahmed, you can receive result-guaranteed Liposuction treatments with free guaranteed follow-ups.

There are several reasons why people choose liposuction in Dubai from Bizrahmed. These benefits include:

  • To create a sleeker, athletic-looking body
  • Enhance the look of clothing
  • Improve your cardiovascular well-being by reducing the burden on the heart due to extra weight.
  • Develop self-confidence and feel confident about their appearance
  • To achieve instant results

Types & Techniques

Many types of liposuction techniques are used to remove a particular fat. Every distinct strategy is selected based on the priorities and objectives of the candidates. These techniques shall include:


The technique is most widely used for the extraction of excess fat. Your liposuction surgeon will administer a sterile fluid into the affected area. The region is bloated and thickened by the mixture. The surgeon then makes many small incisions in the target region’s skin and inserts a cannula tube. The cannula is attached to a vacuum that sucks undesirable fluids and fats from a given area. This operation is performed under general anaesthesia in an outpatient environment.


In this procedure, high-intensity laser light is used to break down fat to extract it. During laser-assisted liposuction, minor incisions are made on the skin, laser fibres are implanted, and fats are emulsified. These fats are then discarded using a cannula. The added benefit of the treatment is that it stimulates the development of protein collagen; thus, the skin is rejuvenated.


The treatment uses a specialized cannula that vibrates quickly to break down fat tissues. The circular action of the power-assisted cannula allows the surgeon to collect more fat from the target area with less manual labour, allowing the fat to be extracted with great precision.


In the desired area, incisions are made in this procedure. Afterwards, a metal rod is introduced into the incisions in the targeted tissue. These rods, however, produce sound waves to emulsify the fat, damaging the cell walls so that the fat liquefies. It can then be cleaned quickly by using a cannula. It is widely used to extract stubborn fats from various body areas, such as breasts.

Ideal Candidates
for Liposuction In Dubai

Many people believe liposuction is the way to help them attain their perfect body – but the treatment is not always correct for all. You might be an ideal liposuction candidate if you:


  • Looking forward to achieving your target weight.
  • Recognize that liposuction is not meant for rapid weight loss – it is intended to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat and improve the body’s form.
  • Are in good general health.
  • Dedicated to a healthy lifestyle
  • cannot attain the perfect body shape through diet and exercise alone.


Liposuction is used to extract fat from regions of the body that have not reacted to diet and exercise, such as:

  • Arms
  • Abdomen
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Hips
  • Chin
  • Thighs
  • Buttock
  • Knees
  • Calves
  • Neck




Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction Surgery can be done with other cosmetic procedures to achieve the best results. However, before the operation, remember that it is not a weight loss substitute or an obesity treatment. The best results are achieved if the patient follows a healthy lifestyle before and after the procedure.

You will have a minor inflammation of the skin after you have the first liposuction session. But It will go down after a week, so it’s noted that as the swelling decreases, the skin lacks a degree of elasticity. To solve this issue, you can obey your surgeon’s guidelines on skin aftercare. You may be equipped with a girdle or adhesive tape on the body portion fixed to the liposuction. The fitting fabric avoids swelling and bruising and strengthens the body.

Consultation Before Liposuction Surgery

At your appointment, the expert team of surgeons at Bizrahmed will ask you a range of questions and conduct tests to determine your suitability for the operation. You will be asked about any underlying health problems you or your immediate family may have. Still, no significant concerns should exist because surgery is done under local anaesthesia. You will have the authority to answer any questions and share your opinions or worries, and the whole process will be fully explained to understand what to expect on the day.


Liposuction is a relatively easy and painless procedure requiring general anaesthesia, and after surgery, you won’t be able to feel anything. You may be fine after that, but you may still want someone with you to take you home after that instantly. Next, making a small incision into which the cannula is implanted is possible. The cannula is attached to a compact vacuum tube that disrupts the fat cells and breaks them down, quickly separating them from the body.

What to expect after your surgery?

You’ll feel exhausted and swollen during the treatment, so we’ll relieve your pain. You can also be given antibiotics to reduce the risk of infections. After the treatment, we also prescribe a Vela form course to promote adequate drainage and achieve a sleek, streamlined appearance. You should refrain from strenuous work and work out for at least a month. You can also need to wear a garment to reduce swelling for about 4-6 weeks.


Expect the treated area to appear leaner within a couple of months. Losing firmness with age is common for the skin, but liposuction results are typically long-lasting as long as weight is managed. When you add weight after liposuction, there may be a difference in fat distribution.


Your surgeon may permit you to wear a compression garment for 1 to 2 months after surgery to control your swelling. You will also need to take some antibiotics to avoid infection. Most people will return to work within a few days and return to regular work within 2 weeks.

Liposuction Surgery Cost

It varies from person to person and depends on the size and number of places to be handled. You should book a consultation with us at Bizrahmed to know the exact liposuction cost.

Call us to book your consultation today for the cost.



Liposuction treatment is typically less than three hours. The length of your procedure depends on the amount of weight reduction and the body’s surface area being treated.

You can extract up to 5 litres of liposuction fat, or about 11 pounds. It is not generally thought safe to extract more than that.

You can go back to work about a week after liposuction surgery.

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