Have you ever experienced acne, zits, dryness or oiliness, unwanted hair, dark eye circles, puffiness, unprecedented hair loss, or any other problems related to your skin? Perhaps you want to get an anti-ageing treatment done or get a facial to rejuvenate your skin.

This is where the practice of dermatology comes in. This comprehensive guide outlines everything you need about dermatology treatments, why you may need them, and what the best cosmetic dermatology clinic offers.

What Is Dermatology?

For an organ as large as the skin, one that makes up the entirety of the body’s first protective barrier, shielding us from injury and infections, regulating our temperature, and performing essential biological functions—it’s no surprise that there is a branch of medicine devoted entirely to it.

Dermatology is the study, research, diagnosis, and management of any health condition affecting the skin, hair, nails, and related membranes. Cancers, skin conditions, signs of ageing, and oral and genital membranes are all also included in facets of dermatology.

A dermatologist, a skin doctor, specializes in skin, hair, and nail problems. They treat over 3,000 conditions that affect these areas of your body, including everything from mild eczema and dandruff to alopecia and skin cancer.

If you’re having problems with your skin or hair, an experienced dermatologist is the best healthcare professional to turn to.

Other dermatology treatments include:

  • Cryosurgery, which is used to treat warts, skin cancers, as well as other dermatoses
  • Allergy checking
  • Systemic therapies like antibiotics, immunomodulators, or injectable products
  • Topical therapies

Dermatologists also help perform a plethora of beauty and cosmetic procedures and treatments. They have the expertise to prescribe and conduct skin health and wellness sessions.

You can visit a dermatology clinic to get a wide range of treatments done, including the following:

  • Arm tucks
  • Botox treatments
  • Chemical peels
  • Cosmetic filler injections
  • Drainage and exfoliation treatment
  • Eyebrow lifts
  • Facials and spa therapies
  • Hair removal or transplantation
  • Laser hair removal
  • Laser therapy
  • Phototherapy
  • Radiation therapy
  • Scleropathy
  • Tattoo removal
  • Tumescent liposuction
  • Vitiligo surgery
  • And more

Make an appointment at Bizrahmed to personally assess your overall skin condition. Our highly skilled cosmetologists and aestheticians provide the best possible treatments for any skin or hair concern you may have, with favourable long-term results.

What Are the Major Skin Treatments Under Dermatology?

There is a wide array of skin treatments, procedures, and surgeries that you can benefit from. Whether it’s for cosmetic or medical reasons, there are many options to help you achieve the quality of skin that you dream of.

Here are some of the advanced dermatological treatments that you can avail at Bizrahmed’s dermatology centre:

Aesthetic Treatments

  • Anti-ageing treatments
  • Birthmark removal
  • Cellulite treatment
  • Jawline contouring
  • Lip fillers
  • Skin brightening
  • Skin peels
  • Tattoo removal
  • Vampire facelift
  • Varicose vein removal


  • Acne treatments
  • Birthmarks removal
  • Chemical peels
  • Facial scar revision
  • Facial treatments
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Pigmentation treatments
  • Skin boosters
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Skin tag removal
  • Skin whitening

Laser has proven to be a fantastic tool for various cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. The concentrated beam of light can remove unwanted hair, reverse pigmentation, and remove unwanted tattoos.

Bizrahmed provides these laser treatments for skin and hair:

  • Dark circle removal
  • Laser hair removal
  • Fractional CO2 laser
  • Tattoo removal

What Are the Benefits of Visiting a Derma Clinic?

Why go to a dermatology clinic?

You can go to your primary care physician for derma-related concerns, but they will not have the years of specialized knowledge and experience of a dermatologist. The advantage of going to a derma clinic is that they have a team of highly trained doctors, estheticians, and technicians with years of firsthand experience with the intricate inner workings and functions of the hair, skin, and nails.

If you’re looking for the best dermatologist in UAE, consider Bizrahmed for holistic and comprehensive care.

Here are just a few of the many advantages of booking an appointment at a derma clinic:


Dermatology clinics are the best venues for consultations for your specific conditions. A good dermatologist will assess, diagnose, and suggest treatments or procedures to provide the best possible results.

At Bizrahmed, you can get a free consultation dermatologist service as you walk in to understand your current skin conditions and the treatments you need.

It always helps to know what is going on with your skin, especially since it is the most significant indicator of what’s happening inside your body. A good dermatologist can examine you and understand what you need. They can answer all your questions about the treatment, its benefits, side effects, and what you can expect after the procedure.

For complex cosmetic treatments or plastic surgery, thorough consultations are crucial for your prognosis and peace of mind. You must understand everything about the procedure and what you must do to ensure the best results.

Skin Care Advice

Do you have questions about how to best care for your skin? Have you noticed a change in the tone and texture of your skin in the past few months? Do you suffer from oily or dry skin?

Get skin care advice from the best dermatologist in UAE. Our dermatologists will provide the best resources to address these concerns and direct you to the appropriate products and treatments.


