What is

Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation (Boob Job) is a Breast Implant Surgery that helps improve symmetry and increases the breasts’ volume. The surgery is also carried out to restore breast volume lost after pregnancy or for weight reduction. Women usually opt for Breast Augmentation Surgery in Dubai when they feel the sagginess of breasts after breastfeeding or also to achieve well-portioned results. Females who decide to have breast implant surgery look to increase the breast volume and projection of their breasts, improve the balance of their figure and enhance their self-confidence and image.

Breast augmentation is the enlargement of the breasts by the surgical insertion of breast implants to enhance the appearance and size of the breasts. The operation is generally referred to as a “boob job.” There are a lot of reasons why women want to undergo breast augmentation. They may have very small breasts and struggle with their self-esteem, or their breasts may have changed when they become a mom. Whatever the cause, undergoing Breast Augmentation surgery in Dubai will boost self-esteem and help people feel better about themselves again. At Bizrahmed, the top breast implant surgeons and nurses ensure that the patients get top-level service and follow-up care. Our Breast Augmentation team ensures that you are the right candidate for this cosmetic surgery procedure. In the initial consultation with Dr Khaled, he discusses realistic expectations and the candidate’s overall physical health.

Breast Augmentation


Breast augmentation has become one of the most sought-after cosmetic surgeries in the world. Apart from being one of the leading cosmetic surgery hubs globally, Emirates offers many other reasons for women to choose to undergo Breast Augmentation surgery. Many A-listers and women worldwide prefer breast augmentation surgery in Dubai due to its reputation for safe, professional, and aesthetically pleasing procedures. The procedure itself involves an implant insertion behind each breast. This will enhance at least one cup size of the bust line.  In Dubai, breast augmentation surgery is often combined with another procedure per the client’s requirements, like a breast lift. These are the following reasons why you might consider breast augmentation seriously:

– It can boost your self-esteem and confidence in your body.
– It can reconstruct your breasts post certain surgeries.
– It can balance out the appearance and size of uneven breasts.
– It can enhance the size of the bra cup size breasts to make them look better.
– It can enhance the size and shape of the breasts following single or multiple pregnancies.
– It effectively improves the aesthetics of a desirable body contour with appropriate volume and shape.

Other benefits:

  • Boost Self Esteem
  • Improved social opportunities
  • Feel younger
  • Feel Attractive & Confident
  • Ability to wear new or different clothes
  • Add volume, lift, and curves
  • Make your body proportional
  • Balance asymmetrical breasts
  • See Immediate Results
  • Restore breasts after pregnancy and ageing.

Breast Augmentation

Surgery Goals

  • Breastfeeding, weight loss and maternity also cause the breast to drop, which appears very uneven. Therefore, most women prefer Breast Augmentation Surgery as an alternative.
  • The purpose of breast augmentation surgery is to enlarge breasts by using saline or silicone gel-filled physiologic implants.
    When you’ve completed it, you’ll be able to see a lot of changes in volume and shape.
    This cosmetic procedure also helps balance various sizes of breasts and restores fullness.

Breast Augmentation


Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the world. It is done to augment or enhance the shape and size of the breast. The procedure is mainly done in three ways. Breast implantation is one of the effective types in increasing the fullness of the breast. Women with two different-sized breasts (due to mastectomy or genetics) should look for clinics offering such types of Breast augmentation in Dubai. Saline or silicone implants are typically recommended as per the surgeon’s preferences. The implant placement is done through cuts around the nipples, underneath the arms, or under the breast. Another type of Breast augmentation surgery is a breast lift. It is surgery for small, sagging, or unshapely breasts under the IV section. Very few clinics are well-versed in this type of Breast augmentation in Dubai. It gives an illusion of larger breasts and is often accompanied by breast implantation. The third type is fat transfer. It is the least invasive procedure where the fat harvested through liposuction is used as a natural filler to augment the breasts.

