Blocked Nose

What is Septoplasty
(Blocked Nose Surgery)

Blocked nose surgery, or endoscopic sinus surgery, is a minimally invasive procedure to clear the sinuses– small air-filled cavities behind your cheekbones and forehead. This procedure allows easy mucus drainage of the sinuses, thus promoting smooth airflow through the nose. Blocked nose surgery aims to help you recover from a blocked nose.

Living a comfortable and healthy life is critical to maximum productivity and fulfilment. If you have a blocked nose and have had to live with the pain and discomfort associated with it for a long time, you don’t have to! Blocked nose surgery at Bizrahmed can give you your life back.

If you want a lasting solution to your blocked nose, get your endoscopic sinus surgery done at Bizhramed to find relief again with no risk and at a cost you can afford.

This surgery is minimally invasive, i.e., it requires little cutting to unblock your sinus openings. There may be little or no pain and risk throughout the procedure. However, this is when you get an experienced surgeon to perform the procedure. With our team of experienced healthcare professionals and surgeons, endoscopic sinus surgery at Bizhramed is a simple procedure that guarantees the best result always. Our hospital is ranked among the best in Dubai for standard surgical care.

Typically, Blocked nose surgery at Bizhramed is performed by one of our highly recognized and elite surgeons known to be the best in his field of expertise, Dr. Bizrah. Alongside his well-trained surgical team, Dr.Bizrah has led several successful endoscopic sinus surgeries at Bizrahemd with no risk and proven results. His applaudable expertise and achievements in the surgical field earned him global recognition. Thus, the best result is guaranteed if you let our leading expert, Dr.Bizrah, give you quality surgical care at Bizrahmed.

Why Choose Dr Bizrah
For Blocked Nose Surgery

  • 28 years of experience handling versatile patients.
  • Authored Textbook, recognized by the American and European Academies of Facial Plastic Surgeons, the UK, featuring Rhinoplasty & Facial Plastic Surgery.
  • Endoscopic Approach.
  • Local Anaesthesia with sedation.
  • Permanent solution for Blocked Nose.
  • Same-day surgery.

Reasons For Blocked Nose Surgery

A blocked nose, or stuffy nose, is a relatively common condition. Other medical terms for it include; Nasal congestion, Nasal obstruction, and Nasal blockage. Consequently, these terms describe the reduced sensation of airflow through the nose.

Conditions that may obstruct your breathing and requires you to get a blocked nose surgery to restore regular breathing pattern include;

  • Foreign body obstruction

Sometimes, an exogenous material can get into the nostrils and impede breathing. If you experience this, you may need blocked nose surgery to restore your airway patency.

  • Sinusitis

This is a condition where your sinuses are infected and inflamed, leading to pain and swelling.

Other conditions that can cause a blocked nose may include the following;

  • Allergic Rhinitis
  • Common cold and influenza
  • Oedema of the sinuses
  • Presence of foreign bodies or materials
  • Nasal polyps
  • Hay fever or other allergic conditions
  • Nasal injury

Benefits of Blocked Nose Surgery

Has your productivity been impaired and your comfort altered due to a blocked nose? Then, you need a blocked nose surgery; Blocked nose surgery helps relieve a stuffy nose, thus improving airway patency. Other benefits include:

  • Relieve constitutional symptoms such as headache, dizziness, and fatigue.
  • Improve breathing and sleeping patterns.
  • Help reduce facial pressure.
  • Pain and discomfort are relieved.

A blocked nose may prevent you from optimally carrying out daily tasks and activities.

It’s best to get a blocked nose surgery done by an experienced surgeon to improve your productivity without worrying about additional risks or complications. Blocked nose surgery with Dr. Bizrah is recommended for patients who may have developed sleep apnea, breathing difficulties, severe pain, or symptoms and complications associated with a blocked nose.

Why Choose Bizrahmed
For Your Blocked Nose Surgery in Dubai

At Bizrahmed, we have all the facilities to identify and curate a treatment plan tailored to your needs. We will always be a part of your decision-making process for you to get standard care.

These are what make us different:

  • At Bizrahmed, endoscopic sinus surgery is one of the core specialities of Dr. Bizrah. He has gained global recognition as a notable nose surgeon in Dubai.
  • Our priority is to provide quality and holistic care for our patients. For positive outcomes and client satisfaction, Dr. Bizrah will discuss your desired outcomes and in-depth concerns before the surgery.
  • Dr. Bizrah is experienced in dealing with diverse patients and is a renowned Rhinoplasty surgeon in Dubai, London, and globally.
  • Alongside our surgeon, Dr. Bashar Bizrah, one of our highly trained and experienced staff will be assigned to you to make you comfortable throughout your stay and surgical experience.
  • You get free consultations for all treatments.
  • We provide free transportation and accommodation for all our patients who come from abroad.

