EyeBrow & Forehead Lift

What is a brow lift surgery?

Ageing is bound to take its toll on your skin, and the forehead area is the first to take the hit. The constant movement of the forehead muscles results in the skin’s shagginess, eventually losing its firmness. Fortunately, a procedure called Brow Lift Surgery, also known as an eyebrow lift or forehead lift, is a procedure that removes excess sagging skin from your forehead. It decreases the appearance of wrinkles, folds, and frown lines while restoring a youthful definition to the eyebrows and forehead.


At the Bizrahmed, Endoscopic Brow Lift is performed by Dr Bizrah.  He is the top & the best plastic surgeon in Dubai, known for his minimally invasive methods. His brow lift technique eliminates the wrinkles and deep grooves on the forehead. The procedure involves repositioning the brow line to its ideal position. 

Brow Lift Surgery

Improves Your Features – A brow lift is a way to do it if you want a more youthful appearance. Eyebrow lift surgery in Dubai will enhance the appearance of your forehead, the brow area, and the wrinkles/lines around your eyes. This procedure truly makes you look like your best self. 

Endoscopic brow lift Advantages

  • Compared to other brow lifting techniques, endoscopic brow lifts are meant to have a shorter recovery time and less blood because they are less. Only a few incisions in the scalp are hidden behind the hairline. The procedure time is faster than other brow lift procedures.
  • Rejuvenation of the Face: Brow lifts in Dubai are designed to rejuvenate the forehead, eyebrow, and eye area and reduce.
  • Balance of the Face: With the endoscopic brow lift in Dubai, it’s easier for the surgeon to guarantee that your face looks balanced and that you reach your brow lift goals.

The benefits of brow lift surgery

For those interested in enhancing their facial features, brow lift surgery may be the ideal solution. This procedure is designed to elevate the eyebrows and improve the look of the upper face and forehead. Some of the benefits associated with undergoing this operation include:


  • Rejuvenation of the forehead and upper face 
  • Lifting of the eyebrows, giving a more youthful and alert appearance 
  • Softening of horizontal forehead lines and wrinkles 
  • Improved balance and symmetry of the facial features 
  • Better overall appearance and self-confidence 



Brow Lift Surgery Recovery & Downtime

Mostly an outpatient procedure, patients experience very little pain after a brow lift.  Post-surgery medication is prescribed to counter any discomfort. Like with any surgical procedure, minor bruising and swelling are normal. Sutures are removed after one week, and discomfort issues are resolved within two weeks. Until full recovery, the patient is advised to keep the movement of the treated area to a minimum and follow the follow-up instructions.

Expected outcomes

The results of a brow lift surgery typically depend on several factors, including the extent of the surgery, the surgeon’s experience and technique, and the individual’s skin quality and healing. Generally, patients can expect to see a more youthful, refreshed appearance with a smoother forehead and elevated eyebrows. The results of a brow lift are usually long-lasting, although they may not be permanent. Over time, the effects of ageing, gravity, and other factors can cause the skin and tissues to sag, and touch-up procedures may be necessary.

the goal of a brow lift

The aim of a brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, is to improve the appearance of the forehead, eyebrows and upper eyelids by reducing wrinkles, lines and sagging skin in the forehead area. This procedure is typically done to help restore a more youthful, refreshed and rejuvenated appearance. The ultimate goal is to enhance the patient’s overall facial appearance and boost their confidence.

Preoperative Brow Lifts

During the pre-operative period, the patient may be instructed to stop taking certain medications, such as blood thinners, and to avoid alcohol and smoking. The surgeon may also provide detailed instructions on preparing for the surgery, including what to wear and bring to the appointment.

Brow lifts post operation

Following a brow lift surgery, the postoperative period typically involves some swelling and bruising, usually subsiding within a few days to a week. Pain is typically mild and can be managed with medication prescribed by the surgeon. Stitches or incisions may be removed after 5-7 days, and patients are advised to avoid strenuous activity, heavy lifting, and exposure to the sun for several weeks following the procedure.

