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Understand Normal and Chronic Snoring

When air passes through a relaxed tissue at the back of the throat and causes it to vibrate, it creates a harsh sound known as snoring. Occasional snoring is normal and not usually a worry, but if it becomes chronic, it can disrupt sleep and have negative effects on health. In some cases, chronic snoring may be a sign of a more serious underlying health issue.


Snoring is a fairly common condition that is often the result of restricted airflow while a person is sleeping. It occurs when air cannot flow freely through the airway or when air flows past relaxed tissues in your throat, causing these tissues to vibrate.

Various factors can contribute to snoring, including nasal congestion, alcohol consumption, specific sleep positions, and the individual’s anatomy.


Consult with a Bizrahmed for a proper diagnosis and treatment if it is affecting sleep quality or causing health concerns.

Innovative Surgical Solutions Through Celon by Olympus

Celon by Olympus stands as a paragon of medical excellence, offering a sophisticated suite of ENT devices renowned for their precision and reliability in tissue ablation. At the cutting edge of radiofrequency technology, Celon provides health professionals with unparalleled control during procedures such as tonsillectomies and soft palate reductions, delivering outcomes of the highest standard. Its minimally invasive approach aligns seamlessly with our clinic’s ethos of providing client-centric, innovative surgical solutions marked by reduced recovery times and enhanced comfort.

Celon’s equipment is integral at Bizrahmed, ensuring that every procedure upholds the stringent quality benchmarks and meticulous detail that our patients deserve. As we facilitate transformative results through this state-of-the-art technology, we reaffirm our commitment to advancing the forefront of snoring treatment.

Lifestyle Modifications Along With
Snoring Treatment

These form the first line of treatment and include:


Maintaining A Healthy Weight: Excess weight, especially around the neck, can exacerbate snoring by narrowing the airway.


Avoiding Alcohol And Sedatives: These substances can relax the throat muscles, exacerbating snoring.


Changing Sleep Positions: Sleep positions, such as sleeping on your back, can cause the tongue and soft tissues to obstruct the airway.


Consult Bizrahmed before embarking on any treatments. We can provide a comprehensive evaluation and design a treatment plan tailored to your individual requirements.

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What causes snoring?

Snoring typically arises when the flow of air through the mouth and nose is obstructed during sleep. This might be caused by blockages in the nasal airway, poor muscle tone in the tongue or throat or bulky throat tissue.

Is snoring a sign of a health issue?

While occasional snoring can be negligible, habitual snoring might indicate serious underlying conditions such as Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), obesity, chronic nasal congestion, or an abnormality in the structure of your mouth, nose or throat.

How is snoring diagnosed?

Snoring is diagnosed through a systematic evaluation, which includes a thorough review of medical history and a physical examination. In certain cases, an overnight sleep study called polysomnography might be performed in a sleep laboratory.

What treatments are available for snoring?

Several treatment options for snoring are available, including lifestyle modifications and Celon by Olympus.

How can I schedule an assessment for snoring treatment?

Please contact our clinic to schedule a comprehensive evaluation if you suspect your snoring is affecting your quality of sleep or overall health. Our experienced medical team is committed to finding a solution that will lead to a quiet night’s rest.

How effective is snoring treatment?

Effectiveness of snoring treatment varies based on the individual, type of treatment, and the root cause of snoring. In many cases, significant improvement can be observed.

What is the recovery process after a surgical snoring treatment?

Recovery following snoring treatment varies depending on the method implemented. Postoperative discomfort can be expected, typically managed by over-the-counter or prescription medications. A follow-up examination is necessary to ensure proper healing and assess the efficacy of the treatment.

Are snoring treatments safe?

Most snoring treatments are safe when performed by experienced professionals. Each carries its own benefits and risks which will be discussed thoroughly by your healthcare provider.

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