There are many ways to perform breast augmentation, from fat transfer to silicone gel implants. Therefore, before we know about breast enlargement procedures, it is important to understand the types of augmentation techniques available in Dubai. The common method is a fat transplant, also called Natural Breast Augmentation. It uses fat from a donor region of your body through Liposuction and then transfers it to the breasts for its enlargement. Usually, areas of the body like buttocks, hips and thighs are chosen for the transplantation, and the procedure is in much demand because of producing natural-looking results.

There are three types of incisions in breast implant procedure available,  depending on where you will like scars to be and the shape and size of your breasts: – Inframammary, Periareolar, and Transaxillary. The procedure can be performed under both General and Local anaesthesia. The surgeon makes an incision in an area that minimizes scarring and visibility, creating a pocket in the breast where the implant is placed. It is usually placed behind the breast tissue or sometimes just below the pectoral muscle.



This is a traditional method of inserting breast implants by incisions in the crease below each breast.



This is done around the breast, which is a safe choice for someone concerned about getting scarred since the marks are minor.



This is where the incision is made beneath the armpit.


In the case of Breast Augmentation Dubai, extra fat is removed from the body through liposuction, then processed and finally injected into the breasts. Once the breast reconstruction procedure is completed, the incisions are stitched back together.


implants types

More extensive and fuller breasts can be the dream of any woman. For women who want to achieve this, it is recommended to try the most effective breast enlargement or boob job procedure. The most popular types of breast implants are Saline and silicone-filled breast implants.


Saline Breast Implants
Saline-filled implants are silicone sheets filled with saline or sterile water. The implants will either be filled during the implant surgery, while some may be pre-filled. This type of breast implant often offers a firm feel to the breast; if they collapse, they don’t cause any harm as the body absorbs them. It is recommended for use only for women 18 years and above. There are also structured saline breast implants available to make the implants look natural.


Silicone Breast Implants
Silicone breast implants are filled with silicone gel. Their consistency is like that of fat, and most women agree that these implants give them a natural feel like breast tissue. In case of leakage, these implants also do not cause any harm, while it is risky to rupture the implants. You should regularly follow up with the doctor to check the functionality of the implants.

Breast Augmentation

Ideal Candidates

Candidates for breast augmentation in Dubai generally want to enhance breast size. Many people also need breast augmentation surgery due to loss of volume in their breasts for many reasons, including weight loss, surgical weight loss, breastfeeding, and pregnancy. Some people also opt for Breast augmentation in Dubai to balance their physical proportions. Like people with wider hips and smaller breasts might want to enlarge their breasts. Augmentation can also help in making asymmetrical breasts even out. Other people might include those who think their breasts aren’t as developed as expected. You should ask all such doubts your doctor before going for any Breast augmentation in Dubai.

  • You are over 18 years of age with decent general health
  • After weight loss, you lose a definite shape
  • Your one breast is noticeably smaller than the other
  • Your breasts become less firm after having children
  • You have reasonable and positive expectations of surgery
  • You find that your breasts are too small to suit your body



Breast Augmentation Surgery

It is impossible to give a standard rate for breast augmentation in Dubai. The surgeons treat each case concerning the individual’s health conditions and requirements. Other things should also be considered, like the type of implants used, skin elasticity, age, health, and medical history. The patient will be provided with a thorough quote from the hospital before she decides to go for breast augmentation in Dubai.  Most clinics should provide professional and impartial advice about your desired results, concerns, and specific needs.

Breast augmentation is a massive and often life-changing decision, so ensure that you consider the standard of the services instead of the cost. Therefore, it’s okay to get a consultation from as many clinics as possible before deciding on Breast augmentation in Dubai.

The estimated cost of breast augmentation in Dubai cannot be accurately known as there are no set rates, and they can differ based on the need for augmentation. Breast Augmentation in Dubai doesn’t have a fixed price. Several factors would affect the cost of breast augmentation surgery.

