Tummy Tuck cost

Tummy tuck: This procedure gets rid of extra abdominal fat and skin while making everyone worry how much it will cost. 


What are the true costs of getting a belly tuck now that it may not be a myth anymore? How much does a belly tuck cost? Residents of Dubai can rejoice. The UAE provides this procedure at a lesser cost than other nations while maintaining high quality. We have the greatest tummy tucks in Dubai since we are the top weight loss clinic. To determine what to do next, read on to learn the precise cost of a tummy tuck in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Abu Dhabi. 

Costs for a tummy tuck may include

cost of anesthesia 

Costs of a hospital or surgical institution 

medical examinations 

post-operative clothing 

Medication prescriptions 

Surgical fee 

Expense of a tummy tuck in Dubai?

The price of a belly tuck varies and depends, just like other operation. from one doctor to another, one hospital to another, and one patient to another. Recent estimates place the price of this procedure between 15,000 and 35,000 AED. Please be advised that after the initial consultation, final costs are only disclosed. 


However, it’s important to note that these prices are just estimates, and you should always consult with a reputable clinic or surgeon for an accurate cost estimate. Additionally, it’s crucial to choose a certified and experienced plastic surgeon to ensure your safety and the best possible outcome. 

Cost of a Tummy Tuck: Unique Factors

There is an added benefit to no longer having obesity. Spending a lot of time and money is not necessary. When it compromises your health, insurance plans often reimburse the expense of a tummy tuck. In addition, we provide a number of readily accessible cheap deals. Costs are typically reduced with these choices. 


Your doctor will provide you with a treatment cost estimate following the consultation. It can be paid for in instalments or the remaining amount can be charged to an interest-free health care credit card. 

In conclusion

Cost will never be a hindrance to the Bizrahmed Clinic’s efforts to combat obesity. Make an appointment with our staff if you have any queries about the price of tummy tuck surgery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the United Arab Emirates. 


It is recommended to consult with our qualified plastic surgeon in Dubai, UAE to determine the exact cost of the tummy tuck procedure based on your unique circumstances. 


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