Ideal candidates
for Septoplasty in Dubai

Suppose you experience breathing difficulties, sleep apnea, pain, or every other symptom that makes you feel discomfort and less productive due to a clogged nose. No doubt, you are an ideal candidate for blocked nose surgery.

You are an ideal candidate for endoscopic sinus surgery if you have the following:

  • Have deviated septum, which is making it difficult for you to breathe.
  • If you are a non-smoker and physically healthy.
  • Do not have any psychological or physical problems.
  • Recurrent sinusitis, i.e., your sinus infection, keeps returning at least 2 to 4 times a year.
  • Chronic sinusitis: If you have tried several home remedies, medications, warm compresses, etc., to unblock your nose, but all to no avail. You are a candidate for blocked nose surgery, especially when it lasts for about 12 weeks.
  • Chronic sinus headaches.
  • Nasal polyps(a non-cancerous growth on the sinus lining).
  • A deviated septum(an off-centre septum that divides your nose into half).
  • Persistent nasal congestion.
  • Discoloured drainage from the nose.
  • Chronic hoarseness and sore throat.
  • Must be of the Appropriate age for the procedure.
  • You must be physically ready for the procedure.
  • You should have a realistic and achievable goal for your surgery, which we would help meet.
  • You may be asked to stop some drugs and alcohol, which you must comply with. Also, your surgeon may ask you to quit before the surgery.




Preoperative Phase

Our surgeons will recommend an initial screening program before you have blocked nose surgery. This program consists mainly of a nose examination and general screening. Furthermore, discussing your pre-existing medical and allergy issues and any previous operations with our specialists at this stage is critical in assisting our surgeons in developing an appropriate treatment plan that suits you.

After our doctors assess you and discuss your surgical goals, a date is set for the procedure.

Our surgeons will advise you to do certain things before the treatment to achieve the best possible results. Here are some of the things they might expect from you.

  • Maintaining hydration and consuming a lot of liquids together with a balanced diet is crucial. Following a rigorous diet can ensure that incision wounds heal quickly.
  • Two weeks before the procedure, you might need to cease taking previous medications, including Aspirin, NSAIDs, blood-thinning drugs, and herbal supplements. These drugs frequently result in severe bleeding during surgery and raise the danger of heart problems when receiving anaesthesia.
  • Also crucial is avoiding direct sun exposure, which can colour incision lines and cause pigmented scars.
  • Avoiding nicotine and smoking, which have similar effects, would be beneficial. Smoking can also damage muscle tone and the overall outcomes of the operation. It is recommended to stop smoking at least 3–4 weeks before the procedure.
  • Avoid eating anything after midnight the night before the surgery to aid your anaesthesia the next day. On the day of the procedure, arrive at the clinic at least a couple of hours beforehand. Avoid wearing any makeup or nail polish, and dress comfortably.

The Blocked Nose Surgery (Operative phase)

Blocked nose surgery is a non-invasive surgery. With the experience and competency of our surgical team, this will be a painless procedure. Before starting the procedure, the attending surgeon will ensure the procedure the comfortable for you using either general anaesthesia or sedatives. Subsequently, an endotracheal tube is then secured on the left corner of your mouth. To keep your airway open for oxygenation. Your eyes are covered with a transparent covering for protection while exposing the nose to the surgeon. Your nasal cavities are packed with oxymetazoline-soaked cotton to decongest them. The side affected more is operated on before the next; however, if this side is more blocked, the surgeon may start with the more open side.

An endoscope(a small camera) is introduced for a better view and access. Other specialized instruments are also used through the nostrils to enlarge the sinus openings, remove the blockage, or make corrections to the sinus.

 Once the inflamed sinus has been cleared or the other cause of blockage drained normal sinus drainage will be restored. You must begin the post-operative phase of your nasal congestion treatment immediately for optimal results.

Post-Operative Phase

Immediately after the procedure, you will be taken to a recovery room. Our skilful staff will monitor your condition until you return to your home or reserve hotel accommodation. Our doctors will also inform you about things to expect and how to quicken your recovery. Some of the information may include;

  • A few hours after your surgery, you may experience epistaxis(Nose bleed), don’t be scared. It’s regular and only temporary. If this happens, tilt your head forward and pinch down ⅔ of your nose for about 10 minutes. If bleeding continues, Contact us immediately.
  • Analgesics and antibiotics should be used as prescribed. Nasal mist and Nasal irrigation should be used to rinse the sinuses. Your sinuses will heal faster in a moist environment. If you feel discomfort using nasal irrigation, see your surgeon and discontinue if advised.
  • You may feel scared to sneeze after your surgery, don’t hold back your sneeze. Do this with your mouth open and sniff back immediately.
  • If you notice any unusual symptom, such as stomach upset or diarrhoea, consult your surgeon immediately, as this may be associated with the side effects of the antibiotics prescribed. There may be a need to reevaluate your drug regimen.
    Maintain a regular balanced diet.
  • Reach your surgeon if you notice any of the following; swelling of the eye, stiff neck, severe headache, watery and clear nasal drainage, and extremely high temperature.
  • Suppose you adhere strictly to the post-operative instruction and comply with the care given by Dr. Bizhrah in no time. In that case, you will find yourself doing daily activities like you never had a blocked nose.

