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Discover Septoplasty (Blocked Nose Surgery) at Bizrahmed

Septoplasty, also known as endoscopic sinus surgery, is a minimally invasive procedure designed to alleviate sinus blockages, enhancing airflow and relieving discomfort. At Bizrahmed, we understand that living comfortably and healthily is essential for a fulfilling life. If you’ve endured the frustration of a blocked nose, our skilled surgeons can help you regain your quality of life.

Our endoscopic sinus surgery is a low-risk, minimally invasive solution that minimizes discomfort. With an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon like Dr. Bizrah leading our team, you’re in capable hands. We’re proud to be among Dubai’s top healthcare providers, known for exceptional surgical care.

Dr. Bizrah, a renowned expert in his field, oversees each blocked nose surgery at Bizrahmed. His global recognition and expertise ensure outstanding results. Trust Dr. Bizrah and our team for quality surgical care and a life free from sinus discomfort.

Why Choose Dr. Bizrah for Blocked Nose Surgery

  • 28 Years of Unparalleled Experience: With nearly three decades of expertise, Dr. Bizrah has successfully treated a wide range of patients, offering a wealth of experience in the field.
  • Internationally Recognized Author: Dr. Bizrah is a renowned author of a textbook on Rhinoplasty and Facial Plastic Surgery, recognized by prestigious institutions like the American and European Academies of Facial Plastic Surgeons and the UK.
  • Advanced Endoscopic Approach: Dr. Bizrah utilizes cutting-edge endoscopic techniques for precision and minimal invasiveness, ensuring a smoother recovery.
  • Comfortable Local Anesthesia with Sedation: Experience the procedure with ease, as Dr. Bizrah employs local anesthesia with sedation to ensure your comfort throughout the surgery.
  • Permanent Resolution for Blocked Nose: Dr. Bizrah’s expertise guarantees a lasting solution for your blocked nose, alleviating discomfort and improving breathing.
  • Efficient Same-Day Surgery: Benefit from the convenience of same-day surgery, allowing you to return to your daily life with a rejuvenated nose and unblocked airways.

Why Consider Blocked Nose Surgery

A blocked or stuffy nose, also known as nasal congestion or obstruction, can significantly impact your quality of life by limiting airflow through your nasal passages. There are various reasons you might consider blocked nose surgery to restore normal breathing patterns:


  • Foreign Body Obstruction: Sometimes, foreign objects can inadvertently obstruct your nostrils, making it difficult to breathe. Blocked nose surgery can help clear your airway and restore proper breathing.
  • Sinusitis: Sinusitis is characterized by inflamed and infected sinuses, resulting in pain and swelling. Addressing this condition through surgery can alleviate the associated nasal blockage.


Additionally, other factors that may lead to a blocked nose and warrant surgical intervention include:


  • Allergic Rhinitis: Seasonal or perennial allergies can trigger nasal congestion. Surgery may offer a long-term solution for those seeking relief from persistent congestion.
  • Common Cold and Influenza: Viral infections like the common cold and influenza can cause temporary nasal blockage. In some cases, surgical options may be considered if the condition persists.
  • Sinus Edema: Swelling of the sinuses can obstruct nasal passages, impacting your ability to breathe freely. Surgical procedures can help alleviate this discomfort.
  • Nasal Polyps: Noncancerous growths in the nasal passages, known as nasal polyps, can cause congestion. Surgery can effectively remove these polyps, improving airflow.
  • Hay Fever and Allergic Conditions: Chronic conditions like hay fever and other allergies can lead to chronic nasal congestion. For those seeking lasting relief, surgical interventions may be an option.
  • Nasal Injury: Trauma or injury to the nose can result in structural issues that obstruct breathing. Surgical correction can restore proper nasal function.


Consider consulting with a medical professional to explore the most suitable solution for your specific blocked nose concerns.

The Benefits of Blocked Nose Surgery

Is your daily life hindered by a persistent blocked nose? If so, consider the transformative advantages of blocked nose surgery. This procedure goes beyond simply clearing congestion; it offers a range of benefits:


  • Relief from Constitutional Symptoms: Say goodbye to headaches, dizziness, and fatigue.
  • Enhanced Breathing and Sleep: Experience improved breathing and better sleep patterns.
  • Reduced Facial Pressure: Bid farewell to uncomfortable facial pressure.
  • Pain and Discomfort Alleviated: Find relief from nagging pain and discomfort.


A blocked nose can severely impede your daily activities and overall quality of life. Opting for blocked nose surgery with a seasoned surgeon like Dr. Bizrah ensures not only improved productivity but also minimizes the risk of complications. This procedure is highly recommended for those grappling with sleep apnea, breathing issues, severe pain, or related complications stemming from a blocked nose. Regain control of your life; choose blocked nose surgery with Dr. Bizrah.