The type of breast implant will determine the cost depending on the silicone or saline variant. Silicone variants will cost more as they provide more natural-looking results. The cost will also depend on the surgeon’s expertise and the surgical facility. Private surgical suites generally cost less than hospitals or ambulatory surgical centres. Other costs will include the prescriptions, post-surgery care, and the complexity of a particular case.

Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

First, there will be a consultation during which your surgeon for Breast augmentation in Dubai will discuss your reasons for a breast augmentation surgery. The surgeon for breast augmentation in Dubai will first perform a full check-up and examine the breasts for any anomalies. They will explain what to expect from the surgery in detail and how to prepare before the surgery. This is also the right time to ask and discuss any concerns or doubts about the procedure with the professional. A few days before the Breast augmentation in Dubai, blood tests will be performed to ensure your body will remain safe and healthy during and after the surgery.

Other pre-operative instructions include avoiding eating or drinking the night before the surgery. Surgeons also advise stopping smoking or excessive drinking, which can cause restrictions and complications in the blood flow. Smoking also prologues the recovery time, lowers immunity and raises the risk of infection. When you approach any clinic for Breast augmentation in Dubai, you get a detailed list of Dos and Don’ts in advance.

Breast Augmentation Procedure

A breast implant is also called a prosthesis. It is a shell composed of medical silicone, packed with silicone gel or often with salt. Some breast implants are oval, and others are built more like a normal breast, called a teardrop or anatomical implant.


World-class cosmetic surgeons are a part of our Breast Augmentation team, and they will determine the best type of breast augmentation surgery for you. Before your breast implant or enlargement surgery, our surgeon will evaluate the ideal breast size that doesn’t appear artificial or dis-proportioned to the rest of the body.


Breast augmentation surgery in Dubai is generally done in an outpatient surgical centre or something similar. Most people can return home on the same day as the surgery. The surgeon can place the breast implants using any of these three types of incisions-


Periareolar (the surrounding tissue of the nipples)
Auxiliary or in the underarm
Inframammary or beneath the breasts


A pocket will be made to separate the chest muscles and tissue from the breast tissue.  If you choose saline implants, your surgeon for Breast augmentation in Dubai will fill them with sterile saline solution after the shell is appropriately placed. If you choose silicone implants, then they will be already filled. After the implantation, the stitches will close the incisions, and bandages are done with surgical glue and tape to close the wound securely. After the breast augmentation surgery in Dubai, your recovery will be monitored carefully, and you will be released once the anaesthesia wears off.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

The inflammation will come down within a week or ten days of the breast enlargement surgery. Lifting your arms will still be a problem, and you must regularly disinfect your sutured area. You will also need to wear your compression garment and lie down in one position to avoid pressure on the sutures and implants. After two weeks of your breast enlargement surgery, you will need follow-up visits where your stitches will be removed.

Post removal of sutures, you can rejoin work the very next day. You can start doing light cardio like jogging. But swimming, weight lifting, and any such heavy exercise will have to be given a pass. Within 6-8 weeks, your recovery will have been complete, and you can enjoy the full effects of your breast augmentation. You can take showers but must avoid the swimming pool and the sauna. It is also necessary to go easy with the upper body exercises like planks and weight lifting more than 15 pounds for another 3-4 months.

During your initial consultation with different clinics in Dubai, ask your doctor about these dos and don’ts in detail.

Even after the wounds have healed, the scars will persist and gradually fade with time. A healthy diet of lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables will help recover and effectively fade the scars. That said, complications can occur even in a smooth surgery. Sometimes there may be delayed healing, suture complications, or an unsatisfied outcome of the augmentation procedure.

To avoid such hassles, go for a plastic surgeon with extensive experience in breast augmentation in Dubai. Read the online reviews and look at the “before-after” pictures before making any final decision. Once you have decided, strictly follow his treatment plans for a successful surgery and safe healing.

Breast Augmentation Results

Immediately post breast augmentation, you notice surgery-induced inflammation and sutures over your incisions covered with bandages before the results. The medical team evaluates your parameters and overall conditions before deeming you fit to be discharged. Also, there are a set of post-care dos and don’ts that doctors explain to you.


