What is Facial Plastic Surgery?

    Facial plastic surgery is a reconstructive surgery performed to change or enhance the appearance of the face. Typically, facial plastic surgery could involve reshaping the neck, nose, ears, chin, cheekbones, and neckline, depending on the aesthetic goals of the procedure. In many cases, a combination of different facial plastic surgeries is done to achieve our esteemed clients’ beauty goals. This unique procedure is called Face-Reverse plastic surgery. Facial plastic surgery with Bizrahmed can transform your look. We can help you attain your dream facial beauty with our exceptional Face-Reverse procedure.

    Facial plastic surgery may involve removing some facial bones to achieve the desired facial contour. Also, the facial muscles, tissues, and blood vessels may be moved and reconnected using specialized microscopic techniques. Facial reconstruction surgery is done in case of a traumatic facial accident or severe facial injuries to the face where excess skin tissue, muscle, or bone is lost. The surgeon takes pieces of bones, skin, or muscle from sites such as the skull, pelvis, rib, or thigh and grafts them to the area where they are lost.

    At Bizrahmed, we can help you regain your youthful look and beauty with our state-of-the-art Facial plastic surgery procedure. Our surgeons are incredibly skilful and among the best doctors in the world. Bizrahmed can help you achieve your long-desired beauty goals!


    At Bizrahmed we cover all the most requested areas for facial plastic surgery

    Reasons For Facial Plastic Surgery

    The appearance of one’s face is associated with beauty, confidence, and healthy living. However, several factors can distort one’s facial beauty. Age, pregnancy, and many medical conditions are known to distort the appearance of the face. As we age, the facial skin typically becomes saggy, and fine or deep wrinkles appear. Traumatic stress to the skin, accident, or injury may also cause the facial skin to be disfigured. If you want to get your youthful facial looks back, then facial plastic surgery is for you. Other reasons for facial plastic surgery include the following;

    • To boost self-confidence and self-esteem.
    • To look more youthful and beautiful.
    • A health condition or skin problem that may require facial surgery.
    • To tighten saggy skin around the face, neck, and jowls.
    • To improve your facial contours
    • To reverse the aging process.
    • Severe injury to the face.

    Benefits of Facial Plastic Surgery

    If you are considering facial plastic surgery, these are the benefits you get to enjoy as an individual. These benefits include:

    1. Your aging signs are reduced.
    2. Your self-confidence and esteem as an individual are boosted.
    3. It helps remove loose skin and wrinkles.
    4. You will look younger and more beautiful with plastic surgery.
    5. It helps re-sculpt lost facial muscle tone and skin elasticity.
    6. Helps with recovery from a traumatic injury to the face.
    7. A congenital disability that affects the face can be corrected
    8. Facial scars or tumors can be removed with facial plastic surgery.
    9. Your ability to eat, drink, speak and express emotions can be improved with this surgery.

    All of these perks are yours, plus a few more. Having your surgery at Bizrahmed means you get the best of both worlds: a successful procedure with natural-looking results and the luxury of Dubai.

    of Facial Plastic Surgery

    Depending on your facial condition, injury, or self-desire, here are types of facial plastic surgery that may be done to meet your needs.

    • RHINOPLASTY: This is a cosmetic surgery performed on the nose, commonly called a nose job. It is done to change the appearance and reconstruct and straighten the nose. If rhinoplasty aims to improve breathing patterns, the nasal hump is removed. This type of surgery is a form of functional rhinoplasty, and it’s called Septoplasty. However, if the aim is to improve appearance, the nasal tip and septum are reshaped or resized. This is a form of cosmetic rhinoplasty.
    • FACELIFT & NECKLIFT SURGERY: This cosmetic surgery is done to improve facial appearance. Facelift surgery, also known as rhytidectomy, elevates the facial skin and tightens the tissues and muscles to give a more beautiful or youthful look. A neck lift, otherwise known as a lower rhytidectomy, is a surgical operation that can reduce the indications of aging that are noticeable in the jawline and neck.
    • EYELID SURGERY: Also known as Blepharoplasty. This is an aesthetic plastic surgery performed to improve the appearance of the eye, remove the eye bags, revitalize the look, and lift saggy skin. It is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure to remove excess fat and muscle and reduce saggy skin. The goal is to improve the appearance of reverse aging effects.
    • FOREHEAD LIFT/EYEBROW LIFT: This is also known as brow lifts or forehead rejuvenation. In this cosmetic surgery, the brows are lifted to remove wrinkles, ease frown lines,  and tighten the muscles in the forehead. Appearance is improved after a forehead lift procedure.Cheek augmentation: Cheek augmentation is performed to add volume to the cheeks or give them a lift. It often involves fat grafting or transfer (using the patient’s fat) or solid cheek implants.
    • OTOPLASTY (EAR RESHAPING): It is often known as ear surgery and can modify the ear’s shape, position, or proportions. Otoplasty gives the ears and faces a more natural appearance by restoring balance and harmony. Correction of even slight ear abnormalities can have significant aesthetic and self-esteem benefits.
    • DOUBLE CHIN REMOVAL: It involves the removal of excess fat and tightening the skin around the chin. Double chin surgery gives you a more defined jawline.
    • BUCCAL FAT REMOVAL: Buccal fat removal aims to slim the cheeks, particularly in the hollows of the cheeks. The procedure involves the removal of the buccal fat pad, a naturally occurring region of fat in the hollow of the cheek.