Discover the Bizrahmed difference when it comes to blocked nose surgery in Dubai. We prioritize your well-being throughout your journey, ensuring you receive the highest standard of care. Here’s what sets us apart:


  • Endoscopic Sinus Expertise: Dr. Bizrah is globally renowned for his expertise in endoscopic sinus surgery, making him a leading nose surgeon in Dubai.
  • Patient-Centric Approach: Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities. Dr. Bizrah will engage in thorough discussions about your desired outcomes and concerns before any surgical procedure.
  • International Recognition: Dr. Bizrah is not only a prominent figure in Dubai but also in London and worldwide as a skilled Rhinoplasty surgeon.
  • Dedicated Care Team: Alongside our surgeon, Dr. Bashar Bizrah, our highly trained staff is committed to ensuring your comfort throughout your stay and surgical experience.
  • Free Consultations: We offer complimentary consultations for all treatments, giving you the opportunity to explore your options.
  • Convenience and Comfort: For our international patients, we provide free transportation and accommodation, ensuring a hassle-free experience.


Are you experiencing discomfort, productivity issues, or even sleep apnea due to a blocked nose? You may be an ideal candidate for blocked nose surgery if you:


  • Struggle to breathe due to a deviated septum.
  • Are a non-smoker and in good physical health.
  • Have no underlying psychological or physical conditions.
  • Suffer from recurrent sinusitis, with multiple infections per year.
  • Endure chronic sinusitis lasting approximately 12 weeks despite home remedies.
  • Experience chronic sinus headaches or nasal polyps.
  • Have a deviated septum causing persistent congestion.
  • Notice discolored nasal drainage, hoarseness, or sore throat.
  • Meet the age and physical readiness criteria.
  • Possess realistic goals for your surgery, which we’ll help you achieve.
  • Are willing to adhere to medication and alcohol-related instructions.
  • Choose Bizrahmed for personalized care and expert solutions to your blocked nose concerns.




Preoperative Phase

Before undergoing blocked nose surgery at Bizrahmed, our surgeons will guide you through a comprehensive preoperative assessment. This assessment includes a detailed nose examination and general health screening. It is essential to disclose any pre-existing medical conditions, allergies, or prior surgeries during this stage. This information helps our surgical team tailor a personalized treatment plan to ensure optimal outcomes.

Once our medical experts have assessed your condition and discussed your surgical goals, a surgery date will be scheduled.

Preoperative Preparation

To ensure the best possible results from your surgery, our surgeons may advise you to follow specific guidelines:


  • Hydration and Balanced Diet: Maintaining hydration and consuming a balanced diet aids in quicker wound healing.
  • Medication Adjustment: Two weeks before the procedure, discontinue the use of medications like Aspirin, NSAIDs, blood-thinning drugs, and herbal supplements, as they can increase bleeding risk during surgery and complications with anesthesia.
  • Sun Exposure Avoidance: Avoid direct sun exposure, which can affect incision lines and scar pigmentation.
  • Smoking Cessation: Quit smoking at least 3–4 weeks before surgery to improve muscle tone and surgical outcomes.
  • Fasting and Preparation: Refrain from eating after midnight the night before surgery, arrive at the clinic a couple of hours before the procedure, avoid makeup and nail polish, and wear comfortable clothing.


Blocked nose surgery is a minimally invasive procedure conducted painlessly by our experienced surgical team. To ensure your comfort, the attending surgeon may administer either general anesthesia or sedatives before commencing the surgery. An endotracheal tube is positioned at the corner of your mouth to maintain an open airway for oxygenation. Transparent coverings shield your eyes while the surgeon focuses on the nasal area. Nasal cavities are packed with oxymetazoline-soaked cotton to reduce congestion. The more obstructed side of the nose is addressed first, but if the blockage is more severe on one side, the surgeon may start there.

An endoscope, a small camera, is introduced for better visibility, and specialized instruments are utilized through the nostrils to enlarge sinus openings, remove blockages, or make necessary corrections.


Following the surgery, you will be transferred to a recovery room, where our skilled staff will monitor your condition. Before you return home or to your hotel, our doctors will provide instructions to expedite your recovery. Key points may include:


  • Nose Bleeding: Post-surgery nosebleeds are common but temporary. Tilt your head forward and pinch your nose for 10 minutes if bleeding occurs. Contact us if bleeding persists.
  • Medication and Nasal Care: Follow prescribed analgesics and antibiotics. Use nasal mist and nasal irrigation to maintain moist sinuses for faster healing.
  • Sneezing: Do not hold back sneezes; sneeze with your mouth open and sniff back immediately.
  • Symptoms Monitoring: Report unusual symptoms such as upset stomach or diarrhea related to antibiotic side effects.
  • Diet: Maintain a balanced diet.
  • Contact Surgeon: Notify your surgeon if you experience eye swelling, stiff neck, severe headache, watery nasal drainage, or high fever.


Adhering to post-operative


At Bizrahmed, our endoscopic sinus surgery delivers permanent, enduring results. Barring unforeseen injuries, further surgical intervention should not be necessary. You will regain the long-term relief you seek, enjoying improved sleep, breathing, and daily life within days of surgery. While minor effects like temporary nosebleeds may occur, following your surgeon’s post-operative guidance is all that’s required for complete results.


Septoplasty is typically an outpatient procedure, allowing you to return home on the same day once anesthesia effects wear off. Expect some initial swelling, pain, and nose packing to control bleeding. Packing removal usually occurs within a day or two, accompanied by prescribed pain relief.