First among them is the timely intake of your painkillers and antibiotic medications. Second, you will be advised to be extremely careful with your position and refrain from exercising or exerting for at least a week. These instructions are provided with one important aim: timely healing of the sutures resulting in a better outcome of your breast enlargement surgery.

Breast Augmentation Postoperative Care

Apart from avoiding exercising, it is important to withhold anti-inflammatory medications, herbal supplements or blood-thinning medications that you have been using before the surgery. The sutures should be cleaned with antiseptic medication regularly to prevent suture reactions. You will also need to maintain a fruit and vegetable intake and reduce carbs. Irrespective of the clinic/surgeon you choose in Dubai, all of these factors are important for a successful transformation.

Apart from avoiding exercising, it is important to withhold anti-inflammatory medications, herbal supplements or blood-thinning medications that you have been using before the surgery. The sutures should be cleaned with antiseptic medication regularly to prevent suture reactions. You will also need to maintain a fruit and vegetable intake and reduce carbs. Irrespective of the clinic/surgeon you choose in Dubai, all of these factors are important for a successful transformation.

Post-breast augmentation, the wounds are deep, and the sutures are raw. By any extra movement induced by exercising, you risk delaying the healing of the wound. This will affect the sutures and infect them or, worse, the incision sites. All of these factors will impact the outcome post-augmentation.

Not to mention vigorous activity displacing the implants or causing them to leak or rupture. The implants, though firmly set, are silicone ones filled with saline solution or silicone gel. For long-term maintenance, limiting your activities in the first few days is not an option but a necessity.



Breast augmentation is an invasive procedure aimed at increasing the breast contours of a person. It is usually performed by surgically inserting implants filled with silicone gel or saline solution under the chest muscles. Augmentation technique by injecting fats transferred from other parts of the donor regions of the body is also an option.

The surgery can be performed independently or combined with other procedures like liposuction, mastectomy, or breast lift. These procedures are performed under general anaesthesia and come with a recovery period and downtime that needs to be followed for a successful outcome.

Scarring is a standard healing mechanism that will take years to see results. The final appearance of scars will take up to six months to one year.
There will be some visible scarring for a couple of months. It will heal eventually, but you can accelerate the appearance of scars by avoiding and incorporating certain things. Always follow your surgeon’s guidelines for post-surgery care. If you’re going for Breast augmentation in Dubai, avoid the sun and wear sunscreen every day until your recovery. Maintain a balanced diet and keep your body hydrated after breast augmentation surgery. If possible, avoid smoking and drinking alcohol for several weeks during recovery. You can also opt for silicone sheeting, topical cortisone cream, and laser skin resurfacing. Applying topical vitamin E and vitamin E supplements have also proven beneficial for healing incisions.

Depending on the incision during breast augmentation surgery, the recovery process can take up to a few months to fully heal. The scars may even get worse before they fully recover. Most spots will look pink or red and slightly raised. They will heal and become less visible over the months. The scars will be visible and heal depending on the factors like skin tone, genetics, age, and exposure to the sun. It’s better to clear these doubts during your initial consultation with doctors for Breast augmentation in Dubai.

Yes, it will change after breast augmentation surgery. Most women will lose the nipple sensation after breast augmentation surgery. But the good news is that it will be temporary. The loss of feeling will last up to 6- 12 months. After this phase, you can expect to regain your nipples’ sensation. However, it is seen that about 15% of women experience permanent alterations in nipple sensation. So, it’s better to clear your doubts during the initial consultation for Breast augmentation in Dubai.
Breast Augmentation Surgery is a simple operation as long as you are concerned about the aesthetics. Also, in this surgery, you can go home the same day. While it is safest to stop heavy lifting and exercising for a few weeks after surgery, you can expect to return to work in a few days.
Localized pain and tenderness are normal after breast augmentation surgery, and you may find some swelling. Your breasts are expected to be responsive to touch for a few weeks after your operation. Scarring could be present between two months and one year after surgery, based on the specific healing process of the body.
Immediately post breast augmentation, you notice surgery-induced inflammation and sutures over your incisions covered with bandages before the results. The medical team evaluates your parameters and overall conditions before deeming you fit to be discharged. Also, there are a set of post-care dos and don’ts that doctors explain to you.
First among them is the timely intake of your painkillers and antibiotic medications. Second, you will be advised to be extremely careful with your position and refrain from exercising or exerting for at least a week. These instructions are provided with one crucial aim: timely healing of the sutures resulting in a better outcome of your breast enlargement surgery.

