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What is rhinoplasty cost in Dubai At Bizrahmed

The Bizrahmed Clinic offers excellent nose jobs in Dubai at an affordable price! Read for rhinoplasty cost in Dubai and more information on simple payments, discounts, and instalment plans.


Most of us have considered changing the appearance of our noses at some point in our lives. Yet, the rumours about extortionate nose operations performed on celebrities complicate matters. It frequently sparks curiosity in simple nose contouring with cosmetics, especially in females. Well, rather than relying on erroneous assumptions, you should check the clinic’s website for the most up-to-date costs or possibly schedule a consultation.


Let discuss the cost of rhinoplasty in Dubai and Abu Dhabi so that you could determine whether the procedure is within your price range or not.

The cost of rhinoplasty surgery is comprised of

  • Consultation for pre-operative anaesthesia, bloodwork, and other tests 
  • Surgeon Payment Operating room fees 
  • Medical rounding costs 
  • Routine drugs were administered both during the surgery and admission 
  • Standardized laboratory tests 
  • Laboratory investigations following surgery 
  • Radiology / Imaging / Medicine 
  • Typical Medical Supplies & Implants 
  • 12 months follow up 

In Dubai, the average cost of rhinoplasty is:

As everyone has different results in mind, it isn’t easy to choose a single pricing that works for everyone. Rhinoplasty costs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi typically range from 15,000 to 30,000 AED.


Please speak with one of our doctors for a precise price estimate specific to your situation.

The following are the variables that affect cost:

  • Condition of the patient’s nose
  • Desired outcomes
  • Surgery background
  • Clinic address
  • The difficulty of the process
  • Choosing your surgeon
  • Expected outcomes
  • Place in the world

Spend Less on Your Rhinoplasty:

Costs vary from clinic to clinic. Some clinics have separate anaesthetic expenses, so their estimate includes the operation. It’s crucial to keep your finances intact when you meet with a surgeon for rhinoplasty in this way. Attend the initial appointment to stay within your means. But this does not imply that you regard price as a deciding factor. There are also many scam clinics, so before making any decisions, do your homework carefully.


A skilled cosmetic surgeon at Bizrahmed assists patients in getting this Rhinoplasty Nose Reshaping operation at an affordable price. He considers the projected expenditures and prepares to pay for this amount through payment plans and additional reduced packages.

Our Rhinoplasty Payment Plan:

Payment plan may vary for the treatment of each patient, but keep following points in mind:


  • We can assist patients with obtaining recurring monthly payments 
  • Our interest-free payment plans can have periods of up to 24 months. 
  • The Bizrahmed team will go through every fee upfront. 
  • On social media networks, there are occasionally discounts available. 

Why us?

Bizrahmed Clinic provides affordable nose reshaping procedures in Dubai without sacrificing quality. We have skilled doctors, a trained team, modernized technology, and no alterations that might produce unfavourable outcomes. To learn the differences, you may still investigate your alternatives by contrasting our costs, equipment, and setting with other clinics. We cordially invite you to schedule a consultation at our office. Consult with our surgeons before deciding. 


  • Reasonable costs
  • Modernized equipment
  • Plans for after recuperation
  • Competent surgeons

The Verdict:

Suppose you have inquiries about rhinoplasty surgery or want to learn more about the price in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, or Abu Dhabi. Call our staff at ……. or use the consultation form to get in touch. Soon, we’ll get in touch with you!

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