Your journey to relieving a blocked nose starts with an open, comprehensive consultation with our skilled surgeon. Following the consultation, our surgeons will examine your nose and discuss your goals. Medical tests may be necessary to assess your overall health. Once cleared for surgery, a date will be set. Bizrahmed has a strong track record of delivering exceptional results to patients of all backgrounds. Schedule your free consultation for blocked nose surgery with us today.


Book your free appointment by calling +971800249724.


The cost of blocked nose surgery at Bizrahmed in Dubai varies based on factors such as the level of care, surgeon expertise, technique, patient needs, and technology employed. Rest assured, our highly qualified surgeons provide top-notch care, utilizing state-of-the-art medical technology, and customizing procedures for optimal results. Choosing Bizrahmed ensures you receive the best endoscopic sinus surgery in Dubai at a competitive price. We also offer flexible payment plans for your convenience.



How long does the blocked nose surgery in Dubai take?

The surgery takes approximately two hours or more. General anaesthesia, intravenous sedation, or local anaesthesia is used. This is an outpatient procedure. Temporary swelling, bruising around the eyes and/or nose, and some bleeding and nasal stuffiness.

Is nose surgery safe?

Although nose surgery is very low-risk, people should be aware of the potential complications and approach their doctor with any concerns.

Is there a surgery to open nasal passages?

Septoplasty corrects a deviated nasal septum or another septal deformity that can obstruct airflow through the nose and cause difficulty breathing. Your nasal septum divides your nasal cavity into left and right sides and ends at your nostrils.

What restrictions will I have after the surgery?

You will have a drip pad under your nose to collect mucus and blood. Change it only when it bleeds through. You may have to do it every hour for 24 hours after surgery. You will be able to return to work or school in a few days and to your routine in about 3 weeks.

How long until my pain is relieved after the blocked nose surgery?

Pain is relieved within 2-3 weeks after surgery. Normal breathing is also restored within this time. However, it would help if you were consistent with your post-operative visits for optimal results.

Can I drive home after the procedure?

No, you should not. At Bizrahmed, we provide chauffeur services for all our clients.

What is nose surgery, and why is it performed?

Nose surgery, or rhinoplasty, is a surgical procedure aimed at reshaping or enhancing the appearance of the nose. It is performed to address aesthetic concerns, correct breathing problems, or both.

Am I a good candidate for nose surgery?

Ideal candidates are in good overall health, have realistic expectations, and desire specific changes to their nose. Consult with a surgeon to determine if rhinoplasty is suitable for you.

What are the different types of nose surgery?

Rhinoplasty can be categorized as open or closed, depending on the incision technique. It can also be cosmetic (for appearance) or functional (for breathing improvement). Consult with a surgeon to determine the right type for your needs.

How long does the nose surgery procedure take?

The duration varies depending on the complexity of the surgery. On average, rhinoplasty can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours.

How can I prepare for nose surgery?

Preoperative preparation may include discontinuing certain medications, maintaining a healthy diet, quitting smoking, and following your surgeon’s pre-surgery guidelines.

What does Septoplasty involve?

During a Septoplasty, the surgeon will attempt to straighten bent cartilage and bone in the septum. Firstly, they lift the mucosa lining covering the cartilage and bone. The surgeon then reshapes the cartilage and bone, sometimes removing portions. After that, they will then put the lining back in place.

When will I begin to breathe better?  

You can breathe much better after the procedure, but it will get clogged over the next few days due to mucous and blood. During your follow-up visit, you will clean out your nose, and you should be able to breathe much better afterwards.

Is Septoplasty a major surgery?

In severe cases, doctors may recommend Septoplasty, a minor surgical procedure to correct the deviated septum. In the surgery, the doctor straightens and pulls the septum back to its original place.

How should I sleep after my blocked nose surgery?

It’s best to maintain an elevated sleeping position after your surgery. If you sleep on your side, pressure is applied to your nose and will make you uncomfortable.

Are there any risks associated with blocked nose surgery?

Blocked nose surgery with Dr. Bizrah is associated with minimal or no risk.

Is nose surgery painful?

During the procedure, you’ll be under anesthesia and won’t feel any pain. Afterward, some discomfort and swelling are common, but pain is usually manageable with prescribed medications.

What is the recovery time for nose surgery?

Recovery times vary, but patients can typically expect several weeks of swelling and bruising. You should be able to return to most normal activities within 1-2 weeks, but complete healing may take several months.

Are there risks or complications associated with nose surgery?

Like any surgical procedure, there are risks involved, including infection, bleeding, or unsatisfactory results. It’s important to choose a qualified surgeon and follow post-operative instructions to minimize these risks.

How much does nose surgery cost?

The cost of rhinoplasty varies depending on factors like the surgeon’s experience, location, and the complexity of the procedure. It’s best to consult with a surgeon for an accurate cost estimate.

Will insurance cover the cost of nose surgery for functional reasons (breathing problems)?

In some cases, insurance may cover the cost of functional rhinoplasty if it is deemed medically necessary to address breathing difficulties. Check with your insurance provider for specific details.

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