    Why Choose Bizrahmed
    For Your Facial Plastic Surgery in Dubai

    At Bizrahmed, we have advanced technologies that give you a new outlook. We are ranked among the best clinics in Dubai because of our special surgical care. We are rapidly advancing in the fast-growing healthcare system.

    What makes us different at Bizrahmed:

    • Facial plastic surgery is done by our highly skilled surgeons. At Bizrahmed, all our plastic surgeons are elite specialists. They are acclaimed worldwide as exceptional in their respective fields.
    • Our priority is to provide quality and holistic care for our patients. For positive outcomes and client satisfaction, our Consultant surgeons will discuss your desired results and in-depth concerns before the surgery.
    • Our surgeons are experienced and have encountered patients with different personalities from all around the world. Be rest assured to get the best from us.
    • Alongside your surgeon and his surgical team, one of our highly trained and experienced staff will be assigned to make you comfortable throughout your stay. Dubai is a fantastic county; you may want to consider having a tour around after your surgery. A trusted assistant may help with that.
    • In addition, our staff will provide assistance with your accommodation and transportation so you can have a seamless stay in Dubai.

    Am I an Ideal Candidate
    for Facial Plastic Surgery?

    You are an ideal candidate for facial plastic surgery if:

    1. You have a severe injury to the face with excess skin and muscle loss.
    2. You have lost your facial muscle tone.
    3. You have distorted facial contour.
    4. You have saggy skin and wrinkles around your face, jowls, chin, and cheekbones.
    5. You want to look youthful and boost self-confidence.
    6. If you have a congenital facial defect.
    7. If you want to reconstruct a deformity to the face

    Before deciding to go for facial plastic surgery, it’s necessary to seek consultation. Once your surgeon confirms your diagnosis or need for facial surgery, a convenient date will be picked. At Bizrahmed, we provide free medical consultations before facial plastic surgery. Our surgeons ensure your goals are tailored to the type of facial plastic surgery done.




    Facial Plastic Surgery Result

    Whichever facial plastic surgery you have decided to undergo at Bizrahmed, permanent and positive results are guaranteed. 90% of facial plastic surgery candidates at Bizrahmed testify how we have helped their dream come true and restored their confidence.

    Our surgical team and health professionals ensure your needs and desires are satisfied. Asides from giving you a new look at a cost you can afford with no or minimal risk, we also provide a luxurious experience for all our clients during their stay at Bizrahmed.

    Facial Plastic Surgery Consultation at Bizrahmed

    An open, thorough consultation with our surgeons is the first step in facial plastic surgery.

    Our doctors will then look at your face and discuss your cosmetic objectives. They could also ask for some medical tests to determine your general health. A date for the surgery will be set once you have been given the all-clear to proceed. For all of our patients, regardless of ethnicity or background, Bizrahmed has a history of providing the best cosmetic and medical results. So, please don’t wait to schedule a free consultation with us for your facial plastic surgery.

    You can schedule an appointment here or call +971800249724

    Facial Plastic Surgery Cost In Dubai

    The cost of facial surgery in Dubai and elsewhere is decided by various criteria, including the amount of medical care provided, the surgeon’s overall experience, the procedure used, the patient’s needs, and the technology employed. At Bizrahmed, we pride ourselves on having highly trained and skilled surgeons so that our patients may be assured that they will receive the best possible care. In addition, we have state-of-the-art medical equipment, and our surgeons modify their procedures based on the unique requirements of each patient. You can get the best facial plastic surgery in Dubai at Bizrahmed. Furthermore, Bizrahmed offers flexible payment plans to help spread the cost of your surgery.



    Some may take about 14 days, while some may spend 1-3 weeks before healing. Healing varies in individual.

    Your face may heal fast within 4-6 weeks after surgery. Healing may be longer in some cases, about 6 months. It differs in individuals.

    No! Strenuous activities should be avoided for at least two weeks. You can resume your physical activities, including gym and sports, within 4-6 weeks. It may take longer in other individuals as the healing process varies.

    You can style your hair about 2-3 weeks after your hair restoration surgery. However, do not dye your hair within this period of healing.

    Sleep with your head elevated. If you experience pain after your forehead lift, reach out to your surgeon and use prescribed analgesics.

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