Buttock Augmentation

What is
Buttock Augmentation

Buttock Augmentation or Gluteoplasty improves the buttocks’ shape, size, and volume through invasive and non-invasive procedures. The augmentation technique achieves its functions through buttock fat transfer, liposuction, butt fat injections, and other methods. The main aim of augmentation is to achieve an improved aesthetic appearance of the individual through buttock fat transfer.


Buttock augmentation in Dubai has been a great favourite among the cosmetic clientele since the advent of social media culture. Our medical team at Bizrahmed, Dubai, aims at aesthetic perfection and offers a variety of methods through fat butt injections and invasive options to achieve desired results. 

Buttock Augmentation

You get the following benefits when you go for a Buttock Augmentation under an experienced surgeon:


  • Improve self-esteem through improved aesthetic appeal 
  • Improve your gait, which is affected because of asymmetrical butt 
  • Get a younger-looking contoured appearance on your butt  
  • Getting rid of excessive skin as a part of age-related changes/ weight fluctuations
  • Avail a natural-looking butt appearance 


Bizrahmed is one of the most successful & few plastic surgery centres in Dubai that provides a wide range of buttock Augmentation techniques and a customized treatment plan for optimum results.  We don’t believe in the “one formula fits all” theory. Our surgeons aim to provide realistic results through fat butt injections. The quantity gets decided depending on the patient’s unique body requirements:

  • Buttock augmentation at Bizrahmed is performed using state-of-the-art technology superior to other centres in efficiency and better-quality results. 
  • The entire team is dedicated to achieving perfection with successful outcomes. 
  • We take a holistic approach to the problem and aim to provide physician and psychological relief to our patients through surgical interventions. 
  • Our treatment plan is simple yet effective and provides long-lasting results. 
  • Bizrahmed provides quality services at a reasonable service charge, which enables many people to avail of our services. 
  • We have a high percentage of success rate. 


Ideal candidates for Buttock Augmentation are:


  • above 18 years of age
  • look forward to improving the aesthetic of the Buttock
  • have asymmetrical butt/ butt abnormalities
  • have postural issues because of unnatural butt
  • Not be allergic to the fat butt injections or other components of an augmentation technique.
  • Have realistic expectations from the surgery
  • the patient is physically and mentally fit for the procedure and can abide by the surgeon’s plans.



Butt Augmentation cost

The cost of a buttock augmentation procedure is a variable factor and depends on the following:


  • The type of augmentation techniques 
  • Amount of buttock fat transfer. More significant amounts of fat transfer are more expensive than smaller quantities of fat transfer. 
  • Experience and skills of the surgeon handling your condition 
  • Inhouse charges and additional costs like anaesthetics and medication 

Before recommending buttock augmentation treatment to our patients, we offer free follow-up visits to address their queries and problems. 

Buttock augmentation recovery

Butt augmentation takes approximately 4-6 weeks for proper recovery:


Week 1-2 

The pain subsides along with a level of inflammation.


Week 3-4

 Bruises heal along with the healing of areas of the incision.


Week 4-6

 Inflammation completely subsided, and you can start seeing the results of your procedure.


Augmentation through fat butt transfer takes longer than the implantation method, but the results are longer lasting in this method.

What is buttock augmentation procedure?

Two primary procedures for buttock augmentation are implants and fat transfer. Through implant surgery, silicone is inserted into the buttocks to provide additional fullness and roundness. Alternatively, the fat transfer technique involves removing fat from one body area and injecting it into the backside to create an improved shape. Both procedures can be conducted using local or general anaesthesia with a recovery period spanning several days to weeks.

pre-care of buttock augmentation

Before receiving buttock augmentation surgery, it is common practice for the patient to meet with the surgeon to review their desired results, medical background, and any drugs or supplements they may be taking. The physician may also conduct a physical evaluation and capture photographs for record keeping. To ensure success, preoperative orders may include shunning certain medications or substances, quitting smoking, and preparing transportation and post-procedure aid. Patients must be aware of both risks and rewards associated with this surgical procedure so that realistic expectations for the outcome can be set in place.

Buttock augmentation postoperative

Following a buttock augmentation procedure, patients should expect moderate pain, swelling and bruising levels. Medications can be taken to manage these symptoms, and a compression garment might need to be worn for several weeks. Sitting directly on your buttocks should also be avoided for an extended period as this will aid healing and allow implants to settle correctly. Your surgeon will provide detailed instructions on how best to look after the surgical area, including when showering or dressing is permissible and what activities suit you to return to. Follow-up meetings with your surgeon will be organised to keep track of progress and gauge the surgery results.

buttock augmentation outcomes

Outcomes will differ on a case-by-case basis and the particular procedure used. This type of surgery is typically done to increase the size, shape and contour of the buttocks area to create a fuller yet natural appearance that can improve one’s overall body proportions and bolster self-confidence. While the results can be long-lasting, they may not remain permanent due to ageing, weight fluctuations, or lifestyle. Therefore, patients need to have realistic expectations before undergoing this surgery and follow postoperative instructions diligently so their aesthetic results are maximized.



Usually, 1000cc (1 L) of harvested Fat is recommended by surgeons for a successful butt fat surgery with 500 ccs of Fat for each Buttock to achieve symmetrical balance. Keeping in mind this measurement is done taking into consideration buttock fat transfer for aesthetic purposes.
Overall, 1.5L -2L is the maximum capacity of usable Fat that can be transferred for a safe butt fat surgery keeping in mind that a small percentage of the compounds will get reabsorbed/ die during the process of fat butt injections.

The longevity of buttock implants depends on
The type of implantation procedure (Solid silicone implants last longer than silicon injection technology)
The skills of the surgeon inserting the fillers
The postoperative aftercare is done by the patient (exercise and maintaining a healthy weight can prolong their life span)

silicone is the material of choice and often provides a permanent solution. Though 10-15 years is typically the average lifespan of these implants, there may be cases where replacement is necessary sooner due to lifestyle, activity level or simply aging over time. To increase their longevity and remain in good condition, regular follow-up appointments with a specialist plastic surgeon should be scheduled for monitoring purposes.

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