Browlift Surgery Cost

The cost of the procedure varies from patient to patient, so it’s best to discuss the expense beforehand. The total cost involves a combination of the surgeon’s and clinic or hospital fees. Also, It’s important to remember to look for quality. While comparing Endoscopic Brow Lift surgery costs in Dubai, remember that you are paying for the experience and your surgeon’s skills. Choosing an inexperienced or not reputable surgeon can cost way more in the long run. This is where Dr Bashar Bizrah ranks as one of the leading cosmetic surgeons in the Middle East and Europe. The Bizrahmed clinic is Dubai’s best Brow lift clinic, assuring guaranteed results.



The results of your endoscopic brow lift in Dubai are permanent. However, the natural ageing process can start to make small changes to your brow lift in Dubai. To have long-lasting results, it’s important to live a healthy lifestyle and avoid overexposure to the sun. 

Yes, the Endoscopic brow lift in Dubai can slightly raise the hairline. If this is a concern, speak with your doctor to devise a plan to reduce hairline effects during your consultation.

No, a brow lift in Dubai is not painful because anaesthesia is used during the Procedure, so you’re unlikely to feel any pain. After the procedure, you may feel uncomfortable or tight in your forehead or near your eyebrows. The eyebrow area may feel numb or have a tight feeling. This will go away with time, and your doctor will provide medications to remove this pain.

Yes, a brow lift can look natural if performed by an experienced plastic surgeon who understands the anatomy of the face and forehead, and carefully tailors the procedure to achieve a harmonious and refreshed appearance. The goal of a brow lift is to elevate the brows to a more youthful position while preserving the natural appearance of the forehead and brows. The use of minimally invasive techniques, such as endoscopic or temporal brow lifts, can also help to minimize visible scars and ensure a more natural result 

A good candidate for a brow lift is typically an adult experiencing sagging, drooping or wrinkling of the forehead and brow area due to aging, genetics, or other factors. They should be in good overall health, have realistic expectations for the procedure, and be seeking improvement, not perfection, in their appearance 

There's no specific age that's considered the "best" for getting a brow lift. The ideal age for a brow lift depends on the individual's individual aging process and the specific concerns they have about their appearance. Generally, a brow lift is recommended for people who are in their 40s or older and who have developed wrinkles and sagging in the forehead and eyebrow area. However, some people may benefit from the procedure at an earlier age if they have a genetic predisposition to premature aging or a significant amount of excess skin in the brow area 

The choice between a brow lift and eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, depends on the individual's specific needs and cosmetic goals. A brow lift is designed to correct sagging skin and wrinkles on the forehead, while blepharoplasty targets excess skin and fat on the upper and lower eyelids. Both procedures can provide a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance, but the best choice for an individual will depend on their particular concerns and the extent of the correction desired 

  1. Endoscopic brow lift: This is a minimally invasive technique that involves making small incisions and using an endoscope to lift the brows. 
  1. Traditional or Coronal brow lift: This technique involves making an incision in the hairline and lifting the skin and underlying tissues to raise the brows. 
  1. Temporal or lateral brow lift: This technique involves making small incisions in the temples and lifting the skin and underlying tissues to lift the outer portion of the brows. 
  1. Direct brow lift: This is a technique that involves making a small incision above the brow and directly lifting the skin and underlying tissues. 

There is no specific cause for brow ptosis (the medical term for droopy eyebrows), but there are several factors that may contribute to it, including aging, genetics, and nerve damage. The skin and tissues of the brow may lose elasticity and tone over time, causing the eyebrows to droop and sag. In some cases, nerve damage can also cause the muscles responsible for elevating the brow to weaken, leading to brow ptosis. Additionally, genetics can play a role in the development of brow ptosis, as some individuals may be more predisposed to droopy eyebrows due to the anatomy of their facial structure 

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