Blocked Nose Surgery Results

At Bizrahmed, our endoscopic sinus surgery produces permanent, long-lasting results; unless a subsequent injury occurs, you may never need to revisit the hospital for another surgery. We will give you the long-term relief you have always wanted. Once your sinuses heal after a few days, you can sleep well, breathe, and go about your everyday life.

However, you may experience some minor effects, such as a mild nosebleed after the procedure, don’t panic, as this is only temporary. All you have to do is stick to the post-operative instructions given by your surgeon to get the complete results.

 At Bizrahmed, our surgical team and health professionals provide quality care and meet your overall needs.

The nose wound will heal quickly, and your breathing will likely improve shortly after the procedure. However, the overall healing process can be slow. Cartilage and other nasal tissues can take up to a year to fully settle into their new shape.

Most people experience no ongoing symptoms after surgery. In some cases, however, the cartilage and nasal tissues shift over time, eventually blocking airflow through the nose again. This means a second surgery will further reshape the nose and septum.

Many people suffer from adenoids. This patient was experiencing blockage in the nose and Turbinate hypertrophy. Dr Bashar Bizrah performed surgery while the patient was under local anaesthesia. As you can see, an outstanding result was achieved immediately after the surgery.

Septoplasty Recovery & Downtime

Septoplasty is usually performed as an outpatient procedure unless significant complications arise. This means you can go home on the same day as the procedure once the anaesthesia has worn off. Your nose will be swollen, painful, and cotton-packed to control bleeding. The packing can be removed a day or two after surgery. Your doctor will also prescribe pain medication as needed.

Blocked Nose Surgery Consultation at Bizrahmed

An open, direct, and thorough consultation with our surgeon is the first step in the blocked nose procedure.

After that, our surgeons will examine your nose and discuss your objectives. They might also ask for some medical tests to determine your general health. A date for the surgery will be set once you have been given the all-clear to go ahead. For all of our patients, regardless of race or background, Bizrahmed has a track record of providing the best cosmetic and medical results. Please don’t wait to schedule a free consultation with us for your blocked nose surgery.

You can book a free appointment by calling +971800249724.

Blocked Nose cost in Dubai

The cost of blocked nose surgery with Bizrahmed in Dubai is determined by several factors, including the level of care given, the surgeon’s overall expertise, the technique used, the patient’s needs, and the technology used. Our surgeons are highly qualified and experienced, so you can rest assured that the quality of your care at Bizrahmed will be the greatest possible. Our clinic also has state-of-the-art medical technology, and our surgeons customize surgical procedures to meet each patient’s unique needs for the best outcomes. If you pick Bizrahmed, you will receive the best endoscopic sinus surgery in Dubai at a significantly lower cost than anywhere else. Additionally, Bizrahmed offers payment plans for procedures.



The surgery takes approximately two hours or more. General anaesthesia, intravenous sedation, or local anaesthesia is used. This is an outpatient procedure. Temporary swelling, bruising around the eyes and/or nose, and some bleeding and nasal stuffiness.

Although nose surgery is very low-risk, people should be aware of the potential complications and approach their doctor with any concerns.

Septoplasty corrects a deviated nasal septum or another septal deformity that can obstruct airflow through the nose and cause difficulty breathing. Your nasal septum divides your nasal cavity into left and right sides and ends at your nostrils.

You will have a drip pad under your nose to collect mucus and blood. Change it only when it bleeds through. You may have to do it every hour for 24 hours after surgery. You will be able to return to work or school in a few days and to your routine in about 3 weeks.

Pain is relieved within 2-3 weeks after surgery. Normal breathing is also restored within this time. However, it would help if you were consistent with your post-operative visits for optimal results.

No, you should not. At Bizrahmed, we provide chauffeur services for all our clients.

During a Septoplasty, the surgeon will attempt to straighten bent cartilage and bone in the septum. Firstly, they lift the mucosa lining covering the cartilage and bone. The surgeon then reshapes the cartilage and bone, sometimes removing portions. After that, they will then put the lining back in place.

You can breathe much better after the procedure, but it will get clogged over the next few days due to mucous and blood. During your follow-up visit, you will clean out your nose, and you should be able to breathe much better afterwards.

In severe cases, doctors may recommend Septoplasty, a minor surgical procedure to correct the deviated septum. In the surgery, the doctor straightens and pulls the septum back to its original place.

It's best to maintain an elevated sleeping position after your surgery. If you sleep on your side, pressure is applied to your nose and will make you uncomfortable.

Blocked nose surgery with Dr. Bizrah is associated with minimal or no risk.

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