Cosmetic procedures may seem superficial, but the truth is that unless you think you look good, you won’t feel good.

Many of our patients have left Bizrahmed clinics feeling so confident in their skin, so empowered and happy, that it spills over into all aspects of their lives.

Cosmetic dermatology also provides much-needed reliable, safe long-term treatments with many benefits. For example, Botulinum toxin injections and laser therapy can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve skin complexion, texture, and elasticity over time.

The effects are long-lasting and well worth the initial investment. Because of this, cosmetic dermatology has become increasingly popular to eliminate early signs of ageing. A recent study showed that injectable fillers could correct fine lines entirely in just one treatment.

Cosmetic procedures can make you feel more confident, more likely to take on new opportunities and maintain a positive self-image. They also help improve self-esteem in the long term.

Facial scar revisions, skin peels, pigmentation targeting, and mole removal are just a few treatments Bizrahmed offers that leave patients feeling incredible. Skin abnormalities and pigmentation due to medical conditions, sun exposure, physical or chemical injuries, exposure to radiation, allergies, or other traumas can leave you feeling sad and awkward. Here at Bizrahmed, you can get consultation, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-ups for all such conditions.

Do you feel like you need a bit of help in terms of facial structuring? You can opt for chin tucks, eyebrow lifts, lip fillers, eyebrow lifts, and more procedures to achieve the look of your dreams.


Aesthetic dermatology can revitalize the skin, treat common skin conditions like acne and rosacea, eliminate age spots and stretch marks, and add volume to the lips. Purely aesthetic dermatology has the solutions to help you look and feel your best, regardless of your age or medical condition.

Even though ageing is a normal part of life, it can have many negative effects on your appearance. Aesthetic dermatology treatments can slow down and even reverse some ageing symptoms. This is significant because years of research have shown that looking healthy generally indicates a healthier lifestyle. And as we know, people who believe they look better are more likely to be healthy.

When you opt for aesthetic treatments like chemical peels, you can anticipate that you’ll look and feel your best. They will give you a youthful appearance and leave your skin radiant, supple and bouncy. Peels can also improve complexion and texture, battle acne, reduce fine lines, and eliminate blemishes, imperfections, and scarring.

Aesthetic dermatology treats hair and skin issues so patients can appear healthier, even going so far as to enhance the self-confidence of those self-conscious about their appearance for years.

Whether you want a glow-boosting skincare routine or are thinking about fillers or Botox, Bizrahmed has you covered. You’re in good hands when you consult with an expert dermatologist who treats both medical and cosmetic issues.

Aesthetic dermatology skin treatments are also primarily reversible and semi-permanent by nature. With over 15 years of experience in dermatology treatments, we use the latest technologies and techniques to provide patients worldwide with the finest results.



Bizrahmed’s Top-Notch Dermatology Treatments

Bizrahmed provides world-class dermatology treatments for skin and hair, including a whole suite of services and treatments like plastic surgery, body contouring, hair transplants, surgical treatments, aesthetic treatments, and men’s health treatments.

Our team of expert dermatologists and cosmetologists provides the best consultation services to help you plan your treatment journey with us. We’ve handled thousands of cases in our dermatology clinic in Dubai and London.

Are you looking for the best dermatologist in Dubai? Look no further than Bizrahmed. Our advanced dermatology and cosmetic surgery treatments are widely accessible and affordable.

Why Choose Bizrahmed?

Our dermatologists and technicians have extensive experience treating various skin conditions and diseases. Bizrahmed provides state-of-the-art diagnosis and sophisticated treatments for all dermatology needs, from routine care to more serious conditions requiring complex treatment plans.

We use the most advanced technology for treating all dermatological concerns, no matter how severe. Our highly-trained and skilled doctors specialise in surgical and non-invasive procedures for skin and hair.

We provide dermatological treatments, ranging from getting rid of acne, skin brightening, birthmark and pigmentation removal to laser treatments for hair and skin. With many resources, we can select the approach that best suits your needs.

We also offer competitive treatment pricing and payment plans. We have many loyal, happy customers who can affirm the excellent quality of our therapies. With our team of dermatology experts in the UK and the UAE, Bizrahmed can help you achieve complete confidence and the look of your dreams.

Dermatology Treatments Cost

The cost of a good dermatologist in Dubai is determined by the most appropriate treatment for your condition and its severity. Bizrahmed’s dermatology & surgery clinic offers packages that include both before and after care, such as creams, checkups, and additional consultations.

The rates for treatments vary. For example, the cost of a hair removal laser session depends on the size of the target area and ease of access. More superficial skin treatments like facials, eyebrow lifts, or chemical peels are priced differently from more complex procedures like fillers.

Bizrahmed provides the most competitive treatment packages and payment plans to make our cosmetic services more affordable to those who require them. Look no further than our proven track record of delivering the finest cosmetic and medical results for our patients across all races and backgrounds.

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