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At Bizrahmed, we understand the impact sleep disorders can have on your health and well-being. Our highly specialised team focuses on sleep medicine, dedicated to diagnosing and treating various sleep disorders effectively. 

Using advanced technology and expertise honed through years of experience, our medical professionals can solve the complex nature of sleep disorders. But we don’t stop at mere diagnosis—our approach to treatment is personalised and comprehensive. 


We employ a variety of therapeutic techniques beyond just medication. Our methodologies include the use of state-of-the-art sleep devices. All with one goal in mind—restoring your normal sleep patterns. Through our expert intervention, you won’t just receive treatment— you’ll receive education, understanding, and the tools to improve your sleep and overall health. Choose proactive care, choose better sleep, and choose our expert sleep medicine treatment. 

Effects Of Sleep Issues On Daily Activities

Sleep issues can greatly affect daily activities due to their impact on mental and physical health as well as safety and quality of life. Furthermore, lack of sleep can lead to the following issues: 


Impaired Cognitive Functions: Sleep disorders like insomnia can lead to impaired cognitive functions. This includes difficulties in problem-solving, attention span, and decision-making, which can significantly interfere with daily activities. 


Affective Disorders: Sleep issues often coincide with mood disorders. Chronic sleep deprivation can precipitate conditions such as depression and anxiety, undermining daily performance and productivity. 


Physical Health Impairment: Chronic sleep disorders can predispose individuals to various physical health conditions, including hypertension, cardiac diseases and metabolic disorders, limiting their competence in handling daily tasks. 


Safety Hazards: Drowsiness and lower alertness due to sleep issues can significantly increase safety risks while driving, working with machinery, or engaging in tasks that require concentration. 


Impaired Memory: Poor sleep can impair both long-term and short-term memory, affecting productivity and functioning in occupations and daily activities that rely heavily on memory. 


Reduced Quality of Work: Sleep issues can diminish creativity, hinder problem-solving skills and disrupt focus, which can decrease the quality of work produced. 

Accessibility and Care

At Bizrahmed, we believe in making the realm of sleep medicine approachable and easily accessible to all. This means creating an environment where advanced technology and expert care are the standard, ensuring that exceptional treatment is within reach for everyone. 

We have simplified the process of patient evaluation and treatment. From your first consultation, through consultation to treatment, each step is carefully managed by our specialist, ensuring a seamless experience for our patients. Our team is not just medically trained; they understand the complexity of sleep disorders and the effects it has on your life. Moreover, we are there to guide, support, and lead you on a path to healthier sleep. 


Above all, we believe in empowering our patients through education. We ensure you fully understand your condition and your treatment so that you can take an active role in your sleep health. Accessibility and care are not just services we provide – these are at the heart of everything we do. We believe that a healthy and restful sleep is key to a better quality of life, and we are committed to helping you achieve this. 


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If you have sleep issues and are struggling, our sleep medicine doctor can help. Book an appointment by calling us or filling out the online form. Let us get you on the path to better sleep and health. 



What is Sleep Medicine?

Sleep Medicine is a sophisticated branch of medical science dedicated to the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of sleep disorders. This umbrella term encompasses a vast array of conditions, from insomnia to sleep apnea, all of which require a specialized approach for effective treatment. 

What does a Sleep Medicine Specialist do?

A Sleep Medicine Specialist, or somnologist, is a physician with a precise understanding of the myriad physiological and psychological aspects of sleep. They leverage this knowledge to diagnose, treat, and manage sleep disorders, using a pantheon of advanced polysomnographic tools and cognitive therapies. 

Can Sleep Medicine treatment improve my daily life?

Absolutely. Effective Sleep Medicine treatment can revolutionize your daily life, enhancing cognitive function, emotional stability, and overall physical health. By optimizing the quality and quantity of your nightly rest, we are improving your daytime vitality.

Who would be a good candidate for Sleep Medicine?

Sleep Medicine is a beneficial route for anyone grappling with chronic sleep disorders. Should you experience consistent difficulties with sleep onset, maintenance, or quality—or enduring daytime sleepiness—consultation with a sleep medicine specialist could be a prudent course of action. 

How does a diagnosis occur in Sleep Medicine?

Diagnosis typically follows a thorough consultation, review of medical history, and often, a detailed sleep study or polysomnogram, conducted in a serene and controlled environment. This data helps our certified professional team to devise an effective and highly personalized treatment strategy. 

Is the treatment for Sleep Disorders only limited to medication?

No, while medication can play a role, our approach to Sleep Medicine treatment is as multifaceted as the conditions we treat. Depending on the specific disorder, therapeutic strategies could involve cognitive behavior therapy, sleep hygiene education, and in more severe cases, advanced technology such as Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy.

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