It is noticed that pregnancy and implants both tend to each other. In women with any past implants, pregnancy and birth effects cause expansion and contraction of the breast tissues. This causes rippling or a change in the position of the implants. During the incision of the implants, the areolar area is affected by the loss of sensation in the nipples.

After childbirth, this causes problems in stimulating the mother to produce milk. The loss of tissue during surgery further affects the overall quantity of milk. The implants stay in shape and are not at risk of being damaged by breastfeeding. But the sagging of breasts due to thinning of the skin requires additional surgery to keep the breasts up and in shape.

Yes. Discuss with your surgeon regarding your breastfeeding plans during your consultation for Breast augmentation in Dubai. The doctor can then recommend the right breast augmentation surgery so that breastfeeding won’t be an issue. Generally, surgeries like the trans-axillary or the inframammary incision (incision through the armpit or under the breast) are the safest options for future breastfeeding mothers as the placement of the implant in breast augmentation surgery below the chest muscles (sub-muscular) and breast tissue (sub-glandular) preserves proper breast functioning. Only the periareolar incision can pose issues with breastfeeding.

Irrespective of the surgeon or clinic you choose in Dubai, it takes some time for the scars to heal and to be able to return to a normal working routine. But, taking care of a few other factors can hasten the process. Avoiding smoking comes topmost on the list. Smoking and drinking can delay healing and hinder breast augmentation recovery.
A healthy lifestyle quickens the recovery from breast enlargement surgery and helps maintain the results for longer. Apart from these factors avoiding the swimming pool and underwire bras also help quicken up the recovery process.

The pain is moderate and is easily controllable with the help of medications after breast augmentation surgery in Dubai. The pain will generally persist for a week or two; after that, you won’t need any medicines. However, if you experience severe pain that lasts for weeks, then it probably’s an infection or some other complications that need to be treated immediately.

The breast augmentation scars will initially look pinkish and elevated, gradually fading and becoming less noticeable. Your age, hereditary tendencies, and skin type will determine the extent of your scars to a great time. But these scars can also be minimized by avoiding smoking, regular exercising, healthy eating habits, and sufficient hydration. Staying out in the sun can adversely affect the wounds. Avoiding the sun post breast enlargement surgery and diligently using sunscreen lotion can also help in easy fading of them. Sometimes noticeable scars need further treatment options like cortisone creams, vitamin e supplements, and, if required, laser skin resurfacing to minimize the spots.

Breast Augmentation is performed to enhance the breast contours by surgical intervention. The surgery addresses shape, size, and texture to improve breast structure and boost self-esteem.
Though typically it is a cosmetic surgery and is preferred by women not happy with their breast size, conditions like congenital deformities and cancer-induced breast removals also necessitate breast augmentation for a reconstructive purpose. In such cases, choosing the procedure that will provide more long-lasting results becomes essential. In this regard, if you are looking for breast augmentation in Dubai, Bizrahmed can guide you in selecting the best procedure and having a hassle-free transformation under an expert surgeon.

The size of breast implants ultimately depends on the client's general health, body frame, and ultimate appearance goals. Just like an ordinary outfit might look different on a different body, breast implants are the same. Depending on the chest size and shape, the same type and size of breast implant will look completely different. Hence, it would help if you had multiple consultations for Breast augmentation in Dubai to carefully choose the proper implant placement and size to fit each patient.